Bristol Palin Dancing With the Stars

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Bristol Palin 'Dancing With the Stars' Week 6 Video: She Actually Does OK, But Frontrunner Jennifer Grey Falls Behind
 Bristol Actually 
 Not Awful on DWTS 

Bristol Actually Not Awful on DWTS

Although, her outfit is

(Newser) - Bristol Palin snagged her best score yet last night on Dancing With the Stars, but still couldn’t manage to keep herself out of the bottom two. “ Last week a chimp , [this week] almost a champ,” said one judge of her tango; the rest seemed to agree, apparently...

Bristol Dances ... in a Monkey Suit?!
 Bristol Dances ... 
 in a Monkey Suit?! 
'dwts' atrocities

Bristol Dances ... in a Monkey Suit?!

No, we're not sure why she did it

(Newser) - Could this be the gimmick that finally does Bristol Palin in? She managed to snag herself the last-place spot last night on Dancing With the Stars by dancing terribly—in a monkey suit—to the Monkees theme song. It was TV theme song night, meaning fellow DWTS competitor Florence Henderson...

Bristol Grinds, Writhes on DWTS

She also helps her partner get out of his pesky shirt

(Newser) - Bristol Palin is all for abstinence, but she seemed to have no problem grinding, writhing around on the ground, and ripping off her partner’s shirt—in front of her parents—last night on Dancing With the Stars. “It was spicy,” she tells OK! of her performance. Spicy...

Judges Bash Bristol's Foxtrot
 Judges Bash Bristol's Foxtrot 

Judges Bash Bristol's Foxtrot

After last week's high, she's back to the bottom

(Newser) - Despite scoring pretty darn well on last week's Dancing With the Stars, Bristol Palin found herself back in the bottom two last night. Her foxtrot didn't impress the judges ("You're not Meryl Streep yet," said Bruno Tonioli), who gave Palin and partner Mark Ballas a total score of...

Sarah Palin: Put Me on DWTS Next!

Bristol's mama had so much fun, she wants to compete

(Newser) - Sarah Palin had so much fun not getting booed at Dancing With the Stars, she wants to go on the show herself. “She mentioned to producers who greeted her that she would be open to competing herself next season,” a source tells PopEater .

ABC: Boos on DWTS Weren't for Palin

Network says audience was booing scores, not her

(Newser) - Sarah Palin made a front-row appearance in support of daughter Bristol on Dancing With the Stars last night, complete with a booing controversy. Just before she appeared on camera, as Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were discussing their dance, boos could be heard from the hall, Mediaite notes. ABC says...

Bristol Palin Takes it Off for DWTS

But that doesn't get her more than 18 points

(Newser) - Any of you hoping Bristol Palin would quickly emerge as a Dancing With the Stars frontrunner were likely disappointed while watching last night’s premiere. Palin managed not to come in last, however, landing herself in the middle with a score of 18. David Hasselhoff , Mike “ The Situation ”...

Bristol Palin on DWTS: She'll 'Strip' in Front of Sarah Palin
 Bristol Will 'Strip' on DWTS 

Bristol Will 'Strip' on DWTS

Oh, 'tear-away' clothes, anyway; in front of Sarah

(Newser) - So that bastion of abstinence and modesty, Bristol Palin, is takin' it off on Dancing With the Stars—or at least there'll be some "tear-away" clothes involved in tomorrow night's season premiere. What's more, she'll be dancing the cha-cha, in front of mom Sarah, with Mark Ballas to "...

Bristol: DWTS Was Slam Dunk

And Levi needs to get his GED

(Newser) - She may have skipped her own prom ("I was pregnant"), but for Bristol Palin, signing onto Dancing With the Stars was a no-brainer, she told Jay Leno last night. The show contacted her via text, and "within a week" Alaska's former first kid had signed a contract—...

Bristol: Only 'Modest' DWTS Outfits for Me
 Bristol: Only 
 'Modest' DWTS 
 Outfits for Me 

Bristol: Only 'Modest' DWTS Outfits for Me

Because she's 'naturally shy,' you know

(Newser) - If you were hoping to see some skin when Bristol Palin makes her Dancing With the Stars debut , think again. “I think I will be the most dressed” contestant, she tells People , adding that she wants “the most modest outfits for sure because that’s who I am....

DWTS Snags Bristol, Situation
 DWTS Snags Bristol, Situation 
lineup announced

DWTS Snags Bristol, Situation

Not to mention the Hoff, Jennifer Grey ... Michael Bolton?

(Newser) - Dancing With the …Trainwrecks? Yep, Bristol Palin, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and David Hasselhoff are among the more infamous members of the newest Dancing With the Stars lineup. Don’t worry: It does get classier. How can it not, when it includes ‘90s crooner Michael Bolton? And...

Dancing With the Stars Lands Bristol Palin

She's expected to be on the next cast

(Newser) - She won't be tangoing with Levi, but Bristol Palin will be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, reports E! Online . Also reportedly on board are David Hasselhoff, The Situation, Brandy, and Audrina Patridge. The season begins Sept. 20. ABC isn't confirming, but E! notes Bristol already has...

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