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We Need a Center-Right Party

 We Need a Center-Right Party 
Nicholas Kristof

We Need a Center-Right Party

Republicans have to adapt, for everyone's sake

(Newser) - Democrats didn't win this election: Republicans lost it, mostly because of demography. "A coalition of aging white men is a recipe for failure in a nation that increasingly looks like a rainbow," observes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . But nobody should cheer the ongoing decline...

O'Donnell Mulls New Senate Run

Controversial Tea Partier talking about a comeback in 2014

(Newser) - She's baaaack: Delaware Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell is making noises about running for Senate again in 2014, thus ensuring that race would be at least as entertaining as her first unsuccessful run in 2010. "I think I owe that to my supporters, to at least consider a...

100 Tea Party Leaders Will Endorse Newt

Leaders to announce coalition today

(Newser) - It's a big day for Newt Gingrich: After news of his surge in South Carolina and an endorsement from Rick Perry , the Daily Caller reports that he can also expect backing from 100 Tea Party leaders. The leaders, who represent 25 states, will announce a coalition supporting Gingrich today:...

Tea Party a Non-Entity in NH
 Tea Party a Non-Entity in NH 

Tea Party a Non-Entity in NH

And, apparently, in the entire 2012 election

(Newser) - Tea Partiers helped Republicans make major gains in the midterm elections, but where are they now? The movement is proving to be a non-entity when it comes to tomorrow's New Hampshire primary—and, seemingly, the rest of the election, Politico reports. Tea Party leaders have not coalesced behind a...

Tea Partier's Protest Plan: No More Hiring

She encourages small-business owners to go 'on strike'

(Newser) - Well, here’s one idea for small businesses to help get us out of this economic mess we’re in: Stop hiring people! That’s the proposal from Tea Party Nation member Melissa Brookstone in a manifesto picked up (and derided) by Gawker and Wonkette . Brookstone’s post accuses the...

Tea Party Takes On Occupy Wall Street

Occupy is not the Tea Party of the left, organizers insist

(Newser) - The Tea Party has a message for you: It is nothing like Occupy Wall Street, even though there have been many inevitable comparisons between the two movements. Such comparisons are “almost laughable,” however, a chief strategist for the Tea Party Express tells Politico . A FreedomWorks campaigns director explains...

George W Bush-Rick Perry Rivalry Runs Deep
 Bush-Perry Rivalry Runs Deep 

Bush-Perry Rivalry Runs Deep

Stems from a long-ago slight in Texas politics

(Newser) - Rick Perry took over George W. Bush's job as Texas governor, and he'd sure like to grab Bush's old gig in the Oval Office, but don't expect Dubya to leap up to help put him there. Seems there's long-running tension—if not an outright feud—...

Tea Party Frosh Have Voted in Lockstep With GOP
Tea Party Frosh Have Voted
in Lockstep With GOP

Tea Party Frosh Have Voted in Lockstep With GOP

So much for being fiery outsiders

(Newser) - The House’s crop of enraged Tea Party freshmen hasn’t exactly been the independent firebrands they were advertised as, at least as far as their actual voting record is concerned. In more than 100 key House votes, Republican freshmen bucked their party at a rate of about 12.5%,...

Obama Heckled Over Biden 'Terrorist' Comment

Iowa Tea Party founder Ryan Rhodes confronts him at town hall

(Newser) - President Obama was greeted with some unexpected spice at the end of his town hall meeting in Iowa last night, when the founder of the Iowa Tea Party confronted him about Joe Biden's alleged remark that Tea Party members acted like "terrorists" (the VP denies saying it )....

Debt Deal Clears the House
 Debt Deal 
 Clears the House 

Debt Deal Clears the House

Measure clears, will head to Senate tomorrow

(Newser) - John Boehner's House of Representatives tonight voted convincingly in favor of the hard-fought, eleventh-hour deal on the debt ceiling, reports the Wall Street Journal , in a 269-161 vote. Democrats split 95 to 95 over the measure, while hardline conservatives made their objections known, with 66 Republicans voting nay. But...

Thomas Friedman: Bring Back 'Sane' GOP of George HW Bush

 Bring Back 
 'Sane' GOP 
 of Bush 41 

Bring Back 'Sane' GOP of Bush 41

Friedman misses the balanced conservatism of yore

(Newser) - With today's Republican Party being led around by Tea Party extremists, Thomas Friedman misses the adult supervision of George HW Bush, he writes in the New York Times . Calling him "one of our most underrated presidents," Friedman contends that Bush père brought foreign policy "deftness"...

Laughing at Bachmann Only Makes Her Stronger

People aren't voting for Bachmann, they're 'voting against us'

(Newser) - "Michele Bachmann has found the flaw in the American Death Star," Matt Taibbi writes in a long and (typically) profane profile of the Tea Party queen for Rolling Stone . "She is a television camera's dream, a threat to do or say something insane at any time,...

Nine Batty Tea Party Bills
 Nine Batty 
 Tea Party Bills 

Nine Batty Tea Party Bills

Tea Partiers are busy at the statehouse level

(Newser) - Tea Partiers are taking their fight to state halls around the country, and Justin Elliott over at Salon rounds up some of the more creative pieces of legislation they've put on the table. Without ado:
  • Yay, global warming: Montana not only wants to proclaim that global warming is a natural

'Tea Party Patriots' Starting to Look Like Lobbyists

Tea Partiers start to criticize major group

(Newser) - The Tea Party Patriots may have started out as a grass roots group, but a growing number of critics say the group is starting to look a lot more like a standard-issue Beltway lobbying outfit, according to an investigation from liberal site Mother Jones . The group has accepted large donations...

Ariz. Shooting Victim Yanked From Town Hall for Threats

Victim interrupted a taping of ABC News' This Week

(Newser) - A man who was injured in the Tucson shooting last weekend was pulled from a town hall meeting yesterday after allegedly threatening a participant, reports the Arizona Daily Star . James Eric Fuller interrupted the meeting, being taped by ABC's This Week, telling a Tea Party leader on stage, "You're...

Snubbed By GOP, Tea Partiers Still Mad as Hell

Activists upset their candidates not given more power in Congress

(Newser) - The 112th Congress hasn't even been sworn in yet, but Tea Partiers are already mad: They say legislators passed over their candidates for leadership positions, then passed too much legislation during the Congress' lame duck session. “For them to legislate when they’ve collectively lost their mandate just shows...

Angle: Dictators Can Have Good Ideas

...and other tidbits from a typically dysfunctional campaign

(Newser) - When she wasn't busy needling Joy Behar or confusing Asians and Latinos, Sharron Angle liked to talk policy: Specifically, that of dictators, reports the Las Vegas Sun. Asked during her campaign about privatizing Social Security, Angle, against the advice of staffers, brought up the example of Chile's Pinochet, saying, "...

Righties to GOP: Stick to Shrinking Gov't

Gay Republicans, Tea Partiers want brass to skip social issues

(Newser) - Gay Republicans and Tea Party leaders are calling on Congressional Republicans to steer clear of social issues, Politico reports. In a letter, advocates ask John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to focus on “the principles of the Tea Party movement”—which they say have nothing to do with social...

Bachmann Drops Bid for GOP Brass

That huge sigh of relief? John Boehner

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann may rule the House wingnuts index, but she won't be ruling the House GOP in any form. The outspoken Minnesota rep and Tea Partier announced last night that she's ending her bid for the GOP's No. 4 House leadership position, reports the New York Times, which notes...

Tea Partiers Stoked About Legal Pot

Libertarianism trumping Reagan-era attitudes in California

(Newser) - Smaller government, lower taxes ... and legal marijuana? Tea Partiers aren't generally associated with toking, but Californians backing Proposition 19 say a surprisingly large share of the movement is planning to vote to legalize pot. Tea Partiers— as well as many Republicans in general —have a strong libertarian streak and...

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