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Stewart in 'Classic Form' for Daily Show Return
Stewart Returns, Gets
Right Down to Business

Stewart Returns, Gets Right Down to Business

He's back hosting the 'Daily Show' on Mondays, kicks off first show by ripping on Biden, Trump

(Newser) - It's been nearly a decade since fans got their "Moment of Zen" from Jon Stewart—but on Monday night, the comedian was back manning The Daily Show desk that he abandoned in summer 2015—right after Donald Trump announced he was running for president the first time. Stewart,...

South Park Is Caught in the Middle of a $200M Suit

Warner Bros. Discovery is suing Paramount, South Park Digital Studios over exclusivity rights

(Newser) - During the peak of the pandemic, homebound Americans continued to receive a bit of comic relief thanks to South Park, which aired a couple of COVID-themed episodes to break the tension. Who's not laughing now: Warner Bros. Discovery, which is suing competitor Paramount for airing new episodes of the...

Corden's Show to Be Replaced By @midnight

Game show ran on Comedy Central until 2017

(Newser) - CBS' The Late, Late Show soon will be "the late." The network has decided to end the show after 28 years when host James Corden leaves this spring , Deadline reports. In its place at 12:30am will be a new version of @midnight, a game show that ran...

Inmate Filmed for Comedy Central 'Roast' Appeals Death Sentence

Gabriel Hall's lawyers say attorneys should have been present during Jeff Ross special

(Newser) - Lawyers for a death row inmate in Texas say it was unconstitutional for prosecutors to use unaired footage from a Comedy Central special filmed in jail. Gabriel Hall was sentenced to death a few months after the special with "Roastmaster General" Jeff Ross was filmed in the Brazos County...

Kamala Harris, Charlamagne Scrap Over 'Real President'

Veep didn't take bait to slam Joe Manchin

(Newser) - A talk show host suggested Joe Biden isn’t the real president—but he wasn’t referring to the “ Big Lie .” Charlamagne Tha God had a heated exchange with veep Kamala Harris on his weekly show Tha God’s Honest Truth Friday night, earning an admonishment from her....

South Park Creators Sign Massive $900M Deal

It includes 14 movies for Paramount Plus

(Newser) - Since Season 23 ended in December 2019, the only new South Park episodes have been two pandemic-related specials—but fans are about to get all the Cartman they can handle. In what Bloomberg describes as one of the richest deals in TV history, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy for Ren & Stimpy Fans

New episodes are coming to Comedy Central

(Newser) - Get ready for another reboot: Comedy Central is reimagining the Emmy-nominated animated series Ren & Stimpy, a cult favorite that aired for five seasons on Nickelodeon in the 1990s. The show featured a psychotic Chihuahua named Ren and his not-too-bright feline friend, Stimpy, who got in all sorts of trouble—...

Comedian Chris Cotton Dies at 32
Chris Cotton
Dies at 32

Comedian Chris Cotton Dies at 32

His wife is expecting a baby in 2 months

(Newser) - A tragedy in the world of comedy: Chris Cotton, a Philadelphia comic best known for hosting Comedy Central's " Every Damn Day " online talk show, has died at the age of 32. No cause of death has been disclosed, People reports. The comedian and his wife of eight...

Demi Moore Surprise Guest at Bruce Willis Roast

The actress had some zingers for her ex-husband

(Newser) - The upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis got a surprise guest in none other than the guest of honor's ex-wife, Demi Moore. The actress gamely showed up to dress down Willis with jokes about their 12-year marriage as the three kids it produced laughed along in the audience,...

At Rob Lowe's Roast, It's Ann Coulter Who's Scorched

Quite the hatefest

(Newser) - There is no shortage of fodder for a roast of Rob Lowe, but at the actor's Comedy Central taping on Saturday night, the blood in the water belonged to Ann Coulter and the sharks on the dais knew it, reports USA Today . Coulter knew it, telling the audience, "...

Jon Stewart's Strong Words on Larry Wilmore's Last Show

'You took something and got better every [expletive] day'

(Newser) - Comedy Central may have been disappointed with how Larry Wilmore's late-night show performed, but one high-profile person certainly wasn't: Jon Stewart, who showed up to the final Nightly Show on Thursday to bid his former Daily Show correspondent adieu, USA Today reports. Calling Wilmore's show a "...

Canned Larry Wilmore: 'Racism Is Solved'

'We did it! We did it!'

(Newser) - "So how was your day?" Larry Wilmore asked viewers at the opening of Monday's Nightly Show, hours after Comedy Central announced the show had been canceled . Wilmore thanked staff and viewers before joking, "our show going off the air means one thing—racism is solved! We did...

No Joke: Comedy Central Cans Larry Wilmore

Network president says ratings just aren't there

(Newser) - Larry Wilmore is no more in Comedy Central's 11:30pm slot after Thursday night, Wilmore informed his staff Monday, per Deadline . The Nightly Show, which debuted in January 2015, didn't grab young adults and hadn't had much impact on social media, Comedy Central President Kent Alterman tells...

Stephen Colbert Only Allowed to Be Stephen Colbert, Not Stephen Colbert

But that's OK, because he can still be Stephen Colbert

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert—as in the conservative character played by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report—recently debuted on the Late Show, which is, of course, hosted by the real Stephen Colbert. And very quickly thereafter, lawyers from a certain unnamed network (presumably Comedy Central) got in touch with lawyers for...

Amy Schumer Spoofs Hamilton With 'Betsy Ross'

Lin-Manuel Miranda guest stars in new skit

(Newser) - Amy Schumer's sister, who also happens to be a producer on Inside Amy Schumer, is a huge fan of Hamilton ... so, of course, Schumer has a new skit out in which she writes her own "hip-hopera," Betsy Ross. Hamiilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda guest stars in the spot,...

Trevor Noah Gets Daily Show Debut Date

Mark your calendars: Sept. 28

(Newser) - Comedy Central says Sept. 28 will be opening night for Trevor Noah as the new host of The Daily Show. The 31-year-old South African comedian will be stepping into the job held by Jon Stewart since 1999. The previously announced departure date for Stewart is Aug. 6. The parody newscast...

Amy Schumer Show Is Only Getting Better, Smarter

Critics favor the word 'subversive' for season 3

(Newser) - The third season of Inside Amy Schumer has begun on Comedy Central, and most critics think the comedian has raised her game even more. Some examples:
  • Amanda Hess, Slate : The show's already-viral video, "Milk Milk Lemonade," is a great intro into the season. It parodies the booty

Bieber's Roast: Everything You Do, Don't Want to Know

Here's what they'll be talking about around the watercooler this morning

(Newser) - Justin Bieber's Comedy Central roast aired last night, and rather than repeat everything everyone else is saying, we've cut through the hundreds of reviews and roundups to direct you to the best ones. Your guide to what was said, and what people are saying:
  • Want to be offended?

Daily Show Has Its New Host
 Daily Show Has 
 Its New Host 

Daily Show Has Its New Host

Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart

(Newser) - Those who called for " not another straight white male " to succeed Jon Stewart at the helm of The Daily Show are getting their wish: Trevor Noah, a biracial South African comedian, will be the next host. Noah's first appearance on the show was in December, and the...

Who Will Replace Jon Stewart?
 Who Will Replace 
 Jon Stewart? 

Who Will Replace Jon Stewart?

Many names being mentioned are women

(Newser) - The entertainment buzz today, obviously, is who will replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. And, though Stewart is beloved, there's a chorus of "not another straight white male!" sentiment. Some of the top names being tossed around by Variety , Time , and the Daily Dot...

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