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ADHD Is Brutal. Our Adderall Shortage Makes it Worse

Jason Diamond writes a first-person account at 'Esquire'

(Newser) - When Jason Diamond was diagnosed with what we now call ADHD as a kid, doctors told him he'd grow out of it. Nearly 40 years later, he's still waiting for that to happen. But as he writes at Esquire , his ability to overcome the disorder as an adult...

Patients Griped About It. Now the FDA Confirms It

Agency makes it official: There's a nationwide Adderall shortage

(Newser) - There've been rumblings for months at some US pharmacies on difficulties obtaining Adderall. Now, official word from the Food and Drug Administration: There's a US shortage of the medication used to treat ADHD, reports NBC News . In a Wednesday release , the FDA announced the dearth of the drug,...

Labor Shortage Affects Drugstores' Adderall Supply

Chains report no problems, but many independents have to adapt

(Newser) - A supply interruption is making it difficult for some independent pharmacies in the US to fill prescriptions for Adderall. There's no shortage overall of the attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder medication, the Food and Drug Administration has found. But one manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, said it's had a labor shortage on its...

Why Insurance Companies Are Saying No to Generic Drugs

And yes, it might be hurting your pocket

(Newser) - It flies in the face of conventional wisdom: insurance companies that won't pay for a generic medicine, essentially forcing patients to opt for pricey brand-name drugs. And yet that's exactly what's happening, report ProPublica and the New York Times . It's "befuddling," says one 41-year-old...

Now Gamers Will Be Drug Tested, Too

After big-name player makes Adderall boast

(Newser) - If you still have a hard time buying the notion that gamers are professional athletes, maybe this doping scandal will help. The Electronic Sports League plans to conduct random drug tests at future tournaments after a big-name player 'fessed up, reports the Wall Street Journal . Anything off-limits to more...

Japan Cops Jail American for Having Adderall

Carrie Russell was planning to teach English there

(Newser) - Carrie Russell apparently thought little of shipping her Adderall to Japan before moving there to teach English. But Japanese police saw it differently, arresting the 26-year-old American last month for allegedly smuggling illegal amphetamines into Japan, the Oregonian reports. "We're left in a state of disbelief," says...

Diagnosed With ADHD? You May Have Been Sold a Lie

Drug companies target parents through false advertising: report

(Newser) - The diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has itself become hyperactive, with doctors handing out too many pills, ads creating unrealistic expectations, and drug companies downplaying side effects like insomnia and mood swings, the New York Times reports. "The numbers make it look like an epidemic. Well, it's...

Royals' Tejada Suspended 105 Games for Drugs

Tested positive twice for Adderall

(Newser) - Kansas City Royals infielder and six-time All Star Miguel Tejada has been suspended for a whopping 105 games after twice testing positive for an amphetamine. It's not quite the 211-game ban A-Rod is facing , but it's still the third-highest non-lifetime ban in MLB history, reports ESPN . Why so...

People With ADHD 4x More Likely to Commit a Crime
People With ADHD 4x More Likely to Commit a Crime
study says

People With ADHD 4x More Likely to Commit a Crime

But medication drastically reduces risk of criminality: study

(Newser) - Scientists know that people with ADHD are more likely to break the law than non-sufferers, but a new study shows how stark the contrast is—and the difference meds can make. People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are four to seven times more likely to commit a crime than their...

Sorry Kids, Adderall Only Makes You Think You're Smarter
Sorry Kids, Adderall Only Makes You Think You're Smarter

Sorry Kids, Adderall Only Makes You Think You're Smarter

Study suggests so-called 'smart pills' have little effect

(Newser) - Bad news, overachievers: taking so-called “smart pills” like Adderall and Ritalin to improve your mental performance probably doesn’t actually work. It’s a trend that’s been sweeping through colleges, and even the ranks of adult professionals, but scientists are having trouble finding brain-boosting effects of the drug...

Defense: Booze, Adderall Led to Yeardley Love's Death

Defense says Adderall, not George Huguely, is to blame

(Newser) - George Huguely admits drunkenly breaking down Yeardley Love's door. He admits shaking her while her head hit the wall several times. That blood was flowing from her nose as he threw her on her bed and left. But what killed Love was likely the Adderall in her system and 0....

Cops Crack $1 Million Craigslist Drug Ring

Bought in California, sold in Brooklyn

(Newser) - The list of Craigslist crimes keeps growing. Police have now busted a $1million dollar drug ring operating through the site. The group allegedly shipped drugs like Vicodin and Adderall from California to Brooklyn where web-savvy wholesalers pawned the pharm off to neighborhood yuppies, reports the New York Daily News . The...

More Students Get Fix From Study Drugs

Adderall, Ritalin used to boost concentration despite health risks

(Newser) - Attention-deficit disorder drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin are gaining popularity on college campuses as an easy way for students to knuckle down, NPR reports. The drugs offer a “perfect kind of transition into a study mentality,” says one student, and can make work more pleasurable. But they’...

Legal or Not, Bottled Smarts Are Here to Stay
Legal or Not, Bottled Smarts Are Here to Stay

Legal or Not, Bottled Smarts Are Here to Stay

Safer, cheaper drugs will quell dissidents, scientists argue

(Newser) - The case is stacking up in favor of "smart pills," memory- and alertness-boosting prescription drugs already used by fighter pilots, corporate execs, and students for a cognitive edge, writes Maia Szalavitz in Time. Proponents say legalization debates are moot at this point—"the genie is already out...

Legalize Ritalin-Like Drugs as Brain Boosters: Experts

But Will Employers Turn into Pushers?

(Newser) - Attention-disorder drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall are becoming so commonly used for the off-label purpose of gaining a mental edge that they should be legalized for such use, says a team of neuroscientists and ethicists. They make their case in Nature, arguing that laws "should be adjusted to...

Number of Baseball Players Taking ADD Drugs Spikes

Ban on amphetamines seen as obvious factor

(Newser) - Since baseball's 2006 ban on amphetamines, the number of players claiming to have Attention Deficit Disorder and obtaining prescriptions for stimulant drugs has nearly quadrupled from 28 to 103, reports the Associated Press. The MLB anti-performance enhancing policy gives the players exemptions on certain drugs, including Ritalin and Adderall, if...

Who Knew a Prius Was a Hot Rod?
Who Knew a Prius Was a
Hot Rod?

Who Knew a Prius Was a Hot Rod?

Al Gore III, busted at over 100 mph, shows speedy side of green

(Newser) - As the exhaust clears following Al Gore III's joy-ride drug bust, an astonished public has zeroed in, not on the former veep's son, but on his little-Prius-that-could. Clocked at over  100mph before he was pulled over, Gore shattered the assumption that the Toyota hybrid sacrifices speed for fuel efficiency, the...

Al Gore III Returns to Rehab
Al Gore III Returns to Rehab

Al Gore III Returns to Rehab

Ex-VP asks for privacy after son's arrest on drug charges

(Newser) - Al Gore III has posted bail and returned to rehab. A day after the ex-VP's son was busted for drugs, the 24-year-old magazine publisher "is getting treatment," his father said today. In his first public reaction, he appeared on the "Today" show and said, "We love...

Students Brew Coffee Addiction
Students Brew Coffee Addiction

Students Brew Coffee Addiction

Docs abuzz over teens’ growing use and abuse of stimulants

(Newser) - Overworked kids are hopping up more and more on lattes and macchiatos, as well as even dodgier stimulants, according to U.S. News. Coffee consumption among 18- to 24-year-olds  has nearly doubled in three years, while increasingly popular energy drinks like Red Bull and the shockingly christened Cocaine pack multiple...

ADD Meds Prescribed For Weight Loss
ADD Meds Prescribed
For Weight Loss

ADD Meds Prescribed For Weight Loss

Doctors are using Adderall for pediatric obesity, pleasing parents but raising ethical alarms

(Newser) - Pediatricians are giving Adderall, the pill that got America's kids to pay attention in class, to patients without ADHD but looking to shed extra pounds. One of the drug's side effects is appetite suppression, and "off-label" prescriptions are working for some chunky but otherwise normal teenagers. Parents worried about...

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