Good Samaritan

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Couple Hides Money in Baby Products
Hides Cash
in Baby
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Couple Hides Cash in Baby Products

New parents in some Target stores in California got a surprise

(Newser) - A bleary-eyed new parent picking up diapers or some other baby product at Target stores in the Los Angeles area might have found an unusual surprise back home: a little extra cash. KABC reports that Krystal and Patrick Duhaney played Good Samaritans by tucking a total of about $1,000...

Thief Steals Van of Dogs, Portland Says Not So Fast

Helpers from around the Oregon city helped doggy day care owner get her pooches back

(Newser) - A woman who co-owns a doggy day care in Portland, Ore., had quite a scare Tuesday, but thanks to the efforts of locals, a thief who tried to steal her pooch-filled vehicle wasn't successful. Sunni Liston—whose company, Coopers Dogpatch, picks up dogs from their owners in the city...

Beloved Pet Escapes, Very, Very Slowly

Big tortoise found about a mile away after 74 days

(Newser) - A 150-pound tortoise that escaped from a Tennessee home has been returned after 74 days, managing to make it about a mile during his slow and steady journey, per the AP . The African sulcata tortoise named Solomon crawled away from his Ashland City enclosure more than two months ago, his...

Guy Pulls Stranger Out of Burning Car
Guy Dives Into Burning
Car to Save Stranger

Guy Dives Into Burning Car to Save Stranger

Antonio Morgan saw the car hit a cement median

(Newser) - A Good Samaritan made headlines this week by rescuing a man from his burning car on the I-70 in St. Louis, People reports. Antonio Morgan saw the car hit the highway's cement median Tuesday and rushed to pull the driver out as flames erupted under the hood. "I...

Prince William Shares a 'Little Secret' on His Lockdown Activities

The Duke of Cambridge has secretly been volunteering for a mental crisis hotline

(Newser) - It's hard to imagine what royal family members do during lockdown, but Britain's Prince William just filled us in on one of his activities. Per CNN , the Duke of Cambridge, along with wife Kate Middleton, brother Harry, and Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, helped start Shout, the UK'...

Generous Customer Keeps Cafe Afloat

Good Samaritan doled out $40K in Naples, Florida

(Newser) - The first gesture was kind: A customer gave cafe owner Bill Salley $2,000 for himself and his four employees in March when they had to shut down in March because of the coronavirus. The second gesture may have actually saved Salley's business in Naples, Florida, reports WINK . The...

Denzel Guides Police as They Frisk Black Man

The actor is praised for stepping in to help a homeless man

(Newser) - Social media is applauding Denzel Washington for helping out a homeless man in Los Angeles—an encounter that (as people are pointing out) ended much differently than the arrest of George Floyd. Seems the Hollywood icon saw the man wandering out on La Cienega Blvd. and pulled over, then chatted...

Amid Virus Mask Shortage, Americans Step Up

Volunteers across nation are setting up sewing machines to get masks to health care workers

(Newser) - An interior decorator. A guy who waterproofs basements. A fashion designer. These are just a few of the Good Samaritans around the country who are sitting behind their sewing machines to churn out face masks for health care workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. As more and more patients are diagnosed...

A New Term Emerges to Describe Kind COVID Acts
A New Term Emerges
to Describe Kind COVID Acts
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A New Term Emerges to Describe Kind COVID Acts

'Caremongering,' the opposite of 'scaremongering'

(Newser) - The coronavirus news can be depressing stuff, but a spate of stories is emerging as a counterpoint—strangers helping strangers, particularly the most vulnerable. In fact, the term "caremongering" is catching on to describe what's going on. Some examples:
  • Scared seniors: In Bend, Ore., 25-year-old Rebecca Mehra tweeted

He Got Away From the Cops, But Not From the Guy in Sandals

Queensland police hoping to thank Good Samaritan who brought down alleged car thief

(Newser) - An Australian dog walker used his arm as a clothesline as he brought down an alleged car thief who'd smashed into two police vehicles, narrowly missing an officer, on Thursday. A chase began around 8:30am as officers tried to apprehend the driver of a stolen Toyota Hilux utility...

She'd Given Birth 3 Days Earlier. That Didn't Stop Her Heroism

Holly McNally, other Good Samaritans helped rescue on-fire truck driver after fuel tanker crash

(Newser) - An Indianapolis-area mom had quite the week, with a relatively quiet Tuesday and Wednesday bookended by the birth of her fourth child and a heroic rescue. The Indianapolis Star reports that Holly McNally, 35, delivered baby Connor on Monday after only a half-hour or so of labor. Connor has had...

Man Tries to Save Neighbor, Kills Him With Crossbow

Man was trying to prevent pit bull attack

(Newser) - A "Good Samaritan" who accidentally killed his neighbor with a crossbow while trying to protect him from a pit bull attack will not face charges, authorities in Massachusetts say. Police say they found the body of Joshua Jadusingh, 27, after they shot two aggressive pit bulls at a home...

Bank Worker's Christmas Eve Kindness Gets Her Canned

Emily James fired from US Bank after giving broke customer $20

(Newser) - One of US Bank's core tenets is "We put people first," but when one of its own senior bankers tried to do just that, she was fired. Emily James tells the Oregonian that on Dec. 23, she was working at the bank's call center in Gresham,...

Concerned Train Rider Calls In Suspicious Boxes. Then, This

The 6-foot-tall boxes at a New York station weren't so dangerous after all

(Newser) - A good Samaritan caused quite a stir Monday by reporting suspicious boxes that turned out to contain machinery used to report suspicious boxes, Fox News reports. The train rider noticed them at New Rochelle station in New York state—about 25 miles from New York City—and used a new...

She Spent Night in Submerged Car Before Help Arrived

Witnesses rescue elderly woman from vehicle in Florida

(Newser) - An elderly woman was trapped overnight in her car, submerged in a bay in Venice, Fla., before two rescuers arrived by chance. Rob Goodman tells CNN he was kayaking at Higel Marine Park just before sunrise Thursday when he saw the top of a white vehicle in the water. Then,...

He Lost His Wallet. Then Came the Penny Deposits
He Lost His Wallet. Then
He Noticed His Bank Account
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He Lost His Wallet. Then He Noticed His Bank Account

A stranger got creative and made 4 separate penny deposits to contact him

(Newser) - When Tim Cameron lost his wallet on the way home from work on Monday, the London resident assumed it was gone for good, particularly as it contained little identifying information. Then he looked at his bank account. Enter an ingenious Good Samaritan by the name of Simon. As Mashable reports,...

A Customer&#39;s Card Got Declined. Then, &#39;One of the Kindest Acts&#39;
Cashier Didn't
Think Anyone
Noticed His Good
Deed. They Did
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Cashier Didn't Think Anyone Noticed His Good Deed. They Did

David Vance quietly paid for elderly man's groceries out of his own pocket after the customer's credit card kept getting declined

(Newser) - David Vance tried to pull off a subtle act of kindness for someone in financial straits last month, but someone noticed, posted about it online, and now the grocery store cashier in Northern Ireland is being hailed around the world. Vance, who works at a Lidl in Belfast, was working...

Police Praise Good Samaritan 'Squirrel Whisperer'

Mama squirrel sought help for her baby, and Tia Powell complied

(Newser) - Police in Virginia are praising a woman they've dubbed the "squirrel whisperer" for helping out a baby squirrel and its mother, per the AP . In a Facebook post, Pulaski police say officers received a call from a woman who told them a squirrel came up to her on...

He Was Handing Out Cash to Strangers, Got Fatally Shot

Good Samaritan got into verbal altercation that quickly turned physical

(Newser) - Craig Brewer was paying for strangers' meals and handing out $20 bills at a Gainesville, Florida, Waffle House when the 41-year-old good Samaritan was shot to death. The incident took place just after 3am Sunday, per the Alachua County Sheriff . Deputies had already been called to the scene before the...

$273M Mega Millions Winner Forgot Ticket at the Store

Luckily, a Good Samaritan turned Michael Weirsky's tickets in to store workers

(Newser) - We all know what it's like to be distracted by our cellphones. But for Michael Weirsky, that distraction nearly cost him a $163 million. That's how much the New Jersey man is about to receive in one lump sum after one of his Mega Millions tickets hit the...

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