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Dems Try 'Romney Strategy,' Shower Cash on South

Crossroads, meanwhile, plans $10M blitz of its own

(Newser) - November seems far away, but outside money groups are already making it rain in contested Senate races. The Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic operation run by former Harry Reid staffers, has been "carpet bombing" the South in particular, the Daily Beast reports, attempting what's called the "Romney...

Clay Aiken Leads NC Race by Insanely Thin Margin

Meanwhile, establishment candidate crushes NC Tea Party candidate

(Newser) - Voters got their first chance to weigh in on Clay Aiken's political career yesterday, and it wasn't exactly a rousing success. Aiken currently holds an incredibly slim lead over his Democratic primary opponent in North Carolina's 2nd District, with 40.83% of the vote to Keith Crisco'...

GOP Needs to Get a Grip on Its ObamaCare Obsession

Even Karl Rove thinks Boehner's plan is bad politics

(Newser) - House Republicans announced yesterday that they'd only vote to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling if they could repeal or delay ObamaCare with the same votes. That's got pundits talking today, and pretty much none of those people think it's a good strategy. Here's...

GOP Super PAC Skewers Ashley Judd

Karl Rove group takes early shot as she ponders Senate run in Kentucky

(Newser) - Karl Rove has welcomed Ashley Judd into the world of high-stakes politics with an ad that concludes the actress is "an Obama-following radical, Hollywood liberal who is right at home here in Tennessee. I mean, Kentucky." Judd is considering a Senate run against Mitch McConnell in her native...

Rove Creates New PAC, Will Butt Heads With Tea Party

Predictably, many conservatives not happy

(Newser) - A big split in the Republican party? Karl Rove's new super PAC, the Conservative Victory Project, appears to be taking aim at Tea Partiers. The Victory Project, led by the same people who run American Crossroads, has the official aim of nominating "the most conservative candidate in the...

Reporter Goes Inside Karl Rove's Elite Fundraiser

He talks strategy, jokes about murdering Todd Akin

(Newser) - In a rare look behind the super-PAC curtain, BusinessWeek 's Sheelah Kolhatkar was able to crash an American Crossroads breakfast yesterday, featuring Karl Rove speaking frankly to the 70 top donors who fund the leading political action committee. Rove said the key to the election was persuading undecided voters...

Obama Lawyer Demands Crossroads Reveals Donors

Campaign complains to FEC about Rove-linked group

(Newser) - Crossroads GPS, a "social welfare" organization that has spent millions on ads attacking Democrats, is clearly a political committee and should therefore be required to disclose its donors, charges the Obama campaign. The campaign's chief counsel has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Committee, saying that the...

Romney Also Threw Cash at Solar Failures

In seeking to bring Mass. jobs, Romney was same as Obama in 'picking winners and losers'

(Newser) - Brace yourself for another round of political I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I: Mitt Romney has repeatedly hammered President Obama for the White House's role in Solyndra's meltdown, but now Konarka Technologies, another solar energy company in which Romney invested public funds as Massachusetts governor, has gone bankrupt, reports the Boston Herald . Romney...

GOP Plans to Drop $1B Ad Bomb on 2012

Super PACs and other outside groups plan a huge blitz for 2012 elections

(Newser) - Republican groups plan to spend a record $1 billion on the November elections, and could outspend Democrats by a margin of 2-to-1. Politico has the details on the spending plans of super PACs and other outside groups: The Koch brothers plan to spend $400 million; Karl Rove's groups are...

Karl Rove's Super PAC Ready for Anti-Obama Blitz

Crossroads America to launch ads while Romney campaign rebuilds

(Newser) - If you think Republicans have been bashing President Obama, you haven't seen anything yet. American Crossroads, the largest GOP super PAC with an expected $200 million—founded by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie—looks ready to begin its anti-Obama ads this month, reports the New York Times . Crossroads had...

Meet the GOP's Biggest Donor
 Meet the GOP's Biggest Donor 

Meet the GOP's Biggest Donor

It's not Sheldon Adelson: Harold Clark Simmons has given $18.7M

(Newser) - Sheldon Adelson and Foster Friess have been in the spotlight as the billionaire backers of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, respectively, but one man has given more than either of them to the GOP's 2012 effort: Harold Clark Simmons. The difference is that Simmons, the 80-year-old Texas billionaire head...

Pro-Romney Super PAC Taking Fed Contractor Money

Banned for 36 years, controversial donations may now be allowed

(Newser) - Ah, Citizens United , the political can of worms that keeps on opening. Federal contractors have been banned from making political donations for 36 years, but because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, it's now unclear whether they can give to super PACs. American Crossroads (a Republican super PAC)...

Democrats Winning 2012 Money Race (Sort of)

But numbers don't include independent groups

(Newser) - Republicans appear to be on the ropes in the race to raise money for the 2012 election—depending on how you look at it. The Republican National Committee, Congressional Committee, and Senatorial Committee raised a combined $105 million through July—compared to $129 for their Democratic counterparts, Politico reports. The...

Gay Community Seething at Gold's Gym Politics

Owner's donation prompts four San Francisco sites to sever ties

(Newser) - Four gyms in the San Francisco area plan to sever ties with the Gold's Gym franchise because of the owner's hefty political contribution to a conservative group perceived as anti-gay, reports the Huffington Post . The move comes amid growing fallout in the gay community over Robert Rowling's donation of $2...

Move Over PACs, Here Come Super PACs

New weapon allows virtually unlimited spending on campaigns

(Newser) - Expect to hear the term "Super PAC" a lot between now and the midterms. As the Washington Post explains today, these fundraising committees are quickly becoming the norm in how modern campaigns are financed by interest groups. Thanks in part to the Citizens United court ruling, Super PACs are...

Dems Swamped By GOP Ad Buys

Party blames Supreme Court ruling for free-spending GOP groups

(Newser) - Republican-leaning interest groups are grossly outspending their Democratic-leaning counterparts on TV ads in election races around the nation, and the gap is widening as races heat up. Democratic officials say the trend is a direct result of a Supreme Court decision lifting a ban on direct corporate spending on political...

Rove Group's Only Donors: Billionaires

American Crossroads says it's a 'grassroots' organization

(Newser) - Need proof that the term “grassroots” has become a meaningless political buzzword? Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group, which has occasionally used the term, is funded almost exclusively by four billionaires, according to Salon . And two of the four made their money in the oil and gas industry. It’...

Rove's Fundraising Group Pulls In Just $200

No, we're not missing any zeros

(Newser) - Remember that big scary “shadow RNC” Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie cooked up to lure the big GOP donors scared off by Michael Steele? It’s not going so well. The group, dubbed American Crossroads, raised just $200 last month, according to a report filed with the IRS—and...

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