Occupy Boston

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Police Dismantle Occupy Boston

Early morning eviction goes smoothly in Dewey Square

(Newser) - Occupy Boston is no more after 10 weeks. Police moved in early this morning and made quick work of dismantling what the Boston Globe called the longest continual Occupy protest in the nation. It took only about 30 minutes for police to tear down about 50 tents and begin loading...

Occupy Boston Holds Ground After Eviction Deadline

Police hold back as protesters party night away

(Newser) - Boston's mayor wanted Occupy protesters evicted by midnight last night, but police haven't taken action as some protesters stand their ground. Though Thomas Menino set an eviction deadline, he didn't say when the camp should be forcibly closed down, police said. "We're continuing to work...

Judge Blocks Eviction of Occupy Boston

Order rules out surprise raids

(Newser) - Occupy protesters are getting shoved out of their tents in cities around the country—including in the movement's Manhattan birthplace —but in Boston, they're safe for now. A judge has granted a temporary order preventing police from evicting protesters from their camp in Dewey Square, the New ...

3 Stories
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