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In Venezuela, a Grim Fate for Vet School's Horses

3 found butchered in recent months amid high inflation, scarce food

(Newser) - Rafael Toro, a student at Venezuela's top veterinary school, suspected something was amiss when a beloved horse called Miss Congeniality didn't greet him at the fence one recent morning along with others in the campus' small herd. The bay-colored mare had earned her nickname for helping disabled students...

$200K Show Horse Stolen, 'Filleted' for Meat: Fla. Cops

Champion jumper was butchered by someone who knew what they were doing

(Newser) - Just a couple of days after two Florida bodybuilders were arrested for starving their horses, an even more gruesome equine crime has been reported in Manatee County. "Your new horse is missing" was the first piece of bad news Debbie Stephens got on Sunday, per the New York Times ...

Horse Slaughter in US? Maybe
 Horse Slaughter in US? Maybe 

Horse Slaughter in US? Maybe

USDA gives Valley Meat Co. OK to covert cattle plant into horse plant

(Newser) - Valley Meat Co., got a coveted OK today: The USDA approved the New Mexico-based company's application to morph a cattle plant into a horse slaughterhouse; it would be the first such processing facility permitted to operate in the US since the practice was effectively banned by Congress seven years...

Horse Meat Found in 5% of Beef in Europe

EU commission promises stricter standards

(Newser) - Bite into beef anywhere in Europe, and there's a 5% chance you're actually biting into horse meat. An EU study across 27 nations in the wake of the region's horse meat scandal found that 5% of beef products had some horse DNA, reports the BBC . France and...

Horsemeat Strikes Again: Dutch Pull 50K Tons of 'Beef'

Recall affects some 500 companies throughout Europe

(Newser) - Dutch authorities are recalling some 50,000 tons of meat that was sold as beef across Europe and possibly containing horse meat, because the exact source of the meat cannot be established. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said today that around 370 different companies around Europe and...

Feds to Beef Up Horse-Meat Testing

USDA says move is response to recent events, consumer concerns

(Newser) - With horse meat having turned up in foods all across Europe , the USDA said yesterday it will step up its "species testing" on meat imports, reports NBC News . In the past, such testing only occurred when there was a reason to doubt the purity of a shipment. Though the...

Once Spain's Pride, Horses Abandoned by Thousands

Recession leaves former status symbol for dead—literally

(Newser) - Europe's horses haven't been faring very well of late, and their predicament is particularly dire in Spain, where horses that were once a prized sign of the boom are now being abandoned en masse in the bust —to the tune of 60,000 that passed through slaughterhouse...

More Ikea Food Woes: Horse Meat Hot Dogs

Only in Russia though

(Newser) - The last 10 days haven't been kind to Ikea's PR team, what with the horse meatballs and fecal bacteria-tinged chocolate cake . Today brings no relief: The furniture giant announced that it identified horse meat in hot dogs being sold in Russia and has pulled the offending products. The...

Horse Meat Found at Taco Bell
 Horse Meat Found at Taco Bell 

Horse Meat Found at Taco Bell

It's one of a select few UK companies to test positive

(Newser) - If you don't want to eat horse, you might want to drop the chalupa. The great European horse meat scandal has spread to Taco Bell, with British regulators revealing today that they found horse meat at the chain's UK locations. That, it turns out, puts the Bell in...

Forget Europe: US May OK Horse Meat Plant

It hasn't been processed here in 6 years

(Newser) - What timing: With Europe trying to rein in a horse meat scandal , the US may give the green light to a horse slaughtering plant in New Mexico. The facility, which would produce horse meat that's safe to eat, could get Agriculture Department approval within the next two months, the...

Ikea's Meatball Mess Spreads to 24 Countries

Meanwhile, frozen burger sales take huge dive in UK

(Newser) - Ikea's horse-meatball mess continues to grow. The retailer has now stopped offering meatballs in 24 European countries, der Spiegel reports. The company explained in a statement that, "The sales stop concerns meatballs manufactured by one supplier in Sweden and applies to all European countries except for Norway, Russia,...

New Meat Scandal: Donkey in South Africa Burgers

But hey, there's no horse in them!

(Newser) - If it's any consolation, South African food scientists did not find horse meat in the beef burgers and sausages they tested. What they did find, however, was water buffalo, donkey, and goat meat. A study published by three professors at Stellenbosch University found that 99 of 139 samples contained...

Horse Meat Scandal's Latest Victim: Ikea Meatballs

Czech authorities find tainted meat destined for store restaurants

(Newser) - Ikea is the latest and most unlikely name to be dragged down in Europe's widening horse meat scandal. Czech veterinarian authorities today said they found horse meat in packaged Swedish meatballs destined for sale in restaurants inside the furniture giant's stores, reports the AP . The meat was labeled...

Are You Eating Horse Meat?
 Are You Eating 
 Horse Meat? 

Are You Eating Horse Meat?

Officials doubt it, but horse-meat tests are flying off shelves

(Newser) - With Nestle stung by the horse-meat scandal , you may wonder whether unwanted cheval has reached your dinner table. Federal US regulators say it's unlikely, because domestic suppliers don't slaughter horses and Washington doesn't allow imported beef from European countries affected by the scandal, reports NBC News . That...

Horse Meat Scandal Hits Nestle
 Horse Meat Scandal Hits Nestle 

Horse Meat Scandal Hits Nestle

'Beef' meals yanked in Italy, Spain

(Newser) - The horse meat scandal galloping across Europe hasn't spared the world's biggest food company. Nestle, which previously insisted that its beef products had not been affected, has withdrawn beef pasta meals sold in Italy and Spain after DNA tests revealed that they contained more than 1% horse meat,...

Horse Meat Found in UK School Lunches

Scandal also spreads to Norway

(Newser) - Looks like UK schoolkids are among the many who have been unwittingly eating horse meat . DNA tests have found horse meat in cottage pies sent to 47 Lancashire schools. Officials believe only a "minute" amount of the rogue meat was actually consumed by children, and say the meat isn'...

Horsemeat Scandal Gets Worse
 Horsemeat Scandal Gets Worse 

Horsemeat Scandal Gets Worse

Meat tainted by vet drug 'bute' could be in French food supply

(Newser) - Europe's horsemeat scandal continues to worsen in both size and scope. For one, the meat of three horses tainted with "bute"—the veterinary drug phenylbutazone—possibly entered the human food chain in France, reports the AP . The British government said today that eight horse carcasses processed in...

Horse Meat Scandal Widens to 16 Countries

As officials struggle to trace contaminated meat

(Newser) - The horse meat contamination scandal grossing out Europe and the UK has now reached as many as 16 countries, the BBC reports. Officials continue to investigate the problem and trace the meat involved, but the food industry's complex supply chains are complicating matters. The AP describes "a maze...

Now Horse Meat Found in Lasagna
 Now Horse Meat 
 Found in Lasagna 
uk scandal grows

Now Horse Meat Found in Lasagna

Findus pulls products from UK shelves, but concerns rise about food safety

(Newser) - First British and Irish consumers were aghast to discover horse meat in their hamburgers . Now, horse meat is turning up in frozen beef lasagnas, with 11 of 18 tested Findus products containing horse meat in the 60% to 100% range, reports the AP . Findus pulled its beef lasagnas from stores...

Brits, Irish Flip After Horse Meat Found in Burgers

DNA tests reveal supermarket 'beef' burgers up to 29% horse

(Newser) - Queasy consumers in Britain and Ireland are chucking out frozen hamburgers after learning that they could contain horse meat. Food safety experts conducting DNA tests found that around a third of burgers from major supermarket chains contained horse DNA, the Telegraph reports. The levels of horse DNA were fairly low...

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