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Senate Candidate Sends Voters to Anime Porn Site

Sharron Angle blames her opponent

(Newser) - If you want to learn more about Joe Heck, a congressman and Senate candidate from Nevada, don't go to All you'll find there is a lot of very graphic anime pornography. Still, that's where Sharron Angle, Heck's opponent for the GOP Senate nomination, directed...

Sharron Angle to Run for House, Not Senate

Was seen as likely candidate for Sen. John Ensign's Nevada seat

(Newser) - Sharron Angle, who lost to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a hotly contested Nevada race last year, will seek office again—but this time in the House. Angle was considered a likely candidate after Sen. John Ensign announced last week that he wouldn’t seek reelection. But instead, she’...

GOP: Good Riddance, John Ensign

Resignation actually helps Republicans in Nevada

(Newser) - You won’t find many Republicans shedding tears over John Ensign's resignation . Most seem overjoyed that the scandal-plagued congressman is out of the picture, potentially sparing heir apparent Dean Heller a messy primary battle, Politico observes. “I think he did it for his family, but it also benefits the...

In Iowa, Sharron Angle Won't Rule Out 2012 Run

And she pleads with Iowans to invite her back to the state

(Newser) - Sharron Angle may have lost to Harry Reid in November, but the Tea Party fave hasn’t disappeared: She showed up at a Christian movie premiere in the oh-so-important state of Iowa last night, and she wouldn’t rule out a presidential bid. “I’ll just say I have...

Sharron Angle Starts Tea Party PAC for 2012

Patriot Caucus plans offices in primary battlegrounds

(Newser) - Sharron Angle revealed a PAC this weekend aimed at spreading the Tea Party message for 2012, Politico reports. Tea Party heads in 15 states back the Patriot Caucus, which, she said, will “organize a ground game across most battleground states.” It aims to have offices in four early-primary...

Angle's Campaign Like a Dumb and Dumber Sequel
 Angle's Campaign Like  
 a Dumb and Dumber Sequel 
says insider

Angle's Campaign Like a Dumb and Dumber Sequel

Not 'one good thing' about campaign manager

(Newser) - The fat lady may have sung and left the building, but Politico returns to the topic of Harry Reid's win—arguing that he got a helping hand from Sharron Angle’s disastrous Senate campaign. It reports that Angle's campaign was plagued from within by disorganization and misguided management. It began...

Angle: Dictators Can Have Good Ideas

...and other tidbits from a typically dysfunctional campaign

(Newser) - When she wasn't busy needling Joy Behar or confusing Asians and Latinos, Sharron Angle liked to talk policy: Specifically, that of dictators, reports the Las Vegas Sun. Asked during her campaign about privatizing Social Security, Angle, against the advice of staffers, brought up the example of Chile's Pinochet, saying, "...

'Time to Take Back Mama Grizzly'
 'Time to Take Back  
 Mama Grizzly' 

'Time to Take Back Mama Grizzly'

Women aren't responsible for Palin, Bachmann, Angle, O'Donnell

(Newser) - So 2010 was the year of the mama grizzly, and now it's time to get her back from Sarah Palin and Co., writes Gail Collins in the New York Times. For starters, she never belonged in their camp anyway—Gloria Steinem tells Collins that the real mama grizzlies “are...

GOP Feuds Over Senate Losses
 GOP Feuds Over Senate Losses 

GOP Feuds Over Senate Losses

DeMint's tactics cost party a majority, senators complain

(Newser) - While their counterparts in the House are celebrating a historic win, Senate Republicans are pointing fingers over their failure to recapture the chamber. Some prominent senators and party operatives blame Sarah Palin and South Carolina's Jim DeMint for helping candidates too conservative to win gain the GOP nominations in Colorado,...

Which Palin Grizzlies Roared, Whimpered?

Her picks won many, but lost the biggies

(Newser) - Despite not actually appearing on any ballot yesterday, it’s still one of the big questions of the night: How did Sarah Palin do? In her own words, pretty well—she tweeted to “Commonsense Constitutional Conservatives” that they “‘refudiated’ extreme left”—but when it comes to...

Tea Party: Now What?
 Tea Party: Now What? 

Tea Party: Now What?

This is just the beginning, activists say

(Newser) - The Tea Party proved itself to be a major force in yesterday's elections, but a force for what has yet to be determined. "No one in this movement is stopping today. This is not an endgame. This is just a beginning," a leader of the Tea Party patriots...

Sharron Angle Files Voter Intimidation Complaint

Says Reid's team asked Harrah's bosses to pressure employees to vote

(Newser) - Sharron Angle is crying foul, accusing Harry Reid's campaign of illegally intimidating voters. Her lawyers filed a complaint with the Justice Department alleging just that today, after the National Review published an article this morning that claimed Reid's campaign team asked sympathetic execs at Harrah's to pressure their union casino...

The Most Covered Candidates of 2010

Guess who's No. 1?

(Newser) - When it comes to the most covered candidates of the midterm elections, is it any surprise that Tea Partiers claim five of the top 10 slots? The Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzed the election stories produced by 52 TV networks, websites, radio stations, and newspapers since Jan....

Today's Winners, Predicted by Meghan McCain

Midterm successes, starring Christine O'Donnell

(Newser) - Meghan McCain expects a dark day for Democrats, with “more than a few upsets and memorable YouTube moments.” Her predictions in the Daily Beast :
  • Sharron Angle will beat Harry Reid in Nevada, and he’ll offer an “uncomfortable and possibly bitter concession speech.”
  • Charlie Crist will

8 Senate Races to Watch
 8 Senate Races to Watch 
midterms 2010

8 Senate Races to Watch

These races will decide just how good the GOP's night is

(Newser) - It’s Election Day, folks, and we're here to give you the low-down. All eyes are certainly on the Senate, where Democrats have a chance to keep their majority, provided they can win a few close races. Here's what's happening, according to the Washington Post , complete with links to our...

Where The Big Races Stand
 Where the Big Races Stand 
polling roundup

Where the Big Races Stand

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio up big, Harry Reid, Sharron Angle too close to call

(Newser) - With T-Minus one day to the election, here's where the most-watched races in the country stand:
  • Harry Reid and Sharron Angle are locked in a dead heat; the latest Public Policy Polling survey has Angle squeaking ahead 47% to 46%.
  • Looks like harping on the Aqua Buddha incident didn't help

Angle Vs. Reid: Pick Lesser of 2 Evils

Weary Nevadans don't really like either candidate

(Newser) - Given a choice between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle, some Nevadans are choosing "No, Thanks." In a dead-heat race between the man perceived as the elite, entrenched Washington insider and the woman perceived as somewhere between slightly wacky and dangerous, both candidates are making a single, sad case...

Thanks, Joy!: Angle Rakes in Another $136K

And should she win, she'll start talking to the press

(Newser) - Joy Behar hasn't been very nice to Sharron Angle—or has she? Though the View host clearly wasn't championing Angle when she called her a bitch two shows in a row, she seems to be doing wonders for Angle's coffers: Angle raked in $150,000 following Tuesday's show, sent flowers...

Sharron Angle Launches 'Harry Reid's Amnesty Game'
 Sharron Angle Launches 'Harry Reid's Amnesty Game'

Sharron Angle Launches 'Harry Reid's Amnesty Game'

Campaign game targets Reid's stance on immigration

(Newser) - Sharron Angle's latest attack on Harry Reid's immigration policies presents them as a game billed as "fun for the whole illegal family." Harry Reid's Amnesty Game players can roll the dice to receive cards with phrases like "You got deported," paired with information about illegal immigration...

Angle Needles Behar With Flowers; Hears 'Bitch' Again

Candidate says insult helped fundraising

(Newser) - Joy Behar called Sharron Angle a "bitch" today on the air. Again. After Behar dropped the b-word yesterday on The View, Angle mockingly sent her flowers with a note reading, “Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help!" Behar showed off the flowers and note this...

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