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Congress Has a Bill to Fund Government but Not Much Time

Partial shutdown over the weekend is possible, even if the usual rules are ignored

(Newser) - Time is almost up—again—for Congress to provide the funding to keep government operating. Negotiators agreed Thursday on a $1.2 trillion spending bill but might not be able to get it through both houses by the Friday midnight deadline, the New York Times reports. The obstacles include burdensome...

One Shutdown Averted, but Another Looms

Senate OKs $460B spending package to fund federal agencies right before deadline

(Newser) - The US Senate was able to fend off a partial government shutdown in the 11th hour on Friday, voting 75-22 to approve a six-bill, $460 billion spending package that will take care of budgets for various federal departments and independent agencies, reports Politico . Per that outlet and the Washington Post...

Another Last-Minute Deal Averts Shutdown (This Week)

Senate clears measure Thursday evening, with more spending talks next week

(Newser) - The House passed another short-term spending measure Thursday that would keep one set of federal agencies operating through March 8 and another set through March 22, per the AP . The Senate then took up the bill and easily approved it during an evening vote. It now goes to President Biden...

Congressional Leaders Agree on Short-Term Funding Deal

Aid to Ukraine, Israel isn't included in tentative proposal

(Newser) - Congressional leaders announced Wednesday that they have reached a tentative agreement to prevent a government shutdown for now, days before an end-of-the-week deadline that risked shuttering some federal operations. Under the plan, Congress would temporarily fund one set of federal agencies through March 8 and another set through March 22....

After 'Intense' Meeting, Speaker Doesn't Budge on Ukraine Aid

But Johnson says he believes a government shutdown can be avoided

(Newser) - Congressional leaders emerged from an "intense" Oval Office meeting with President Biden on Tuesday speaking optimistically about the prospects for avoiding a partial government shutdown , but with new uncertainty about aid for Ukraine and Israel as the president and others urgently warned Speaker Mike Johnson of the grave consequences...

Government May Partially Shut Down in Days

And an ever bigger shutdown looms next week

(Newser) - Prepare to hear three words a lot this week in regard to DC news: "looming government shutdown."
  • Two deadlines: Around 20% of government funding expires at midnight Friday unless the two sides strike a deal, with services including food stamps and housing assistance at risk, reports the Washington

Johnson In the Same Pickle as Kevin McCarthy

Right flank wants him to renege on bipartisan spending deal

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson insisted Friday he's sticking with the bipartisan spending deal he struck with other congressional leaders, but he offered no clear path for overcoming hard-right opposition within his own party to prevent a partial government shutdown next week. Johnson emerged from days of testy meetings behind...

House, Senate Leaders Agree to $1.66T Budget

Package will have to clear both houses to avert shutdown, possibly over GOP opposition

(Newser) - Congressional leaders announced Sunday they've reached a deal to finance the federal government for the year, avoiding a shutdown, that totals $1.66 trillion. Despite a Republican push to shrink the budget, the agreement has money for domestic and social safety net programs, the Washington Post reports. The next...

Congress Successfully Averts Government Shutdown, for Now
Biden Signs Bill
to Avoid Shutdown

Biden Signs Bill to Avoid Shutdown

Temporary funding package passed House, Senate this week

(Newser) - President Biden on Thursday signed a temporary spending bill a day before a potential government shutdown, pushing a fight with congressional Republicans over the federal budget into the new year, as wartime aid for Ukraine and Israel remains stalled. The measure passed the House and Senate by wide bipartisan margins...

In New Speaker's First Test, Unusual Plan May Save Him
Johnson's Plan to
Avoid Shutdown Pays Off

Johnson's Plan to Avoid Shutdown Pays Off

2-tier stopgap spending bill passes in 336-95 vote

(Newser) - A big win for new House Speaker Mike Johnson: A stopgap funding bill to prevent a government shutdown passed easily on Tuesday. The House voted 336-95 vote to approve the two-tier bill, which funds some government agencies until January and others until February, the Washington Post reports. Johnson needed Democratic...

Johnson Announces Funding Plan to GOP

New speaker tells members this isn't his mess

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson told his GOP conference on Saturday, with just five workdays left before the deadline, that he's decided on a plan to avoid a government shutdown. As crunch time approaches, the new speaker said, "I wasn't the architect of the mess we are in"...

In Fight for His Job, McCarthy Has Key 'Card to Play'

With Democrats' help, he could raise the threshold for a motion to vacate

(Newser) - Those who tuned out news over the weekend and will wake up Monday surprised to find the government still running missed quite the weekend out of DC. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy bucked his party's hard-liners and got a spending deal passed with the help of Democrats. As a result,...

Congressman Pulled Fire Alarm Amid Capitol Hill Scramble

Democrat Jamaal Bowman says it was an accident, but he may be in hot water

(Newser) - Among the many surprising things that happened Saturday in Washington in the scramble to avert a government shutdown , this may be the strangest: A Democratic congressman pulled a fire alarm in the Capitol office building. Jamaal Bowman of New York swears it was an accident, but he faces an ethics...

No Shutdown: Congress' Surprise Deal Is Approved

Senate gives final approval only hours before the midnight deadline

(Newser) - There will be no government shutdown. The Senate late Saturday passed a 45-day continuing resolution that averts a shutdown which seemed all but certain as the weekend began, reports the Washington Post . Senators voted hours after the House approved the stopgap measure in a stunning political surprise. Final Senate approval...

As Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown, Gaetz 'Wants Kevin'
As Clock
Ticks Toward
Shutdown, Gaetz
'Wants Kevin'

As Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown, Gaetz 'Wants Kevin'

Facing midnight deadline, GOP House Speaker McCarthy contends with hard-liners from own party

(Newser) - It seemed pretty clear all week that avoiding a federal government shutdown might be tough, and rolling into Saturday, all signs continue to point in that direction. The AP reports we're now "on the brink" of it, with furloughs and other disruptions looming if a deal isn't...

Shutdown Could Hit Fat Bear Week
Shutdown Could Hit
Fat Bear Week

Shutdown Could Hit Fat Bear Week

Voting will continue, but National Park Service won't be able to provide updates

(Newser) - If a government shutdown happens, it could lead to not only furloughed workers and shuttered national parks, but it might mess up a popular contest for wildlife lovers, reports ABC News . If continued funding for the government isn't approved by midnight on Saturday, the National Park Service won't...

McCarthy Dares His Critics to Reject Plan, and They Do

Government shutdown 'all but certain' now after latest failed vote

(Newser) - House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's last-ditch plan to keep the federal government temporarily open collapsed on Friday as hard-right holdouts rejected the package, per the AP . McCarthy's right-flank Republicans refused to support the bill despite its steep spending cuts of nearly 30% to many agencies and severe border security...

Lawmakers Say Shutdown Now Seems Inevitable

Insiders say House hardliners are plotting to replace McCarthy

(Newser) - Congress has until the clock strikes midnight on Saturday to pass a resolution to continue funding the government, but many lawmakers say a shutdown appears inevitable and it's no longer a question of if, but of how long. Senators say they have been told to expect votes through Sunday...

Things Are Looking Somewhat Dismal on the Shutdown Front

Here's the latest

(Newser) - The magic—or dreaded—number is four. As Reuters reports, the US is four days away from what would be the fourth government shutdown in a decade, and things aren't looking very promising. The Senate is barreling forward with bipartisan temporary funding that House Republicans have already said they...

Federal Agencies Start Preparing for Shutdown

House Speaker McCarthy remains at odds with conservative hardliners

(Newser) - The White House is preparing Friday to direct federal agencies to get ready for a shutdown after House Republicans left town for the weekend with no viable plan to keep the government funded beyond the end of the month. A federal shutdown after Sept. 30 seems all but certain unless...

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