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Irish Government Intervenes to Get Woman Out of Dubai

Flight attendant was allegedly assaulted, then detained and charged herself

(Newser) - The Irish government is on the brink of getting one of its citizens out of the United Arab Emirates after a murky set of disturbing circumstances. The Guardian reports that 28-year-old flight attendant Tori Towey was charged with attempted suicide and alcohol consumption, then prevented from leaving the country where...

Fire at Dublin Church 'Disastrous for History'

Remains of a 'Crusader' mummy have been destroyed, as have other centuries-old remains

(Newser) - Centuries-old mummified remains, including those of a Crusader , are thought to have been destroyed in a fire deliberately set Tuesday at a historic Dublin church. A man was arrested and charged with an offense under the Criminal Damage Act, per the BBC . He allegedly broke into the the crypt beneath...

Firemen Evacuated a Dublin Hotel. The Fonz Was There

Henry Winkler offers praise to Irish fire brigade after blaze broke out where he was staying

(Newser) - Henry Winkler is typically known on social media for posting feel-good content and pictures of himself holding his catch of the day . This week, however, one featured image on X showed the Barry and Happy Days actor smiling next to a group of firemen in Dublin, along with a message...

IKEA Will Pay People to Work in Its Roblox Store

For 10 people, heading to work will mean logging into a virtual world

(Newser) - If you'd rather hide behind a computer than interact with real people, IKEA might have just the customer service job for you. The furniture chain is looking to hire workers for a virtual store on the popular gaming platform Roblox. The "Co-Worker Game" launching June 24 allows players...

'David' Says It Beat 'Goliath' in 'Big Mac' Trademark Fight

Irish rival Supermac's contested McDonald's use of the label for certain items

(Newser) - The decision is about more than burger names, but when it comes to burger names, it's a big one. McDonald's on Wednesday lost a European Union trademark dispute over the Big Mac name after a top EU court sided with Irish fast-food rival Supermac's in a long-running...

Nations Supporting Palestinian State Grow by 3

Israel recalls ambassadors after announcement from Ireland, Spain, and Norway

(Newser) - Another three countries say they will officially recognize a Palestinian state amid outrage over Israel's war in Gaza. Ireland, Norway, and Spain announced Wednesday that they would formally recognize the Palestinian state on May 28. Israel immediately recalled its ambassadors to Oslo and Dublin in response to what it...

That Naughty NYC-Dublin Portal Is Back Up

We'll see if we can have well-intentioned nice things again

(Newser) - A video link between New York City and Dublin that was shut down due to inappropriate behavior on both sides of the Atlantic has reopened with new security measures, reports the AP . The open-air video link between the two cities, which opened May 8 and was taken offline last week,...

Dublin-NY Portal Antics Show Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Livestream connecting the 2 cities temporarily halted after 'inappropriate behavior'

(Newser) - An art installation that claims it's trying to create a "bridge to a united planet" via livestreams connecting cities on Earth has had to temporarily shutter one of them after the AP says it became "a magnet for boorish behavior." "The Portal" in New York...

Irish University Meets Demands, Praises Protesters

Protesters agree to take down encampment after Trinity College Dublin agrees to meet key demands

(Newser) - In contrast to events at many campuses on the other side of the Atlantic, students at Ireland's oldest university agreed to take down an anti-Gaza war encampment after negotiations that Trinity College Dublin officials described as "very productive and very fruitful." After five days of peaceful protest,...

Ireland Elects Youngest PM Ever
Ireland Elects Youngest PM Ever

Ireland Elects Youngest PM Ever

Simon Harris is just a wee lad of 37

(Newser) - Lawmaker Simon Harris was elected Ireland's prime minister by a vote in parliament Tuesday, becoming at 37 the country's youngest-ever leader. As the AP reports, Harris takes over as head of Ireland's three-party coalition government from Leo Varadkar, who announced his surprise resignation last month. Harris, who...

37-Year-Old on Track to Be Ireland's PM
Ireland Nears Youngest PM

Ireland Nears Youngest PM

Simon Harris affirms support for Ukraine, ceasefire in Gaza

(Newser) - Simon Harris has always been in a hurry politically. He organized his first political meeting when he was 16, then quit college before receiving a degree so he start his career, the BBC reports. He was a member of the Irish parliament at 24 and the nation's health minister...

Groundbreaking Irish PM Abruptly Quits

Leo Varadkar was country's first openly gay and biracial taoiseach, as well as the youngest

(Newser) - Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who made history as his country's first gay and first biracial leader, announced Wednesday that he'll step down within weeks once a successor is chosen. Varadkar said he's quitting immediately as head of the center-right Fine Gael party, part of Ireland's...

Ireland Rejects Changing Constitution on Women's Role

'We got it wrong,' prime minister says of proposals on family makeup and mothers' 'duties in the home'

(Newser) - Voters in Ireland have rejected two referendums to change their constitution's wording on the makeup of families and a mother's "duties in the home." The votes were still being counted Saturday, but the results were lopsided enough that the government, which had proposed the measures, conceded...

Christmas Tree-Tossing Hobby Costs Woman Big

Kamila Grabska's $825K suit for 2017 car crash injuries nixed after she won unusual competition

(Newser) - If you're going to claim serious injuries from a car crash have left you unable to work or play with your kids, entering a Christmas tree-throwing contest probably shouldn't be on your to-do list as your case winds its way through the courts. Kamila Grabska found that out...

Fatal Storm Damages Game of Thrones Backdrop

Two people are killed, thousands lose power in Britain and Ireland

(Newser) - Two motorists were killed and tens of thousands of people were left without electricity Monday after a winter storm lashed Britain and Ireland with heavy rain and wind gusts that topped 100mph. In County Antrim in Northern Ireland, three trees were blown down at Dark Hedges, a roadway lined with...

Her D-Day Forecast 'Saved God Knows How Many Lives'

Ireland's Maureen Sweeney warned of impending storm, so 1944 Normandy invasion was postponed

(Newser) - We're used to commemorating June 6, 1944, as D-Day, the day when Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy in France, helping to shift the path of World War II and defeat the Nazis. That fateful day actually came close to happening on June 5, but thanks to Maureen...

Delivery Driver Took Off Helmet, Hit Dublin Attacker With It

Caio Benicio hailed as a hero after knife attack that injured 4

(Newser) - Caio Benicio, a Brazilian immigrant, was on his motorbike working for a delivery service in Dublin last Thursday when he saw what he thought was a fight and slowed down. As he got closer, however, he saw it was a man stabbing a young girl as a woman tried to...

Dystopian Novel Called 'Soul-Shattering' Wins Booker Prize

Paul Lynch wins for 'Prophet Song'

(Newser) - Irish writer Paul Lynch won the Booker Prize for fiction on Sunday with what judges called a "soul-shattering" novel about a woman's struggle to protect her family as Ireland collapses into totalitarianism and war, the AP reports. Prophet Song, set in a dystopian fictional version of Dublin, was...

Israel Summons Irish Envoy Over 'Lost Child' Tweet

Emily Hand, 9, was kidnapped by Hamas and released Saturday

(Newser) - Israel's Foreign Ministry said Sunday that it would summon the Irish ambassador over a tweet celebrating the release of a 9-year-old girl from Hamas captivity, alleging the post didn't adequately condemn the militant group. Earlier in the day, the Irish prime minister lauded the release of Emily Hand,...

Riots Erupt After Children Stabbed in Dublin

Police blame 'complete lunatic hooligan faction'

(Newser) - Violent clashes broke out in central Dublin on Thursday evening, with vehicles torched and riot police attacked, after a 5-year-old girl was seriously injured in a knife attack earlier in the day that also saw a woman and two other young children hospitalized. Irish police said the girl was receiving...

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