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Richard Simmons Explains 'I'm Dying' Tweet
Now Richard
Simmons Has

Now Richard Simmons Has Cancer

It's skin cancer, announced days after he confused fans with an 'I am ... dying' tweet

(Newser) - Days after Richard Simmons upset fans by announcing he was dying—eventually, like the rest of us—he's at it again by announcing he has cancer. TMZ reports that the 75-year-old fitness star revealed in a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday that he's been diagnosed with basal cell...

Biopic to Star Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons Makes
Rare Public Statement

Richard Simmons Makes Rare Public Statement

He confirms he's not involved in upcoming biopic starring Pauly Shore

(Newser) - Richard Simmons made a rare public statement Wednesday to confirm that he's not involved with an upcoming biopic starring Pauly Shore. "I have never given my permission for this movie. So don't believe everything you read," the fitness guru wrote in the first post on his...

Judge Signals He Will Reject Simmons' Transgender Lawsuit

He says calling someone transgender isn't defamatory

(Newser) - It's a big loss for Richard Simmons—but a win for transgender rights. In a tentative ruling issued Wednesday, LA Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian signaled that he plans to reject Simmons' defamation lawsuit against the National Enquirer and Radar Online, which published stories claiming the star had undergone...

Richard Simmons Sues Tabloid Over Sex Change Stories

Simmons' complaint claims the Enquirer's source blackmailed him

(Newser) - Richard Simmons has a bone to pick with the tabloids. According to the Hollywood Reporter , the fitness guru filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer, Radar Online, and American Media, Inc. after a series of stories claiming Simmons underwent a “shocking sex surgery” began appearing in June of 2016....

Richard Simmons Speaks for First Time in 3 Years

And he's pretty cheery in exclusive statement to 'People' after hospitalization for indigestion

(Newser) - Richard Simmons' rep has said the fitness personality is A-OK, as has the LAPD , but now, for the first time in three years, Simmons himself is speaking out, exclusively to People . "Aren't you sick of hearing and reading about me?! LOL," he said in a statement. Simmons,...

A Return for Richard Simmons? New Deal Suggests Yes

He may emerge to promote new products, manager says

(Newser) - Richard Simmons might be making a comeback. More than three years after the fitness guru abruptly vanished from public life, his long-time manager says Simmons has signed a licensing deal that could see him return to the spotlight, reports the New York Times . Michael Catalano says Simmons, who's been...

Richard Simmons Podcast Is Over, but Not the Controversy

Did it breach the privacy of a man done with the spotlight?

(Newser) - The popular and controversial "Missing Richard Simmons" podcast is now complete, though the central question of why the fitness celeb abruptly ditched public life in 2014 remains unanswered. Was the podcast an invasion of privacy or fair game? Here's a look at coverage related to that question and...

What LAPD Found When They Visited Richard Simmons

That he's 'perfectly fine,' they say, though some remain unconvinced

(Newser) - Tales about Richard Simmons that portray him as a weak, scared captive kept prisoner by his own housekeeper are a lot more dramatic than what the LAPD says is the real story: that he's simply living quietly at home out of the public eye. Detective Kevin Becker tells People ...

Richard Simmons Mystery Deepens After Podcast

Friend says he's being held captive by housekeeper; rep says that's 'crap'

(Newser) - A bizarre story about one of America's most famous fitness personalities continues to get more bizarre. Richard Simmons reportedly hasn't been seen in public in three years, and per an episode of the Missing Richard Simmons podcast that aired last Wednesday, the reason may be disturbing, Entertainment Tonight ...

Richard Simmons: I'm Not Transitioning to Female

He offers his support to the LGBT community

(Newser) - Richard Simmons' last public appearance was in 2014, E! reports, but he's been in the news quite a bit lately thanks to some weird kidnapping rumors , a hospitalization , and then most recently, a National Enquirer article claiming he was transitioning to female. That last thing prompted Simmons to come...

Richard Simmons: Simple Reason for Hospitalization

Just some dehydration, no big deal

(Newser) - If you were worried to hear Richard Simmons spent part of the weekend in the hospital after his housekeeper reportedly found him to be incoherent on Friday, you shouldn't have been: In a statement released Sunday, Simmons brushed the incident off as simple dehydration. "Thank you to everyone...

Richard Simmons Insists No One 'Kidnapped' Him

Speaks out after 'New York Daily News' article

(Newser) - It was the article that launched a thousand, well, articles: an extensive New York Daily News piece on Richard Simmons published Saturday that claimed the "intensely social public figure" has for the last two years essentially vanished, having stopped responding to calls and emails, and suggested an overly controlling...

5 Male Stars Who've Had Eating Disorders

Elton John got help from his good friend ... Princess Di

(Newser) - Not every Hollywood star who's struggled with an eating disorder has been female. Radar rounds up 11 male celebrities who've battled the problem. A sampling:
  • Dennis Quaid: After losing 40 pounds to play the dying Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp, he started struggling with what he called "

Nyad Begins 'Magical' 48-Hour Swim for Sandy

'I'm going to feel the solidarity' with swimmers including Ryan Lochte, Richard Simmons

(Newser) - The 64-year-old woman who swam from Cuba to Florida is attempting to swim in a pool in midtown Manhattan for 48 straight hours to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy. Wearing a pink swim cap, Diana Nyad dove into the 40-yard pool set up in Herald Square and began doing laps...

Meet Richard Simmons' Gay Lover

 Meet Richard 
 Gay Lover 
enquirer strikes again

Meet Richard Simmons' Gay Lover

National Enquirer shocks the world once again

(Newser) - The latest National Enquirer has a scoop so big, it’s sure to blow your mind: Richard Simmons is gay! If that doesn't surprise you, perhaps you don't remember that if the fitness guru is gay, he’s still in the closet. A blogger posted the first page of the...

10 More Celebs Who Really Need to Come Out

 10 More Celebs 
 Who Really 
 Need to 
 Come Out 
in case you missed it

10 More Celebs Who Really Need to Come Out

Like Ricky Martin, it's just so obvious

(Newser) - Ricky Martin finally came out, and the world said, “Duh.” On Gawker , Brian Moylan lists 10 more public figures who really need to admit they’re gay already—after all, the rest of us know. View the list in the gallery—or, for 10 more celebrities who also...

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