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Navalny's Wife Says Putin Will Be Held Accountable
Putin Blasted for 'Brutality'
After Navalny's Death

Putin Blasted for 'Brutality' After Navalny's Death

Opposition figure's wife says Putin will be held accountable 'very soon'

(Newser) - World leaders reacted with shock and anger Friday to the reported death of Alexei Navalny , Russia's most prominent opposition figure, in an Arctic prison colony. Authorities did not immediately disclose the cause of the 47-year-old's death, but family members and supporters had long said that Navalny was being...

In British Politics, One Major Firing and One Surprise Return

Ex-PM David Cameron joins Cabinet, and divisive Home Secretary Suella Braverman is out

(Newser) - Former British Prime Minister David Cameron made a shock return to high office on Monday, becoming foreign secretary in a major shakeup of the Conservative government. Cameron, who led the UK government between 2010 and 2016, was appointed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in a Cabinet shuffle that also saw...

Ex-British PM Pulls Surprise, Quits Politics

David Cameron says he doesn't want to be a distraction to new PM's government

(Newser) - Former Prime Minister David Cameron is standing down from his position in Parliament because he doesn't want to be a distraction to the new government headed by Theresa May. Cameron's unexpected announcement Monday will trigger a by-election for his seat in Oxfordshire, the AP reports. Cameron had earlier...

Meet Britain's New Prime Minister
 Meet Britain's 
 New Prime 

Meet Britain's New Prime Minister

David Cameron is out, Theresa May is in

(Newser) - It's official: Theresa May is Britain's new prime minister, CNN reports. After David Cameron officially tendered his resignation Wednesday, May bowed down before Queen Elizabeth II and accepted the monarch's invite to form a new government, becoming the only woman other than Margaret Thatcher to hold the...

Cameron Hums Mystery Tune After Resigning

Hot mic picks up 'lament'

(Newser) - They're calling it "Cameron's Lament"—though some say it was actually a happy tune from a relieved man. British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Monday that he will resign on Wednesday afternoon, and a hot mic caught him singing a few notes to himself as...

British Politics Just Got Even Crazier

Boris Johnson will not run for prime minister after unexpected challenge

(Newser) - In the rowdy world of British politics, it's another day of surprises: The race to succeed the outgoing David Cameron as prime minister took an unexpected turn when former London Mayor Boris Johnson announced he would not be running. Johnson had led the charge for the UK to exit...

Brexit Turmoil Is Getting Worse

 UK Flails in 
 Brexit Turmoil 

UK Flails in Deepening Brexit Turmoil

EU leaders are holding emergency talks

(Newser) - The UK remains in disarray after last week's Brexit vote, with the pound continuing to slump, chaos at the top of both main political parties, and widespread confusion over what leaving the European Union is going to involve. Top figures in the ruling Conservative Party have been jockeying for...

After Brexit Vote, UK PM Announces Resignation

Trump says vote to leave EU is 'a great thing'

(Newser) - Britain is leaving the European Union, and David Cameron is leaving 10 Downing Street. The prime minister told reporters Friday morning that after the Leave victory in the Brexit vote, he is not the "captain" to steer the country through exit negotiations with the EU, the AP reports. Cameron—...

Snowden to Britain: Make David Cameron Step Down

Snowden, 'House of Cards' Twitter account both on PM's case after Panama Papers

(Newser) - "Now I work for the public" is part of Edward Snowden's Twitter bio , and he's trying to make good on that vow by motivating the good citizens of Britain to get British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, the Independent reports. The NSA whistleblower's initiative comes...

David Cameron Owned Shares in Dad's Panama Papers Fund

But he says neither he nor his dad did anything wrong

(Newser) - Despite saying in the wake of the Panama Papers leak that he had "no shares, no offshore trusts, no offshore funds," British prime minister David Cameron now admits he held shares in his late father's offshore investment fund, the Guardian reports. Ian Cameron's fund, as detailed...

UK May Deport Muslim Migrants Who Don't Learn English

'People coming to our country have responsibilities too'

(Newser) - If migrants—for example, Muslim women on spousal visas—haven't learned at least some English within two-and-a-half years of moving to the UK, they could face deportation, the Guardian reports. It's part of a plan backed by prime minister David Cameron, who says the segregation and isolation of...

UK: Bomb May Have Downed Russian Plane in Egypt

PM Cameron halts flights to Sinai Peninsula until security check is complete

(Newser) - US officials have reported that the heat flash in the area where Metrojet Flight 9268 went down in Egypt may have been from a bomb—and the UK thinks that's an increasingly likely scenario, the AP reports. London is worried enough that it suspended flights to and from the...

Book: UK PM Did Something Disturbing With Pig's Head

Biographer also links Cameron to coke, pot, Supertramp

(Newser) - It's an allegation you may not want to read over breakfast—especially if you're having bacon. According to a new biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron being serialized in the Daily Mail , Cameron belonged to a club known for "bizarre rituals and sexual excess" when he...

Weird Election, Indeed: Surprises Abound in UK

Conservative Party sweeps to power

(Newser) - The Conservative Party swept to power today in Britain's Parliamentary elections, winning a wholly unexpected and resounding victory and bringing the election to a much-quicker-than-expected conclusion. Polls ahead of Election Day showed Conservatives locked in a tight race with the opposition Labour Party, raising the possibility of days or...

British Exit Poll Bodes Well for Cameron

His Conservatives expected to easily win most seats, though short of a majority

(Newser) - It looks like David Cameron, not Ed Miliband, will be celebrating the British election results. As expected, an exit poll shows that neither of their parties will win a clear majority in today's British elections . The surprise, however, is that Cameron's Conservatives are on track to do way...

What to Know About UK's Weirdest Election in Memory

It could take weeks for country to get a new government

(Newser) - After many decades of power going back and forth between the Labour and Conservative parties, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition that took power after the 2010 election was seen as a fluke—but up to a dozen parties have a shot at being in government after today's election, which analysts...

Aussie Autofill Error Leaks World Leaders' Private Info

Passport numbers for Obama, Putin, Merkel emailed to soccer group

(Newser) - You'd think if you had charge of the passport numbers of the planet's elite leaders you'd be pretty careful. But a hapless employee of Australian's immigration agency relied a little too much on autofill—and mistakenly sent an email with the passport numbers, visa info, and...

Prank Caller Gets All the Way to David Cameron

Guy was reportedly high on booze, cocaine

(Newser) - A prank caller had quite the successful Sunday when he convinced the British prime minister's office to put him through to David Cameron. The unidentified caller, who told the Sun he was "off [his] face on booze and cocaine" at the time, first rang British surveillance agency GCHQ...

Obama, Cameron: We'll Beat 'Death Cult' Terrorists

They also want Congress to skip new sanctions on Iran

(Newser) - In a show of trans-Atlantic unity, President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged a joint effort on today to fight domestic terrorism following deadly attacks in France. They also strongly urged the US Congress to hold off on implementing new sanctions on Iran in the midst of nuclear...

David Cameron: Obama Calls Me 'Bro'
David Cameron:
Obama Calls Me 'Bro'

David Cameron: Obama Calls Me 'Bro'

'Special relationship' still very healthy, PM says

(Newser) - The "special relationship" between the US and the UK is still back-slappingly good, according to David Cameron. President Obama has said "the special relationship is stronger than it has ever been privately and in public and I agree," the British prime minister tells the Daily Mail , revealing...

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