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Study Floats New Theory on Why We Can't Find Aliens

Quick evolution may be the key to cosmic survival

(Newser) - Two astrobiologists have a new explanation for why we haven't found alien life: It didn't evolve quickly enough to keep its planet habitable. "Most early planetary environments are unstable," Aditya Chopra says in a press release . "To produce a habitable planet, life forms need to...

'Large Regions' of Mars Are Habitable

 'Large Regions' 
 of Mars Are 
study says

'Large Regions' of Mars Are Habitable

But no sign of aliens, spaceships: researchers

(Newser) - More fascinating news about the potential for life on Mars . Some 3% of Mars' volume is capable of sustaining life, Australian scientists have found—more than the 1% of Earth that contains living things. Researchers based their findings on a comparison between the two planets' temperature and pressure attributes, AFP...

Jupiter Moon Lakes Might Support Life

Vast lakes lie just beneath Europa's icy surface: Scientists

(Newser) - The chances of life existing on Jupiter's ice-covered moon Europa—and of Earthlings being able to find it—are looking a lot stronger, NASA scientists say. A vast ocean is believed to lie beneath as much as 20 miles of ice on Europa, but new research suggests that huge...

3 Stories