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There's a New Best Airline in the World

Qatar Airways comes in at No. 1 on list

(Newser) - Air New Zealand has been dethroned. is out with its annual list of the world's top airlines, and the new victor for 2024 is Qatar Airways. Thrillist notes that "the standards are high" to make it to the top of the list, put together by five...

After Extreme Turbulence, Experts Say Get Ready for More

Climate change could lead to more incidents like one on Singapore Airlines flight that killed a man

(Newser) - More than three dozen people remain hospitalized after an incident of severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines plane on Tuesday, including a toddler, reports the BBC . The 2-year-old is receiving treatment in Bangkok for a concussion, per a doctor at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital. The oldest patient is said to be...

Frontier Airlines Announces 'New Era'

Airline says it will nix change/cancellation fees, offer more transparency in traveling options

(Newser) - "Today marks the beginning of a new era for Frontier," Frontier chief Barry Biffle said in a Friday statement, announcing an overhaul likely to go over well with customers. Key among those shifts, per Quartz : the elimination of most fees for changing or canceling flights. Under the previous...

Man With No Ticket Removed From Delta Flight, Arrested

He allegedly used a photo of a stranger's boarding pass to get on flight to Texas

(Newser) - Taking a photo of somebody else's boarding pass, using it to board a flight, and hiding in the lavatory earned a man a free trip to the Salt Lake County jail, not his intended destination of Austin, authorities say. According to a criminal complaint, Wicliff Fleurizard, 26, was removed...

Passengers Describe Terrifying Scenes During Mid-Air Drop

At least 50 were injured on flight to New Zealand

(Newser) - At least 50 passengers were injured in what airline officials describe as a "technical event" that caused a LATAM Airlines flight from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, to experience a "strong movement." Dozens of injured passengers and crew members were treated when the flight landed in...

It Just Got a Bit More Expensive on American Airlines

American raises baggage fees, tightens way to earn frequent flier miles

(Newser) - Going forward, you may have to open your wallet a little wider if you fly American Airlines. Passengers who check luggage are being hit with a price increase: The first checked bag will now cost $35 if you book online (it was previously $30), or $40 if you pay at...

Finnair Asks Passengers to Get on Scale at Gate

Airline says survey is voluntary, anonymous

(Newser) - Passengers on Finland's national airline are being asked to get on a scale at the departure gate—with their carry-on bags—to help Finnair collect accurate data on passenger weight. The airline says the program is voluntary and anonymous and it's been surprised by the number of volunteers,...

Travelers Stuck on Plane for Hours Applaud Rebel Passenger

Man turned over to Mexican cops after walking onto wing; others say he did it 'to protect everyone'

(Newser) - At first it sounds like a typical case of bad behavior aboard airplanes. The Mexico City International Airport acknowledged in a statement Friday that a man had opened an emergency exit and walked out on a wing of a plane that was parked and waiting for takeoff on Thursday. The...

2023's Most Punctual Airports and Airlines
World's 10 Most
Punctual Airlines

World's 10 Most Punctual Airlines

Aviatian analysts Cirium also ranks airports

(Newser) - Interested in improving the odds of arriving on time when flying? Aviation analyst Cirium released its rankings on the top airports and airlines that won't leave you waiting on the tarmac. Check out the 10 best in each category below (and read more of their report here ).

Southwest Takes Big Hit From DOT for 2022 Holiday Fiasco

Agency levies $140M fine; airline says it's 'grateful to have reached a consumer-friendly settlement'

(Newser) - If you were caught up in Southwest's holiday chaos last year and found yourself at any point muttering, "Someone's got to pay for this," your wish has been granted. The Department of Transportation on Monday announced it's hitting the airline with a $140 million fine,...

Bummed Taylor Swift Fans Get a Reprieve From an Airline

After Friday concert in Buenos Aires was postponed until Sunday, LATAM waived change fees

(Newser) - Travis Kelce made it to apparent girlfriend Taylor Swift's show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday (and gave her a public smooch ), but others weren't so lucky if they had tickets to Friday night's performance. That show was canceled due to "truly chaotic" weather, per...

Researchers Find Little Truth Behind Plane Ticket Hacks

Researchers found that airline pricing is actually pretty rigid, no matter the urban myths

(Newser) - Many of the common hacks people say drive down plane ticket prices—buy on a Tuesday! search in incognito mode!—apparently have no legs. A new study finds that US airlines have a pretty rigid pricing structure that doesn't change based on day of the week or a...

Pilot Who Ripped Israel Online 'Removed From Flying'

Air Canada's Mostafa Ezzo allegedly wore pro-Palestinian colors, told Israel to 'burn in hell'

(Newser) - An Air Canada pilot won't be getting behind the controls for a while after complaints poured in about his social media posts regarding Hamas' attack on Israel over the weekend. The airline confirmed to the Toronto Sun on Tuesday that Montreal-based Capt. Mostafa Ezzo "was taken out of...

Musician Says Airline Accused Him of Trafficking Own Sons

Black singer-songwriter David Ryan Harris says his biracial kids raised red flag with American

(Newser) - A Black musician who's performed with John Mayer and the Dave Matthews Band is now on the receiving end of an apology from American Airlines after he says he was accused of trafficking his own kids. In a Sept. 23 Instagram post , David Ryan Harris, 55, said he flew...

Passenger After Puke Incident: 'I Am Ashamed to Be Canadian'

Air Canada takes heat for booting 2 passengers who refused to sit in vomit-covered seats

(Newser) - Two passengers booked for a flight from Vegas to Montreal last month were escorted off the plane before takeoff, all because they wouldn't sit in their puke-soaked seats. The AP reports that the incident took place Aug. 26 on an Air Canada plane, on which Susan Benson was also...

Mexico's New Airline Will Be Run by the Army

Mexicana will offer low-cost domestic flights, government says

(Newser) - Mexico is getting a new airline with an old name—and it's going to be run by the country's military. The government said Thursday that the airline will be launched later this year under the name of Mexicana de Aviacion, the national carrier that went bust in 2010,...

He Went to Buy One Plane Ticket. Ended Up Buying 25—Quickly

Herman Yip took advantage of error to scoop up $250K worth of All Nippon Airways tix for $17K

(Newser) - Herman Yip was recently looking online to book a trip from Jakarta to Aruba, and the deal he found underscores the importance of being in the right place at the right time—and having the gumption to take a little risk. Per Bloomberg , the 32-year-old Hong Kong resident discovered he...

Southwest Resumes Flying After Nationwide Grounding

Tech glitch briefly kept planes from flying, but now many flights are delayed

(Newser) - Southwest has resumed flights after all were briefly grounded Tuesday morning because of a tech glitch. Those flying on the airline can expect delays, however: Roughly 40% were behind schedule as of noon, reports USA Today . The company's explanation for the snafu: "Early this morning, a vendor-supplied firewall...

Flight Attendants' Spat Ends in Tears, Flight Delay

SkyWest says it's conducting an internal investigation

(Newser) - A disagreement between two flight attendants ended with both of them leaving the plane and a new flight crew having to be called in. American Airlines flight 4860, operated by SkyWest Airlines as American Eagle, was preparing to fly from Los Angeles to Houston on Saturday when, according to an...

After Losing Cat, Airline Calls in Psychic

State-owned Bolivian airline lost passenger's beloved pet more than a month ago

(Newser) - Bolivia's national airline has called in a pet psychic in the ongoing search for Tito, a cat that went missing from a flight more than a month ago. Owner Andrea Iturre says Boliviana de Aviacion—BoA—wouldn't allow her to bring a pet carrier into the cabin on...

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