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Grazie, Obama: Campaign Alum Wins in Italy

Dual national Elly Schlein is the surprise new leader of Italy's Democratic Party

(Newser) - Elly Schlein, a 37-year-old US-Italian national and longtime left-wing political operative who worked on two presidential campaigns for former President Obama, defied polls to become the first woman to head Italy’s opposition Democratic Party. Schlein’s surprise victory Sunday over the popular governor of Emilia-Romagna, a traditional left-wing stronghold,...

22 Romney Staffers Had to OK Tweets

And Facebook posts, photos...

(Newser) - The fast-paced world of social media wasn't quite so speedy at the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Sure, tweets may only be 140 characters at most, but they required the approval of 22 different people "towards the end of the campaign," a digital media campaign staffer says in...

It Was Indeed a $2B Election
 It Was Indeed a $2B Election 
final numbers

It Was Indeed a $2B Election

Obama outspent Romney in final days

(Newser) - The country's first $2 billion election is in the books. The fundraising reports have been filed with the Federal Election Commission, and here's the tally: Obama with $1.123 billion, to Romney's $1.019 billion. Politico and the AP break down the numbers:
  • There was a rash

Obama Won the 'Makers,' Romney the 'Takers'
Obama Won the 'Makers,' Romney the 'Takers'

Obama Won the 'Makers,' Romney the 'Takers'

Harold Meyerson: Techies went for president, bankers for Romney

(Newser) - A look at this year's political contributions makes a few generalizations safe: If an employee of Google or Microsoft donated to a candidate, it was probably Barack Obama. If an employee at Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley did, it was probably Mitt Romney. In short, Silicon Valley loves Obama...

It's Official: Obama Wins Florida

Final electoral count is 332 to 206

(Newser) - See, that didn't take so long. Florida finished its count of absentee ballots today, and, as expected , President Obama won the state. The victory makes the final Electoral College tally 332 to 206. State officials say Obama won by roughly 74,000 votes out of about 8 million cast,...

Video of Tearful Obama Is Awesome

Mary Elizabeth Williams: It proves he's a 'leader with a heart'

(Newser) - A video now making the rounds shows President Obama shedding tears as he thanks young staffers in Chicago. Cynics are already having a field day, but Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon thinks the clip will resonate among the president's supporters because it's "an affirmation of exactly who...

Rove's New Claim: Obama 'Suppressed the Vote'

Argues on Fox News that Obama did so via negative ads

(Newser) - Karl Rove is not backing down: Though he seems to have accepted the fact that President Obama was, in fact, re-elected, Rove was back on Fox News yesterday to claim that Obama won by "suppressing the vote," the New York Daily News reports. How exactly did the president...

Nate Silver: GOP Better Adapt to 'New Reality'

Party faces 'structural disadvantage' unless it adjusts

(Newser) - Nate Silver has a right to gloat , but his first post-election blog post at the New York Times resists the urge. Well, mostly: He acknowledges a "very strong night" and links to a glowing CNET review . Silver does, however, admit to getting one thing wrong on election night: Turns...

Stewart: Fox Had 'Avalanche on Bullsh** Mountain'

Kelly to Rove: Is that math, or Republican-friendly math?

(Newser) - Things went pretty smoothly for the networks on Election Night, Jon Stewart said on last night's Daily Show —with the screaming exception of the station he lovingly dubs "BMN: Bullshit Mountain News." Or as you know it, Fox News. Stewart runs down Fox pundits devoutly dismissing...

The World Reacts to Obama's Win
 The World 
 Reacts to 
 Obama's Win 

election 2012

The World Reacts to Obama's Win

Netanyahu and the Dalai Lama among those sounding out

(Newser) - The world reacted to President Obama's reelection this morning with a mix of optimism, skepticism, and a healthy dose of blah, the AP reports. Among the murmurs from abroad:
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron: "One of the first things I want to talk to Barack about is how

What We Learned Last Night
 What We Learned Last Night 
Election 2012

What We Learned Last Night

Obama's win reveals a lot about the electorate, the race

(Newser) - The dust has cleared, the votes have been counted, and Barack Obama stands victorious. What did we learn? What did this entire long election drama mean? Politico and CNN break down some takeaways from the big night:
  • Team Romney was bluffing. Romney's campaign said it had a chance in

Obama: I Have Never Been More Hopeful
 Obama: I Have Never 
 Been More Hopeful 

Obama: I Have Never Been More Hopeful

'Destiny is shared,' he says in victory speech

(Newser) - President Obama called for unity and vowed to return to the White House more determined in his victory speech before thousands of delirious supporters in Chicago, reports the AP . "This country has more wealth than any nation, but that's not what makes us rich," he said in...

Race to 270: Obama vs. Romney
 Obama Wins 2nd Term 
election 2012

Obama Wins 2nd Term

He wins Ohio ... and the Oval Office

(Newser) - Barack Obama has won a second term as president after taking Ohio, the AP reports. Though Mitt Romney won the battleground state of North Carolina along with a number of deep red states, the president's victory in Ohio eliminated any chance of a Romney win. Obama thanked his supporters...

blue state tally


A list of the blue states in this year's election

(Newser) - The results are in, and the win goes to President Obama. Here are the states that aligned behind him for an Electoral College tally of 332 to 206:
  • Virginia (13)
  • Vermont (3)
  • Illinois (20)
  • Connecticut (7)
  • Maine (4)
  • District of Columbia (3)
  • Delaware (3)
  • Rhode Island (4)
  • Maryland (10)
  • Massachusetts



A list of the red states in this year's election

(Newser) - The AP reported that Mitt Romney was feeling pretty optimistic about his chances tonight, so much so that he had written a 1,118-word victory speech—and hadn't prepared a concession speech. But the win went to Obama, though Romney managed to take the following states and 206 Electoral...

Romney or Obama, This Election's Outcome 'Sucks'

Matt Taibbi wants everyone to chill out and admit the world won't end

(Newser) - Pretty much everyone is glad that "after eighteen months of relentless, ear-splitting propaganda," in which horse race-obsessed pundits spent "day after day swinging the heavy horseshit-hammer of Thor, braining us with one meaningless made-up controversy after another," that this election is about to be over, Matt...

Why a Long Campaign Is Worth the Pain
 Why a Long Campaign 
 Is Worth the Pain 

Why a Long Campaign Is Worth the Pain

'USA Today' thinks we've learned some things in this endless slog

(Newser) - Young Abigael Evans spoke for a weary nation when she famously broke down in tears : We're all tired of Mitt Romney and Bronco Bamma. It's been an excruciatingly interminable campaign, that's no doubt left many longing for the kind of brisk races seen in Britain and Australia....

Chris Christie: Springsteen Hugged Me and I Wept

Governor a huge fan, despite political differences

(Newser) - They're both Jersey boys, but when it comes to politics, Republican Chris Christie and hardcore Obama campaigner Bruce Springsteen couldn't be more different. Still, that didn't stop the Boss from hugging the governor during NBC's Hurricane Sandy concert on Friday. "We hugged and he told...

Voters Form Long Lines Around the Country

Candidates cast their ballots, too

(Newser) - Americans flocked to the polls this morning, forming long lines in many places around the country. USA Today counted 75 people in line at one DC polling place. Here are some of the stories filtering in nationally:
  • Some problems have already cropped up in Virginia, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. One

Election Day: Romney Stumps, Obama Shoots Hoops

Bball is an Election Day superstition for the prez

(Newser) - Mitt Romney and President Obama are taking two very different approaches on how they'll spend their last few hours as candidates, reports CNN . Obama will follow presidential candidate tradition and hunker down in his hometown of Chicago to await an outcome, as well as his personal tradition of playing...

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