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New iPad's 'Dictation' Sends Memos, Email Direct to Apple

ZDNet: 'Slick style, verbiage' cover Apple's bases

(Newser) - Better watch what you say when you announce memos or emails using a feature of the new iPad—Dictation—because your info goes directly to Apple for processing, warns MSNBC and ZDNet . Though most users may be stunned that's how Dictation works, Apple is upfront about it. "The...

'Words With Friends' Saves Man's Life

Smartphone game prompts medical discussion

(Newser) - A man in Australia is thanking his lucky stars his wife has a penchant for word games. A few years back, Georgie Fletcher began battling an international opponent she'd never met: Missouri resident Beth Legler. Chatting as they played, the two happened to discuss Fletcher's husband, who wasn'...

Apple Stole My Idea: Student
 Apple Stole My Idea: Student

Apple Stole My Idea: Student

Apple rep told me engineers were 'impressed' with idea: Greg Hughes

(Newser) - A British university student is accusing Apple of stealing a syncing app that he presented to the official Apple app store more than a year ago. Earlier this week, Apple unveiled new features for its upcoming iOS 5, including a function to wirelessly sync iPhones and iTunes that has the...

Google App Would ID Faces, Dish Out Personal Info

Search giant being 'extra careful' amid privacy concerns

(Newser) - Imagine this: You're sitting in a cafe. Someone snaps a photo of you on their cell. An app matches your face with your name. Said photographer suddenly knows who you are ... and maybe even your phone number and email. Google is reportedly developing just such a a facial-recognition mobile app,...

Apple App Seeks to 'Cure' Gays

Christian group spreads the word as online petition starts

(Newser) - Apple has approved an iPhone app specially designed to make gays straight. The app, created by and named after a Christian ministry group called "Exodus International," has received a 4 rating from Apple, indicating that the mega-retailer does not find the new addition objectionable, the Huffington Post reports....

Free Condom App Debuts in NYC
 NYC Gets Free Condom App 

NYC Gets Free Condom App

City aims to serve and protect

(Newser) - Got a sudden, burning-hot date? No problemo. Just check out the New York City "Condom App" to locate the nearest place to get free condoms. "We want New York City to be the safest city in the world to have sex," said the assistant commissioner of New...

The Facebook 'Dislike' App Is Bogus
The Facebook 'Dislike' App
Is Bogus

The Facebook 'Dislike' App Is Bogus

Spam malware preys on your desire to insult your friends

(Newser) - A Facebook scam is taking advantage of users who want to hate on posts, links, and pictures. The purported "dislike" app, ostensibly from a Facebook friend, forwards would-be curmudgeons to a page that promises "shocking video"—but instead prompts them to complete surveys, which the BBC notes...

Thumbs Up for Swype Keyboard
 Thumbs Up for 
 Swype Keyboard 
Tech Review

Thumbs Up for Swype Keyboard

Or should that be index fingers up?

(Newser) - Do you hate your phone’s virtual keyboard? Then you might want to try Swype, a new virtual keyboard that’s rapidly gaining buzz. Swype allows you to type by drawing lines from letter to letter, never lifting your finger from the screen. Skeptical? Don’t be, writes Katherine Boehret...

Web Puts 2nd Language at Your Fingertips

Online options, from free to pricey, abound

(Newser) - The days of chanting vocabulary words in a classroom and dozing off in the language lab are fading from memory as language instruction becomes increasingly available on the Internet. Freestanding smartphone apps are one option, and more structured instruction comes at a price—and sometimes no price at all. The...

iPhone Hacker Gets Job Writing Apps

21-year-old is hired by an Australian tech company

(Newser) - The 21-year-old who created the first-ever iPhone worm has landed a job developing apps for the phone. Ashley Towns revealed via his Twitter account that he's been hired by Australia's monogeneration. Towns has said he created the "ikee" worm—it changed users' wallpaper into a photo of Rick Astley—...

New Facebook App Finds Your Long-Lost Twin

Coke is to Coke Zero as you are to this friend, app promises

(Newser) - A Facebook app that promises to match you with the person in its network who looks most like you "is fun enough that it just might work," Christina Warren writes for Mashable. The app scans photos of you and photos of others who’ve signed up, and…voila!...

Google, Verizon Team Up on Smartphones

Move to Android seen as real challenge to iPhone, BlackBerry

(Newser) - Google and Verizon will partner on a line of smartphones and software running the search giant’s Android OS and served by the carrier. Verizon is the largest-yet wireless network to back Google, and the announcement could complicate what was once a simple smartphone rivalry between Apple and BlackBerry, BusinessWeek...

Critics Say Insurers Cutting Sick People Loose

(Newser) - Insurance companies are being hit from all sides on at least one issue—in industry jargon, it's called rescission. In the real world, it's when insurers cancel coverage because they say a customer has lied to them about a preexisting condition or some other issue. It's not clear how many...

White House Pushes to Clear Up Clunkers Backlog

(Newser) - The White House has asked Citigroup, which is administering the Cash for Clunkers program, to double or even triple the number of workers processing paperwork, Bloomberg reports. That move could clear up a backlog of dealer applications that grew with the surprise success of the program. The administration also says...

New iPhone App Locates Pot Spots
New iPhone App
Locates Pot Spots

New iPhone App Locates Pot Spots

(Newser) - Instead of hotspots, IPhone users can now find pot spots, thanks to a new app that locates legal medical marijuana outlets, reports Mashable. Apple has approved the $2.99 iPhone app, Canabis, which seeks out legal pot clinics, collectives, advocacy organizations, and prescribing docs throughout the US. The smokin' application...

App to Push Gmail to iPhone Awaits Apple's OK

(Newser) - For all the iPhone’s bells and whistles, it doesn’t mesh well with Gmail. While users of Palm Pre and Android smartphones get instant “push” notification of new email, iPhone users have to manually “pull” messages off Google’s server. A simple new app may finally bring...

Want a Dog Like Bo? Here's Your 11-Page Application

Potential buyers face tough application process

(Newser) - Since Bo Obama became first pup, everyone seems to want a Portuguese water dog, the Wall Street Journal reports. Good luck with that. Though requests are soaring, the nation's approximately 200 breeders are a pretty picky bunch. About 1,400 puppies are born each year, and only 1 in 10...

An Addict Warns: Beware iPhone Game Apps

 An Addict Warns: 
 Beware iPhone Game Apps 

An Addict Warns: Beware iPhone Game Apps

Cheap, simple games can suck non-gamers in

(Newser) - You don’t have to be a gamer to become an iPhone-game addict, writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate. The apps follow an established recipe for great games: “They're easy to learn but difficult to master.” As a gaming system, the gadget doesn't have the sophistication of a Nintendo...

iPhone App Lets Users 'Fly' Like Sully

Flight simulator includes actual air traffic communication from US Airways 1549

(Newser) - A new iPhone app gives users the opportunity to compare their flying skills to those of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, reports the Unofficial Apple Weblog. The "Sully's Flight" simulator application re-creates the conditions experienced by Flight 1549 before the hero pilot safely brought it down in the Hudson River....

300K Have Sent Resumes to Obama (for 8K Jobs)

Transition team sees wave of applications

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s transition team has seen an avalanche of resumes from individuals who want to work in his administration, CNN reports. More than 300,000 have applied for 8,000 positions. Many are new to politics but have impressive careers, says one analyst: “High-level people in private industry...

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