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If You See This Sign in NYC, Ignore It

Cold War relics are starting to be removed from city's schools, but thousands remain

(Newser) - If you're a New Yorker who is soothed by the sight of fallout shelter signs on the city's buildings in the face of an increasingly bombastic North Korea, bad news. The Cold War relics—at one time denoting the city's 18,000 fallout shelters, which were intended...

Odd, but True: Skip Hair Conditioner After Nuke Strike

It will only make things worse

(Newser) - It might be the strangest advice imaginable for survivors of a nuclear attack: Don't use hair conditioner. But it turns out to be sound advice as well, reports Live Science . The matter came up when Guam, under threat of an attack by North Korea, recently issued safety guidelines to...

Scientist Calculates Where to Go If a Nuclear Bomb Hits
Scientist Calculates Where
to Go If a Nuclear Bomb Hits
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Scientist Calculates Where to Go If a Nuclear Bomb Hits

Do you head to inadequate shelter or better shelter? Michael Dillon has the answer

(Newser) - Good news: A mathematical model has been created that could help save your life in the event that your city is hit by a nuclear bomb. Scientist Michael Dillon's model, published Tuesday, is about reducing radiation risk from the bomb's fallout, and calculates "optimal shelter exit time....

Inside Congress' Secret Nuke Bunker

For 30 years, this shelter in W. Virginia was ready to keep gov't running

(Newser) - For more than three decades, one of America's most famous luxury resorts was also home to a secret nuclear bunker for Congress, and now NPR takes a look at the secrets of the Walmart-sized shelter surreptitiously tucked into the hills of West Virginia. It's hidden in plain sight in the...

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