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Time for Big Business to Squash Tea Party

Corporate America must battle extremism

(Newser) - Big business may see the Tea Party as harmless, or perhaps even helpful, but it's time to “take a closer look:" the movement’s aspirations aren’t in its interests, writes Robert Reich in the Christian Science Monitor . Some 60% of Tea Partiers want, for example, to dump...

Behar to Angle: She's 'Going to Hell!'
 Behar on Angle: 
 'She's Going to Hell!' 

Behar on Angle: 'She's Going to Hell!'

'View' co-host gets heated over ad, calls Tea Partier a 'bitch'

(Newser) - Joy Behar flipped out on The View yesterday, frothing over a Sharron Angle immigration ad that played during the break. Behar called the ad a “Hitler Youth commercial,” and things went downhill from there, according to Politics Daily . “I’d like to see her do this ad...

Tea Party Mad as Hell, and Sort of Nonexistent
 Tea Party Mad as Hell, 
 and Sort of Nonexistent 

Tea Party Mad as Hell, and Sort of Nonexistent

Obama 'swinging wildly' at them, needs to co-opt energy

(Newser) - The Tea Party is mad as hell and ... that's about it, writes Richard Cohen in the Washington Post. Beyond anger, the Tea Party "has no leader. It has no address, no phone, and no Washington headquarters. It is everywhere and nowhere." When a Post posse tried to track...

Stewart and Colbert's Rally a Terrible Idea

It's just going to piss the right off

(Newser) - In a recent interview, Jon Stewart said that his Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive is “not meant to ridicule activism, or the Tea Party movement or religious people.” Maybe he’s being honest about activism and religion, “but if Stewart doesn’t mean to ridicule the...

What the Left Gets Wrong About the Tea Partiers

They're a lot more reasonable than liberals think, writes Ross Douthat

(Newser) - The left likes to paint the Tea Partiers as wingnuts, so it’s time to dispel some misconceptions, writes Ross Douthat. One myth: the Tea Party will be disastrous for the GOP. In fact—Rich Iott, Christine O'Donnell, and Carl Paladino aside—it's backed some very electable candidates, like Pennsylvania's...

Reid Can't Shake 'Wingnut' Angle

 Harry Reid 
 Can't Bury 

Harry Reid Can't Bury 'Wingnut' Angle

Tight race has become 'proxy' for national battle

(Newser) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid probably never thought he'd be running neck and neck with the woman who recently topped the Daily Beast's ' Wingnuts Index .' But, try as he might, he can't seem to shake Tea Party challenger Sharron Angle , finds the New York Times . The closely watched...

Christine O'Donnell: 'Very Useful Idiot'
 Christine O'Donnell: 
 'Very Useful Idiot' 

Christine O'Donnell: 'Very Useful Idiot'

Lends 'populist cover' to billionaire-backed movement

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell's fictional resume and anti-masturbation antics may have liberals laughing , but she's no joke, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . Her ascent is a pure "godsend" for the GOP. Unlike Rove and the Republican old guard, O'Donnell is more than willing to "play the role...

Carl Paladino's Wife Opens Up on Love Child

Catherine speaks of losing a son, learning about husband's daughter

(Newser) - Catherine Paladino is nothing if not the reluctant politician's wife, which makes her interview with the New York Post , in which "she brushed tears from her right eye every few minutes, no matter the topic at hand," a notable one among the recent avalanche of stories about husband...

Today's Poll: Paladino 24%, Cuomo 57%

 Today's Poll: 
 Paladino 24%, 
 Cuomo 57%  

Today's Poll: Paladino 24%, Cuomo 57%

Sees momentum for Tea Partier, much greater distance to close

(Newser) - Andrew Cuomo must not know which end is up these days: Just yesterday, a Quinnipiac poll had GOP nominee Carl Paladino "within shouting distance" of the governor's mansion with 43% to Cuomo's 49%. But a Siena poll out today puts those numbers at a much more distant 24%...

Jon Stewart: GOP Is the Tea Party

Battle for party's soul is won, says Daily Show host

(Newser) - With Karl Rove having fallen into line after some pressure from Sarah Palin and endorsed Christine O'Donnell , it's time to stop talking about the Tea Party movement as "a battle for the Republican Party's soul," argues Jon Stewart. The Tea Partiers are, at heart, conservative Republicans and they've...

Tea Party Has Lots of 'Closet' Fans

Among supporters, 40% say they wouldn't attend an event

(Newser) - The Tea Party has a lot of silent admirers out there. In a new Christian Science Monitor poll, 44% of respondents said they saw the movement in a favorable light, even though 40% of those supporters said they’d never attend a Tea Party event. “The general party line...

John McCain: GOP Needs New 'Contract With America'

Dems are just 'flailing around'

(Newser) - As the Democrats were rallying the troops today, the GOP was busily trying to drive a stake in their hearts. John McCain led the charge, telling Fox News Sunday that Dems "are just flailing around" on the economy and "the first thing we need to do is extend"...

GOP Candidate: Birthers Are 'Dumbasses'

Ken Buck opens his mouth, another faux pas falls out

(Newser) - Straight from the candidate who gave you a minor controversy over high-heels and bullshit comes another flap over his opinion of those demanding to see President Obama's birth certificate. US Senate candidate Ken Buck of Colorado was taped without his knowledge referring to birthers as "dumbasses." Or, as...

Oil Spill Drowning Tea Party
 Oil Spill Drowning Tea Party 

Oil Spill Drowning Tea Party

Suddenly active government doesn't look so bad

(Newser) - The oil spill has certainly been bad for Barack Obama, but it’s been almost as bad for his most vocal opponents. The Tea Party has been almost completely bumped from the cable news airwaves they once dominated, according to the media analysts at TVEyes. Worse, the catastrophe has provided...

Palin Pick Parrots Obama

Congressional hopeful rips off 2004 DNC speech

(Newser) - A congressional candidate from Idaho has the backing of Sarah Palin but a taste for the rhetoric of Barack Obama. A fellow Idaho Republican—not even an opponent, but a candidate for state senate—has released an attack ad contrasting Vaughn Ward's announcement of his candidacy with then-state senator Obama's...

Public Anger Boosted Rand Paul to Victory
 Public Anger Boosted 
 Rand Paul to Victory 

Public Anger Boosted Rand Paul to Victory

But win may not signal Tea Party breakthrough

(Newser) - Rand Paul's resounding Senate win in Kentucky's GOP primary represents a major upset for the Republican Party and a major victory for the Tea Party movement. Paul—who led opponent Trey Grayson by 59% to 35% with 89% of precincts reported—tapped into voter anger at Washington far more successfully...

US Firms Buck $60B in Taxes With Foreign Money Shuffle

'Transfer pricing' sends profits overseas—on paper only

(Newser) - Lexapro, one of the world's best-selling antidepressants, is made by an American company and sold exclusively in the US, but the US doesn't see a penny in tax revenue when you buy a bottle. Instead, your money goes around the world as part of a complicated transaction dubbed the “...

Tea Party Battles to Scrub Racist Image

Bigots aren't welcome, say leaders

(Newser) - Tea Party groups are fighting to overcome widespread perceptions that their movement is racist. Polls show that some 30% of Americans see the movement as motivated by racism against the nation's first black president, a figure that rises to 61% among opponents and sinks to 7% among supporters. Leaders say...

Obama: Tea Party Amuses Me
 Obama: Tea Party Amuses Me 

Obama: Tea Party Amuses Me

He touts tax cuts, says protesters should thank him

(Newser) - The only effect yesterday's tax day protests appear to have had on the president is to make him chuckle. President Obama told a Democratic fundraiser in Miami that the Tea Party anti-tax rallies "amused' him in light of his administration's numerous tax cuts, ABC News reports. "You would...

Dear Tea Party: I Love Tax Day
 Dear Tea Party: 
 I Love Tax Day 

Dear Tea Party: I Love Tax Day

Haven't tea partiers ever heard of sharing?

(Newser) - Steve Almond used to hate taxes. But now he hates the Tea Party movement (or, more accurately, the Tea Party's “series of highly publicized tantrums”) even more…and he’s ready to confess something “almost heretical”: He actually loves Tax Day. Here’s why:
  • It made him

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