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Urban Outfitters 'Jumps the Shark' With Halloween Costume

The social media 'influencer' outfit comes with leggings and a pseudo-sports bra and costs $59

(Newser) - Paying $59 for "a package of crap" is how the Verge describes the experience of buying Urban Outfitters' newest Halloween costume . The good news, though, if you pony up the cash for a pair of grayish leggings and "sports bra" (really a very short crop top with zero...

Urban Outfitters: 'Some People Who Worked Here Were Stupid'
Urban Outfitters: 'Some People
Who Worked Here Were Stupid'
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Urban Outfitters: 'Some People Who Worked Here Were Stupid'

Company trying to regroup after series of gaffes

(Newser) - Philadelphia Magazine takes an in-depth look at one of the city's most iconic companies, Urban Outfitters, and its efforts to overcome a slew PR disasters in recent years. Writer Jason Fagone puts them in the three categories of "outrageous product" (like a Kent State shirt that seemed...

Urban Outfitters' Latest Offering: Hillary Nutcrackers

Some are calling toy 'sexist,' 'misogynistic'

(Newser) - Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy , and with the midterm elections finally over, the retailer has decided to jump thigh-first into politics—using Hillary Clinton's thighs, specifically. It's offering a Hillary-themed nutcracker for $60, with all the requisite jokes you'd expect to accompany such an item....

Kent State Blasts Urban Outfitters' 'Blood-Spattered' Shirt

Retailer 'extremely saddened' everyone misunderstood its 'vintage' top

(Newser) - Urban Outfitters' latest Very Bad Idea: Selling a "vintage" Kent State University sweatshirt with what appears to be fake blood spattered all over it, Gawker reports. The sweatshirt, which People calls "faux-vintage," seems to be referencing the fatal 1970 shootings of four unarmed students during a Vietnam...

Navajo Suing Urban Outfitters
 Navajo Suing Urban Outfitters 

Navajo Suing Urban Outfitters

Tribe says its trademark is being violated

(Newser) - The biggest Native American tribe in the US wants Urban Outfitters to stop using its name. The Navajo Nation has filed suit against the clothing chain, accusing it of trademark infringement and violation of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act with its sale of more than 20 products under the...

Urban Outfitters' 'Vulgar' Navajo Collection Attacked

'Navajo panties' disrespect Native American culture, complains consumer

(Newser) - Urban Outfitters might have thought it was getting all back to the land with its "Navajo" collection of kitschy clothing and accessories. But a Native American woman is angry about the campaign, which she says disrespects her heritage. Sasha Houston Brown, 24, of Minneapolis, has fired off a letter...

Urban Outfitters Sued Over 'Salacious' Teen Photos

Underage model's family seeking $28M

(Newser) - The parents of a 15-year-old model aren't happy about sexually suggestive pictures of their daughter appearing on T-shirts all over the country. The mom and pop are suing Urban Outfitters and a commercial photographer for $28 million, claiming that they never gave permission for the "salacious" photos to...

'Eat Less' T-Shirt In Bad Taste

 'Eat Less' 
 In Bad 
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'Eat Less' T-Shirt In Bad Taste

Urban Outfitters is joking about anorexia?

(Newser) - Urban Outfitters is hawking a new T-shirt featuring a skinny model and the phrase "Eat Less." It's not going over well:
  • Amelia McDonell-Parry, the Frisky : Another stunt from these guys? "You know what I want? For Urban Outfitters to STFU."
  • Cleveland Leader : "Perhaps some of

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