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White Grizzly and Cubs Meet a Tragic End

Nakota and 2 cubs fatally struck by vehicles in Canada's Yoho National Park

(Newser) - The white grizzly bear and her cubs roaming British Columbia's Yoho National Park were viewed as so special and rare that they had an entire country rooting for them. When Bear 178, nicknamed Nakota, emerged with her cubs this spring, Parks Canada erected fences and implemented a speed reduction...

Feds Have Big Plans for Bears in Washington

Project hopes to see 200 bears in Northern Cascades within century via new project

(Newser) - The state of Washington will soon be getting a little grizzlier. NBC News reports that, per a "joint record of decision," the National Park Service and US Fish & Wildlife Department "have decided to actively restore grizzly bears to the North Cascades of Washington, where the animals...

Tourist's Attempt to Take Photo With Bear Goes Very Badly

Scotland's Moira Gallacher is lucky to be alive after ursine encounter while vacationing in Romania

(Newser) - Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? In this case perhaps, "I see a tourist bothering me." That's after a vacation in Romania's Carpathian Mountains went horribly awry for one woman after she tried to take a picture of one of the resident omnivores. Per...

'Bunch of Dummies' Decide to Play With Bear Cubs in Wild
No Charges for 'Dummies'
Who Handled Bear Cubs

No Charges for 'Dummies' Who Handled Bear Cubs

Experts warn of the dangers of interacting with wildlife this way

(Newser) - The people who were recorded removing two bear cubs from a tree in Asheville to take photos will not face charges, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) said Friday. FOX Carolina reports the commission released a statement that read in part, "While dangerous and unfortunate, it appears to be...

Activists Slam 'Brutal' Killing of Stalker Bear

M90 was killed in Italy's Trentino province after reportedly following too closely several humans

(Newser) - Local authorities killed a brown bear in Italy this week following concerns that the animal was getting too close, too often to humans in the area. The AP reports that M90 was culled by forestry corps officials on Tuesday in Trentino's Sole Valley, on the orders of the province'...

Grizzlies May Thrive at National Park Once Again

But some groups oppose plans to repopulate the North Cascades

(Newser) - Washington state's North Cascades National Park was once home to grizzly bears, until hunting them for hides wiped out the entire population. Federal agencies have now drafted a plan to reintroduce them to that land, according to the Washington Post , but not everyone is happy about it. The plan...

After Decade Without Fatal Bear Attacks, a Chilling Shift in Japan

College student among at least 5 people thought to have been killed by bears this year

(Newser) - Prior to this year, no fatal bear attacks were reported in Japan for more than a decade. Now, police in the country are investigating what's thought to be at least the fifth such attack of 2023. Police on the northern Hokkaido island, where brown bears roam, say the body...

8 Miles of Parkway Closed Due to People Bothering a Bear

Blue Ridge Parkway section in North Carolina shut down after visitors' interactions with young bear

(Newser) - An 8-mile stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina has been shuttered for the indefinite future, after visitors were spotted giving food to and trying to hold a juvenile bear. In a release cited by WXII , the National Park Service says that officials have closed down the part...

Shutdown Could Hit Fat Bear Week
Shutdown Could Hit
Fat Bear Week

Shutdown Could Hit Fat Bear Week

Voting will continue, but National Park Service won't be able to provide updates

(Newser) - If a government shutdown happens, it could lead to not only furloughed workers and shuttered national parks, but it might mess up a popular contest for wildlife lovers, reports ABC News . If continued funding for the government isn't approved by midnight on Saturday, the National Park Service won't...

Hokkaido's Bears Are Starving Amid Fish Shortage

Up to 80% of brown bear cubs in one area have died

(Newser) - This is the time of year when brown bears in Japan's northernmost island usually feast on salmon, packing on weight to prepare for hibernation. But this year, salmon numbers are very low and bears on Hokkaido's Shiretoko Peninsula are starving. Last week, people on a tour boat captured...

Krispy Kreme Delivery Van Gets Some Surprise Raiders

Mama bear and cub bust into vehicle outside military base in Anchorage for some doughnuts

(Newser) - A mama bear and her cub went a little Cocaine Bear on some doughnuts in Anchorage last week. Candice Sergeant, the manager of a Krispy Kreme store in the Alaskan city's Muldoon neighborhood, tells CBS Chicago that she was working her shift last Tuesday when she got an "...

Evacuated City Faces Influx of Bears

Wildlife officials believe wildfires pushed black bears into Yellowknife

(Newser) - Yellowknife, the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories, was evacuated earlier this month as a huge wildfire neared the city, but emergency workers stayed behind —and they have been joined by bears. The animals, apparently attracted by the smell of garbage left behind when residents rushed to leave, have...

This Is What You Don't Want on the Golf Course

Canadian golfer suffers an ursine-related theft caught on video

(Newser) - Sometimes a guy just wants to play a relaxing round of golf with his buddies. And sometimes a bear just wants to get his mitts on some of said guy's golf clubs. The two worlds collided in what Golf Digest somewhat dramatically calls the "wildest, scariest horror film...

Authorities Bust 4 Furry Suspects in Tahoe Mayhem

'Hank the Tank' and her youngsters have been captured in California after string of break-ins

(Newser) - California authorities have captured four suspects in multiple break-ins at homes around South Lake Tahoe, and they're not who you might think: a mama bear and three of her cubs. DNA has confirmed the large female black bear and her three little accomplices were responsible for at least 21...

Man on Bear Encounter: Its One Way Out 'Was Through Me'

Pennsylvania's John Swartz is OK after bear hiding in his garage bit him on the head

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania man says he's paying a lot more attention to his surroundings after a surprise attack by a bear in the garage of his home. John Swartz, 60, and his wife Lori, 59, were watching TV at their home outside Danville on the evening of July 27 when...

California Bear Decides to Cool Off
California Bear
Decides to Cool Off

California Bear Decides to Cool Off

Burbank cops get called to respond to a bear chilling in a swimming pool

(Newser) - Apparently, recalcitrant teenagers sneaking out after dark aren't the only pool-hoppers. In something of an answer to "how hot is it?," it was unbearable enough for a California black bear to break into a Burbank home and have himself a dip in the pool, reports CNN . With...

Maine Woman Punches Bear in the Nose

64-year-old was treated for puncture wounds after bear chased her dog

(Newser) - Maine woman Lynn Kelly was working in her garden Friday morning when her dog began barking before running off into the woods. Kelly, 64, went to see what was going on, and as the frightened dog ran back out of the woods, a bear was following close behind. "The...

Bear Shows Why It's Not Wise to Leave Dog Food in Car

Animal got stuck inside vehicle in Colorado, but was eventually set free

(Newser) - An unlocked vehicle is not a safe place to store food, Colorado wildlife officials warned in sharing a video of a bear that sniffed out dog food inside a pickup truck, went in after it, then locked itself inside. In a cellphone video , a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer revealed...

Bear Busts Into Bakery, Scarfs Down 60 Cupcakes

Bakery owner heard worker 'screaming bloody murder,' then walked in to quite a scene

(Newser) - A hungry black bear barged into the garage of a Connecticut bakery, scared several employees, and helped itself to 60 cupcakes before ambling away. Workers at Taste by Spellbound in the town of Avon were loading cakes into a van for delivery on Wednesday when the bear showed up, per...

Hunter Could Get Jail Time Over Alleged IDing Error

Wyoming's Patrick Gogerty claims he mistook the protected grizzly for a black bear, shot it dead

(Newser) - A Wyoming man is facing up to a year in jail after allegedly killing a protected grizzly bear near Yellowstone National Park. Patrick Gogerty of Cody claims he mistook the 530-pound male grizzly for a black bear, the largest of which generally weigh up to 700 pounds, per the AP...

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