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Madge Kid Wants Tour Gig
 Madge Kid
 Wants Tour Gig 

Madge Kid Wants Tour Gig

Lourdes, 11, is rehearsing so she can cut up dance floor with mom

(Newser) - At 11, Madonna's daughter Lourdes is studying to be a chip off the ol’ block. Lourdes—nicknamed Lola—is practicing her moves at a famous London dance studio in the hopes she can join her mom on tour in the fall, the Daily Mirror reports. "Lola is the best...

For Britney, It's a Dance-Dance Revolution

Pop-wreck draws rave reviews from kids in her dance classes

(Newser) - Britney Spears has become a semi-regular children's dance instructor at a North Hollywood studio—and her students love her. "Britney is nice," 5-year-old Elissa Bouganim tells People. "I want to dance with Britney all the time because it's so much fun." Elissa gave the on-the-mend pop...

China Worries About Obesity (and Young Love)

Officials announce new rules for school dance classes

(Newser) - When dance classes are introduced in China's primary and middle schools this fall, the children will be dancing by themselves or in groups, the BBC reports. The new edict addresses concerns from parents who fear that couples dancing could lead to puppy love... or worse. The dance classes were announced...

3 Stories
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