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Few in GOP Differ With Trump on Constitution

McCarthy and McConnell say nothing publicly

(Newser) - A few Republicans joined Democrats in denouncing former President Donald Trump's call for the "termination" of the Constitution , but none of them run the party's congressional delegations. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had not said anything publicly about the scheme to...

In Battle for House, Democrats Keep Chipping Away
In Battle for House, Democrats
Keep Chipping Away
election 2022

In Battle for House, Democrats Keep Chipping Away

More seats in the West slip away from Republicans, though GOP is still favored

(Newser) - Republicans were in good shape Friday afternoon in their attempt to take control of the House once all votes are counted, but it's not a lock. Democrats are winning more races and gaining ground in others, a couple of analyses of the election show. Politico and the Washington Post...

Demonization of Nancy Pelosi Has Been Years in the Making

House speaker is a regular recipient of Republican rage in ads and on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - Before the 2010 election marked by the tea party's ascent, the Republican National Committee reworked its website, changing the display to a "Fire Pelosi" theme that depicted the speaker of the House engulfed in flames. Such attacks have been regular parts of GOP campaigns ever since, before the...

Democrats Fear Long-Term Effects of Kari Lake Winning
Kari Lake Has
Democrats Worried

Kari Lake Has Democrats Worried

If former TV anchor becomes Arizona's governor, her star power in the GOP could grow

(Newser) - Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor in Arizona, concerns Democrats for several reasons. One is that the 2020 election denier might very well win; polls show a close race now. Once in office, Lake could be a danger to the state's 2024 election process, Axios reports. And she'...

McCarthy Intros GOP&#39;s &#39;Commitment to America&#39;
GOP Unveils
Its Midterm

GOP Unveils Its Midterm Agenda

McCarthy rolls out Republicans' 'Commitment to America,' focusing on economy, border security

(Newser) - House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Friday directly confronted President Biden and the party in power, choosing battleground Pennsylvania to unveil a midterm election agenda with sweeping Trump-like promises, despite the House GOP's sometimes spotty record of delivering and governing in Congress. McCarthy, who's poised to seize the...

State Lawmaker Jumps Ship, Joins Democrats
A State Lawmaker
Defects From GOP

A State Lawmaker Defects From GOP

Colorado's Kevin Priola cites GOP positions on climate change, claims of a stolen election

(Newser) - On Sunday, Democrats held a 20-15 edge in the Colorado state Senate. On Monday, their advantage rose to 21-14, but not because of a special election. Instead, longtime Republican Kevin Priola switched parties to become a Democrat, reports the Denver Post . In a public letter , he cited two main reasons:...

McConnell Worried About 'Candidate Quality' in Senate Races

Minority leader thinks the race for control of the chamber is too close to call

(Newser) - Historically speaking, the party of the sitting US president loses ground in the midterms , ceding seats in the House or Senate, or both if it's a particularly brutal bloodbath. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is holding off on proclaiming any kind of premature victory in his own chamber...

Michigan GOP Calls Off Primary Watch Party

Man threatened to shoot, burn party's Lansing headquarters

(Newser) - The Michigan Republican Party said it canceled a Tuesday evening primary watch party in Lansing after a man came to the party's headquarters and threatened to shoot up the building and burn it down. Lansing police said officers went to the building Tuesday morning in response to a complaint...

State Party Split Over Trump Ousts Leader

Chairman is voted out over complaints state party favored primary candidate

(Newser) - A divided Republican Party in Nebraska, unable to agree on the party's direction or former President Trump, will try to mend with new leadership. Delegates to the state convention voted to remove Chairman Dan Welch on Saturday, the Omaha World-Herald reports, and most of the party's other leaders,...

Cheney Calls Trump 'Domestic Threat' We've Never Dealt With

Former president's actions were 'more threatening than we could have imagined'

(Newser) - Donald Trump is "a domestic threat that we have never faced before," Rep. Liz Cheney, vice chair of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, said Wednesday, following damning testimony against the former president, who's reportedly eying a return to power. He's "gone...

Gun Group Demands Apology From Cornyn

Organization says it's not a mob, despite senator's post-speech comment

(Newser) - The boos at the Texas Republican convention weren't the end of it for Sen. John Cornyn. After jeering him as he defended his role in gun control negotiations in Washington in a speech Friday, a pro-gun access group said it felt disrespected, the Dallas Morning News reports. The senator...

Kinzinger Warns: 'There Is Violence in the Future'

GOP congressman on Jan. 6 select House panel speaks on political lies, says he got death threat

(Newser) - Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of two Republicans on the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, fears that violence instigated by his own party is on the horizon, and he says he's already been threatened himself. The Illinois congressman sat down Sunday with George...

Wisconsin GOP Decides on 'No Endorsement' Option

Wisconsin candidates for governor will need 60% of delegates' votes

(Newser) - Wisconsin Republicans agreed Saturday to have a "no endorsement" option when voting on whether to throw the party's official backing behind a candidate in the hotly contested governor's race. The top candidates in the governor's race were slated to make their pitch later Saturday for an...

Population Influx Shifts Florida Toward GOP

Its days as a swing state could be numbered

(Newser) - In 2018, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republican US Sen. Rick Scott were elected in Florida with margins so narrow that both races went to recounts. But Florida's days as a battleground state could be numbered, the Hill reports. The state's population is growing rapidly, and many of...

Poll Shows Republicans With an Edge Before Midterms

Respondents trust GOP to handle inflation over Democrats by 21 points

(Newser) - For the first time since 2014, voters say they're more likely to vote Republican in the congressional midterm elections, a new poll shows. That snapshot has been meaningful in the past: GOP candidates led by 5 percentage points before the vote eight years ago and went on to win...

Trump-Backed 'Carpetbagger' Kicked Off Tennessee Ballot

Party says Morgan Ortagus didn't meet residency requirement

(Newser) - The Tennessee Republican Party has voted to kick three candidates off the GOP primary ballot in the state's reconfigured 5th Congressional District—including one supported by Donald Trump. Party officials said the executive committee voted to remove Morgan Ortagus, Baxter Lee, and Robby Starbuck from the August primary ballot...

GOP Quits Debates, Calls Commission Biased
GOP Pulls Out of Future Debates

GOP Pulls Out of Future Debates

Party wants changes in presidential campaign events after Trump complained

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee had been warning for months about no longer participating in the presidential debates organized by the commission that's held them since 1988. Spurred on by former President Donald Trump, Republicans have picked up their criticism of the Commission on Presidential Debates as biased toward Democrats,...

Trump Praises Kim, Suggests Prompting a China-Russia Fight

Former president addresses a series of issues to GOP donors

(Newser) - Former President Donald Trump focused on foreign policy in a speech to major Republican donors Saturday night, drawing laughs with a suggestion for getting Russia and China to fight each other. But he took time to praise North Korea's dictator for his "total control" of the country and...

RNC's Selection of 'Great Presidents' Includes Nixon

Party wished a 'Happy Presidents Day' to presidents who aren't Biden

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee sent a Presidents Day message with praise for presidents past—but definitely not present. A tweet from the RNC featured a selection of Republican presidents—including Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, both George Bushes, and Donald Trump—with the message "Happy Presidents Day to...

Senator Says He Invited Manchin to Join GOP

Biden still hopes to get Build Back Better done

(Newser) - After delivering a potentially fatal blow to President Biden's Build Back Better plan, Sen. Joe Manchin is not a popular man with his fellow Democrats—but he's gained some Republican fans. Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn told KXAN Tuesday that he had sent the West Virginia a text...

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