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Koch Network Delivers Bad News to Nikki Haley

Will halt spending on her campaign, though it still endorses her

(Newser) - A big Nikki Haley donor is halting spending on her presidential campaign. Americans For Prosperity Action, the political arm of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity that is backed by billionaire Charles Koch, announced the move following Haley's Saturday loss to former President Trump in the South Carolina GOP...

Koch Network to Work Against Trump in 2024

Coalition of political donors to GOP says country needs 'a new chapter'

(Newser) - Charles Koch's network of donors and organizations will use its political and financial might to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidency in 2024. "The best thing for the country would be to have a president in 2025 who represents a new chapter," Emily Seidel, chief executive...

Billionaire David Koch Stepping Down From Political Empire

Charles Koch cites declining health as the reason

(Newser) - Controversial conservative billionaire David Koch is leaving the board of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the political advocacy group he founded with his brother, Charles, which made the brothers "two of the most powerful men in American politics," as USA Today puts it. David Koch, 78, is also...

For Team Koch, Hustle for GOP Is All Down-Ballot
For Team Koch,
It's Trump Who?

For Team Koch, It's Trump Who?

Americans for Prosperity has given up presidential race, focuses on GOP's other battlegrounds

(Newser) - The RNC might be holding emergency conference calls as Donald Trump's campaign flounders, but the presidential race might as well be non-existent for David and Charles Koch, the GOP mega-donors who announced months ago that they were sitting on their wallets as far as Trump is concerned. They've...

Dems Try 'Romney Strategy,' Shower Cash on South

Crossroads, meanwhile, plans $10M blitz of its own

(Newser) - November seems far away, but outside money groups are already making it rain in contested Senate races. The Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic operation run by former Harry Reid staffers, has been "carpet bombing" the South in particular, the Daily Beast reports, attempting what's called the "Romney...

Koch Bros. Group Meddling in Small- Town Politics

Even candidates who agree with Americans for Prosperity want it to go away

(Newser) - It isn't just state races the Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity is now getting involved in—the group is also jumping into local politics. In Coralville, Iowa—a town of 19,000 residents—AFP has been campaigning aggressively to influence upcoming mayoral and City Council elections, the New ...

The ObamaCare Fight's New Front: States

GOP state senators in Virginia say anti-ACA groups are trying to intimidate them

(Newser) - The whole federal government shutdown thing didn't work out so well for anti-ObamaCare activists, so expect the next war to be waged at a state level, predicts the New York Times . In Virginia, the Republican state senator heading a commission to decide whether to expand Medicaid says he's...

Obama Defends Energy Policy in First Campaign Ad
 Obama Airs First Campaign Ad 

Obama Airs First Campaign Ad

New ad targets 'secretive oil billionaires'

(Newser) - President Obama's re-election campaign has unveiled its first ad and there is no mention of hope or change. Instead, the ad attacks "secretive oil billionaires" and defends Obama's record on clean energy and jobs, the Wall Street Journal reports. The ad, titled "Unprecedented," will air...

GOP Battles Itself Over Taxes
 GOP Battles Itself Over Taxes 

GOP Battles Itself Over Taxes

Toomey and Hensarling under fire for tax plan

(Newser) - The proposal that super committee Republicans put forth to raise about $300 billion in new tax revenues may not have been enough to win over Democrats , but it’s been more than enough to stir up dissension in the GOP ranks, with anti-tax hardliners suddenly at odds with long-time compatriots...

Cain: I'm 'Very Proud' of Koch Ties

Says relationship isn't 'close'

(Newser) - Following an AP story revealing his ‘long’ ties to the billionaire Koch brothers , Herman Cain has acknowledged the relationship—and says he’s “very proud” of it,” notes ThinkProgress . “I know the Koch brothers,” he told CNN. “I’m very proud of the relationship...

Herman Cain Has Long Ties to Koch Brothers

Far from outsider, Cain's campaign full of Koch associates

(Newser) - Herman Cain is the plain-talking and surging Republican presidential candidate everyone knows for his 9-9-9 plan and his days at the helm of Godfather's Pizza. But the AP takes a closer look at his resume, and finds close and longstanding ties to Americans for Prosperity, the right-leaning advocacy group...

Rove, Kochs Square Off for Heart of GOP in 2012

Two big groups may be working at cross purposes

(Newser) - Two of the most powerful and moneyed groups in conservative politics could be working at odds with each other during the 2012 election, leading some Republicans to worry about the GOP’s chances to take both the Senate and the White House. On one side is Karl Rove’s network,...

Conservatives Put Up Fake Eviction Notices in Detroit

'It was meant to startle people,' Americans for Prosperity says

(Newser) - Americans for Prosperity hit a real sore spot with its latest flier—which was designed to look like an eviction notice and plastered to doors in the Delray neighborhood of Detroit—but the conservative group isn’t apologizing. “It was meant to startle people,” the group’s Michigan...

Koch Brothers Have a Hand in Wisconsin Fight

Their activist group is on Gov. Scott Walker's side

(Newser) - The billionaire Koch brothers are said to have a hand in the Tea Party , the new Congress … why not the Wisconsin protests, too? Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-created and Koch-financed nonprofit, has a definite presence at the demonstrations, with the group’s president recently telling anti-union counterprotesters that the...

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