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She Was Hunting With Her Dad When the Lightning Hit

Baylee Holbrook, 16, dies after Tuesday lightning strike in Putnam County, Florida

(Newser) - A sad update out of Florida on a teen struck by lightning earlier this week while hunting deer with her dad: Baylee Holbrook has succumbed to her injuries. Officials tell CBS News that the 16-year-old died Thursday morning, just two days after she and her father were both hit after...

Unfortunately for Rescuers, Lightning Struck Twice

Two people were zapped helping Swiss victims of earlier lightning strike; they weren't seriously hurt

(Newser) - Everyone knows lightning never strikes twice. But a Swiss police officer and a helicopter pilot now beg to differ with that old saw. Both were zapped while helping two victims of an earlier lightning strike, reports the Local . Fortunately, the two rescuers were not seriously hurt, say police. As the...

Research Shows Laser-Guided Lightning Is Possible

Technology could one day provide coverage for large structures such as airports

(Newser) - It would be quite a stretch to say they’ve harnessed lightning, but researchers in Switzerland did succeed where many others have failed: They’ve shown that a laser beam can be used to steer or divert lightning. Per the Guardian , it happened high in the Swiss Alps last summer,...

After Volcano Burst, 'Most Extreme Concentration of Lightning' Ever

Eruption of Tonga's Hunga volcano spurred 400K lightning events in 6 hours

(Newser) - Showers of ash, giant waves, and massive explosions weren't the the only things locals had to worry about when Tonga's Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted last January in the South Pacific. Lightning also made an appearance, and a whole lot of it—so much, in fact, that...

Lightning Kills Runner 9 Hours Into Trail Race
The Race Started at 7pm.
At 4am, Tragedy Struck

The Race Started at 7pm. At 4am, Tragedy Struck

The 55-year-old was racing up a Greek mountain at night when lightning hit

(Newser) - Lightning struck Sunday during a nighttime trail race up a Greek mountain, killing one runner and seriously injuring another, Greek police and the fire service reported. The two men were running in the Six Peaks race, which passes through the six highest peaks of Mount Falakro in northern Greece, when...

Fastest Man in the World Wants Ownership of His Victory Pose

Retired sprinter Usain Bolt has filed to trademark signature celebration move to use logo on merch

(Newser) - If you're a famous athlete with the name "Bolt," and you've got a signature victory move that resembles a jagged line of electricity, chances are you're going to make sure you control that likeness. There's only one man this situation currently applies to in...

Woman Killed as SoCal Hit With 25K Lightning Strikes

Meteorologist places that in top 2% of daily California lightning totals

(Newser) - The night skies over Southern California were studded with an atypical number of flashes. The North American Lightning Detection Network logged 25,000 strikes between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, which meteorologist Chris Vagasky says falls in the top 2% of daily California lightning totals; about a third were close...

Miley Cyrus' Plane Hit by Lightning
Miley Cyrus'
Plane Hit
by Lightning

Miley Cyrus' Plane Hit by Lightning

She cancels appearance at Paraguay festival

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus won't be performing at Paraguay's Asuncionico festival, but with good reason. The singer tweeted that her plane was hit by lightning while heading to that fest. "Our plane was caught in a major unexpected storm and struck by lighting," she wrote . "My crew,...

2 Lightning Bolts Enter the Record Books

One flashed for nearly 500 miles in the US, the other lasted about 17 seconds in South America

(Newser) - Most flashes of lightning are gone in the blink of an eye and forgotten. And then there are these two beasts, newly entered into the record books by the World Meteorological Organization .
  • Length: On April 29, 2020, a single "megaflash" of lightning covered a distance of 477 miles over

17 Dead After Lightning Strikes Boat Carrying Wedding Party

Another 14 were injured in tragedy in Bangladesh

(Newser) - What was supposed to be a day of celebration turned into a day of mourning in Bangladesh, after a lightning strike killed more than a dozen people in a wedding party. Authorities say a boat headed toward the bride's house on Wednesday had just reached the banks of the...

Lightning Strikes Kill 38 in 24 Hours in India

Deaths by lightning are common during monsoon season

(Newser) - Lightning has killed at least 38 people across two Indian states over the past 24 hours, officials said Monday. A majority of the deaths occurred in the western state of Rajasthan, where 11 people died after being struck by lightning near a watchtower at the 12th century Amber Fort, police...

Tybee Island Lightning Strike Kills Teenage Tourist

Girl, 15, was visiting the area with her family

(Newser) - A 15-year-old girl visiting Tybee Island, Ga., with her family from Alabama was killed Saturday by a lightning strike. The teen was swimming off the coast at the time, CNN reports. As NOAA explains, lightning usually strikes land, but when it hits the ocean, the water acts as a conductor....

Olympic Surfing Hopeful Fatally Struck by Lightning

Katherine Diaz planned to compete for El Salvador this summer

(Newser) - Katherine Diaz planned to compete for her home country of El Salvador when surfing makes its Olympic debut this summer. But the 22-year-old, the country's top surfer, was struck by lightning and killed Friday while training near her home in El Tunco, the Guardian reports. Per a Spanish-language newspaper,...

Lightning Sparks New Wildfires Across California

Over 4.5K buildings are threatened by wildfire

(Newser) - A rare summer thunderstorm brought lightning that sparked several small blazes in Northern California on Sunday and stoked a huge forest fire that has forced hundreds of people from their homes north of Los Angeles, the AP reports. More than 4,500 buildings remained threatened by the wildfire, which was...

Lightning Zaps Washington Monument
Lightning Zaps

Lightning Zaps Washington Monument

2 National Guardsmen also hit in Lafayette Square park

(Newser) - If the air over Washington, DC, felt electric Thursday night, well, no wonder. Two members of the National Guard suffered non-life-threatening injuries as they were struck by lightning within Lafayette Square park, the home of ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd, shortly after midnight, WUSA9 reports. Both are...

Mother Nature Hits the Deep South
Mother Nature
Hits the Deep South

Mother Nature Hits the Deep South

Several states are under storm warnings

(Newser) - Strong storms pounded parts of the Deep South on Sunday, damaging buildings and toppling trees in northern Louisiana, the AP reports. The National Weather Service reported multiple tornadoes and damaging winds over much of the northern part of the state. There were no immediate reports of serious injuries. Utility companies...

'One in a Million': Runner Killed by Lightning Near Finish Line

Organizers say storm blew in without warning

(Newser) - A 33-year-old distance runner in Kansas was less than a quarter mile from the finish line in a 31-mile ultramarathon when he was killed by lightning. Carolyn Robinson, director of the FlatRock trail race, says Thomas Stanley was struck around 2:15pm Saturday after a small storm blew in "...

Cemetery Jogger Killed by Lightning Strike

Cincinnati woman dies after sheltering from storm under tree

(Newser) - Three women were jogging through Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery on Friday when a security guard—seeing a storm approaching—offered them a ride, a cemetery rep tells WLWT . They declined the offer, and all three were hit by a lightning strike moments later as they sheltered under an oak...

Lightning Lit Up the Skies. Then Her Toilet Blew Up

Marylou Ward's toilet exploded after lightning hit septic tank

(Newser) - Some people stay out of the shower during a lightning storm; Marylou Ward may be staying off the toilet during one from here on in. That's because, per FOX 13 , the Port Charlotte, Fla., resident is still cleaning up the wreckage in her bathroom and on other parts of...

Race Was Paused for Weather, but She Wasn't Alerted

44-year-old Norwegian ultrarunner dies in lightning strike in Italy

(Newser) - The Südtirol Ultra Skyrace race calls itself "the most extreme experience in the Alps." One runner didn't survive it. USA Today reports that a 44-year-old Norwegian woman was hit by lightning Saturday evening while participating in the three-day, 75-mile race, which begins and ends in Bolzano,...

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