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This Year's Harvest Moon Will Be Spectacular

It's the last supermoon of the year

(Newser) - This has been a banner year for moon-watchers, and there are four full moons still to go, including the last supermoon of the year. The harvest moon, the last of four supermoons in a row, will appear full Thursday evening and reach its peak around 6am ET on Friday, NPR...

There's a Celestial Event Tonight You Won't See Again Till 2037

August gets itself a super blue moon, which doesn't come around all the time

(Newser) - If you're midway through another boring Wednesday, here's how to jazz things up: Go outside tonight and gawk at a celestial sight that won't be seen again for another 14 years. As reports, a pretty rare super blue moon will be dangling in the skies...

This Is a Pretty Rare Month for Moon Watchers

We'll get 2 full moons, and both are 'supermoons,' with the first on Tuesday evening

(Newser) - August will be a marvelous month for a moon watch, two times over. As NPR explains, August not only has two full moons, it has two supermoons—full moons that appear bigger than usual because they occur when the moon is closest to Earth during its orbit around us. August...

Supermoon Puts on a Show Around the Globe

Missed the show? Don't worry, we've got pics

(Newser) - Did you catch the supermoon? There was a full moon Wednesday night, and at the same time, the moon was closer to Earth than usual. That combo is called a supermoon. The closer proximity to Earth can make the moon appear slightly bigger and brighter, weather permitting, per the AP...

Supermoon Is Upon Us This Week
New Supermoon
Appears This Week

New Supermoon Appears This Week

This month's full moon, on Wednesday, should appear bigger and brighter than usual

(Newser) - If you missed last month's supermoon, you have another chance. This month's full moon is Wednesday. At the same time, the moon's orbit will bring it closer to Earth than usual. This cosmic combo is called a supermoon, per the AP . That can make the moon appear...

Tonight's Full Moon Has a Colorful Name

Strawberry Supermoon arrives Tuesday

(Newser) - Tuesday night will be a fine night for moongazing, with the Full Strawberry Supermoon at its brightest, astronomers say. The June full moon gets its name from the strawberry harvesting season it coincides with, not its actual hue, though it will be unusually bright, NPR reports. It will also appear...

Full Moon Will Be Putting On a Show
Full Moon Will Be
Putting On a Show

Full Moon Will Be Putting On a Show

People on the West Coast can watch a lunar eclipse early Wednesday

(Newser) - The first total lunar eclipse in more than two years coincides with a supermoon early Wednesday for quite a cosmic show, per the AP . East Coasters are out of luck when it comes to the eclipse part, though West Coasters will get to see it. This super “blood” moon...

Behold, the Final Supermoon of This Not-Super Year

Early risers should get the best view on Thursday

(Newser) - If you missed the Eta Aquarids meteor shower , which peaked early Tuesday, the sky has another show in store this week. The last supermoon of 2020, dubbed the "flower moon," will be visible from Tuesday evening into Friday morning but will appear largest (reaching the closest point to...

Here Comes the 'Pink' Moon
Here Comes the 'Pink' Moon

Here Comes the 'Pink' Moon

Tuesday's full moon will be brightest of the year

(Newser) - Everyone stuck at home Tuesday night will at least have something to look at in the sky: a "pink" supermoon will be on the rise, reports Smithsonian . The bad news is that the full moon won't actually be pink, though it will have a golden hue when it'...

We're About to Be Spoiled With Supermoons
The Worm Moon Is Coming

The Worm Moon Is Coming

March's supermoon to be followed by two more in April and May

(Newser) - The first of a consecutive trio of supermoons arrives Monday. The March supermoon—a full moon that nears the closest point to Earth in its oval-shaped orbit, appearing up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when at its farthest point—is dubbed the worm or sap moon. That's...

Here Comes the Last Supermoon of the Year

It arrives on Wednesday

(Newser) - It'll be the first reunion of its kind in 38 years. March's full moon arrives Wednesday, the same day as the spring equinox, reports CNN . The last time that happened was in 1981. Called a supermoon because it will be at its closest approach to Earth on its...

Tuesday Brings Biggest, Brightest Moon of 2019
Get Ready for
Super Snow Moon

Get Ready for Super Snow Moon

Tuesday's super moon will be the biggest, brightest of 2019

(Newser) - If you failed to notice the large orb in Monday’s sky, there's still time to catch what's touted as the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. The Super Snow Moon—the name given to the full moon closest to Earth in its orbit in the...

Total Lunar Eclipse Came With Supermoon Bonus

'Blood moon' totality lasted an hour

(Newser) - The only total lunar eclipse this year and next came with a supermoon bonus. On Sunday night, the moon, Earth, and sun lined up to create the eclipse, which was visible throughout North and South America where skies were clear. There won't be another until the year 2021. It...

Blue, Super, Eclipse: The Moon Hits the Trifecta

Triple lineup on Wednesday hasn't happened since 1982

(Newser) - The moon is providing a rare triple treat this week. On Wednesday, much of the world will get to see not only a blue moon and a supermoon, but also a total lunar eclipse, all rolled into one. There hasn't been a triple lineup like this since 1982, and...

No One Has Set Eyes on This in 150 Years. You Can

'Super blue blood moon' eclipse coming Jan. 31

(Newser) - Look up at the sky on Jan. 31 and you may witness a sight unseen for 150 years. For the first time since 1866, a total lunar eclipse will occur with the blue moon, or second full moon of the month, which—like the one visible on New Year's...

Supermoon on View Tonight
Check Out the
Supermoon Tonight

Check Out the Supermoon Tonight

It's the only supermoon of the year

(Newser) - Look up into the sky tonight and you'll witness the first, and last, supermoon of 2017. Supermoons occur when the moon is full at the same time it reaches its perigee, the point in its orbit when it's closest to Earth, reports. At about 3:45am...

Meteor Shower to Battle Supermoon Tuesday Night

But the show from the annual Geminid meteor shower will go on

(Newser) - Get ready for Supermoon vs. Geminids, the altercation near the space station (we're still working on this). Space reports the annual Geminid meteor shower will hit its peak Tuesday night, giving the world a chance to witness "one of the most impressive annual night-sky events." Unfortunately, that...

The Moon Hasn't Been This Close Since 1948

Supermoon will be at its brightest early Monday

(Newser) - The brightest moon in almost 69 years is lighting up the sky this week in a treat for star watchers around the globe. The phenomenon known as the supermoon will reach its most luminescent in North America before dawn on Monday. It will reach its zenith in Asia and the...

There Hasn't Been a Supermoon Like This in 70 Years
There Hasn't Been
a Supermoon
Like This in
70 Years
in case you missed it

There Hasn't Been a Supermoon Like This in 70 Years

Don't forget to look up Sunday night

(Newser) - Not since 1948—and not again till Nov. 25, 2034—has there been such a celestial happening, and it's one that ScienceAlert says is the "one astronomical event" you have to see this year. It's kind of a super supermoon, and many can first catch it Sunday...

Here's How the World Saw the Supermoon Eclipse

Apocalypse fails to arrive during celestial event

(Newser) - Stargazers were treated to a rare astronomical phenomenon when a total lunar eclipse combined with a so-called supermoon Sunday night. It was the first time the events have made a twin appearance since 1982, and they won't again until 2033. When a full moon makes its closest approach to...

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