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Freshman 15? It's More Like Freshman 3.5
 Freshman 15? 
 It's More Like 
 Freshman 3.5 
study says

Freshman 15? It's More Like Freshman 3.5

Study finds that college newbies don't pack on so many pounds

(Newser) - Good news for the 18-year-olds of the world: All that pizza and, uhh, those Solo cup-housed beverages you consume this year probably won't actually add the dreaded "Freshman 15" to your frame. A national study has found that the typical female student gains only 2.4 pounds during...

New Lawmakers Battle Freshman 15

Seriously, does this suit make me look fat?

(Newser) - Being a freshman is tough: Making friends, figuring out where the bathroom is, partying without packing on the pounds. Such are the trials and tribulations of the newest crop of lawmakers, who report that weight gain—thanks in part to frequent cocktail parties—is no joke. “At every event,...

2 Stories