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Corpse Flower Stinks Up Chicago, Celebration Ensues

No, it's not Spike making Chicago Botanic Garden reek—it's Alice

(Newser) - Go ask Alice when you want to stink up the place. Unlike the dud that Spike the corpse flower turned out to be, another titan arum at the Chicago Botanic Garden came through Monday night and started blooming, emitting the plant's signature stench throughout the garden's Semitropical Greenhouse,...

After 12 Years Waiting for Corpse Flower's Odor, Nothing

Chicago Botanical Garden's titan arum didn't bloom, emit trademark putrid smell

(Newser) - A crowd of people waited yesterday with bated breath to take in what a floriculturist at the Chicago Botanic Garden described to NBC Chicago as the "decaying, rancid, rotten stench" of one of the venue's most famous specimens. But Spike the corpse flower wasn't feeling particularly malodorous....

Michigan Braces for Stench of 'Corpse Flower'

Rare tropical bloom smells like death

(Newser) - The stench of death will soon hang heavy in Michigan and it's nothing to do with Detroit: The world's biggest and smelliest flower is expected to bloom at Michigan State University, giving off a stench that those who have smelled the "corpse flower" liken to rotting flesh...

World's Smelliest Flower Finally Blooms in DC

You have less than 48 hours to get a whiff of the 'corpse flower'

(Newser) - When we last reported on the titan arum, a flower known to smell like a "very dead elephant," Americans were pouring into the US Botanic Garden in DC in hopes of seeing the "corpse flower" in its stinky glory. The wait is finally over. The AP reports...

Thousands Gather For Whiff of Rare Stinky Flower

'Corpse flower' set to bloom in DC any day now

(Newser) - In full bloom, the titan arum, also known as the "corpse flower," smells like a "very dead elephant," according to a gardener at the US Botanic Garden in DC. So why are so many people making a pilgrimage there to get a whiff? Probably because the...

Giant, Smelly 'Corpse Flower' Blooms in Brazil

Titan arum blooms rarely and only briefly—and smells like rotting flesh

(Newser) - Call them gangrene thumbs. Hundreds of flower lovers are flocking to Inhotim garden, 275 miles from Rio de Janeiro, to catch a glimpse—and a whiff— of the massive and rare titan arum, aka, the "corpse flower," reports AFP . Blooming for just three days, the corpse flower smells...

Giant 'Corpse Flower' Ready to Bloom

What stinks? The titan arum at Western Illinois University

(Newser) - A huge flower that recalls the age of the dinosaurs and stinks to the high heavens will bloom this week at Western Illinois University. The titum arum, one of only a small number of such plants blooming in cultivation, grew 4 inches in 24 hours in preparation. It's expected to...

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