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Michael Moore Talks About His Accurate Midterms Call

Filmmaker predicted correctly that no red wave would materialize

(Newser) - As of Monday afternoon, the fate of next year's House remained up in the air. However, the New York Times reports that Democrats' hopes of keeping majority control appear to have dimmed over the weekend. In particular, they missed targets in Arizona and California districts, writes Nate Cohn. "...

Michael Moore Offers 'Reality Check' on Election

Filmmaker sees similarities to Clinton's 2016 loss

(Newser) - Joe Biden's presidential campaign "just announced he'll be visiting a number of states—but not Michigan," Michael Moore posted. "Sound familiar?" Hillary Clinton didn't campaign in the state in 2016 and lost Michigan to Donald Trump. Moore was among the few who saw Trump'...

Michael Moore's New Film Is Denounced—by the Left
Michael Moore's New Film
Is Denounced—by the Left

Michael Moore's New Film Is Denounced—by the Left

Critics say 'Planet of the Humans' is wildly inaccurate and smears the green movement

(Newser) - Michael Moore is used to taking all kinds of criticism over his films. His new one, however, offers a twist on that. Many environmentalists and other usual Moore supporters on the left are outraged over the documentary Planet of the Humans, while conservative sites, including Breitbart , are singing its praises....

Trump's Midwest Support Hasn't Fallen 'One Inch': Moore

If today were Election Day, foe says, president would win again

(Newser) - Michael Moore isn't happy about it, but he says that if the presidential election were held now, Donald Trump would win again—the same way. The Michigan filmmaker said Trump would lose the popular vote but win the Electoral College, as he did in 2016, Fox News reports. The...

'To Put It Bluntly, I Am Back'
'To Put It Bluntly, I Am Back'

'To Put It Bluntly, I Am Back'

Sanders mounts his political comeback weeks after heart attack

(Newser) - Storming past questions about his health, Bernie Sanders vowed that he's "more ready than ever" to fight a political revolution—with a little help from new friends—at a rally Saturday that drew an estimated 25,000 to a New York City park. The rally offered a pointed...

Michael Moore Releases Clip of Cesar Sayoc at Rally

Accused mail bomber is chanting about CNN

(Newser) - One of the stickers on accused mail bomber Cesar Sayoc's van read "CNN Sucks." Another featured the likeness of Michael Moore in a gun's crosshairs. Now Moore himself has released raw footage of Sayoc at a rally for President Trump soon after the inauguration that brings...

Michael Moore Flick Fizzles
Michael Moore Flick Fizzles
box office

Michael Moore Flick Fizzles

Family-friendly 'The House With a Clock in Its Walls' grabs first place

(Newser) - Film-festival fare got killed at the weekend box office as The House With a Clock in Its Walls—a family picture starring Cate Blanchett and Jack Black—easily scored top spot with a surprising $26.8 million debut, per the Hollywood Reporter . Filling out the top five domestically were A ...

Michael Moore Has Penned a 28th Amendment

He wants to dump 'outdated' Second Amendment

(Newser) - In a move highly unlikely to be approved by the NRA, Michael Moore has come up with a replacement for what he says is the "ancient and outdated" Second Amendment. In a Facebook post Wednesday, Moore offered a 28th Amendment that protects the right of people to "be...

After Show, Moore Leads Audience to Trump Tower

With Mark Ruffalo, they chant the name of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer

(Newser) - Michael Moore led the audience of his Broadway play to Trump Tower on Tuesday to protest President Trump's comments about the deadly violence in Charlottesville. On Facebook, Moore urged people to join him at the tower following Tuesday night's performance of his one-man show The Terms of My ...

Michael Moore Has Been Secretly Making Trump Film

He says 'Fahrenheit 11/9' will help bring president down

(Newser) - Michael Moore has been secretly making an anti-Trump documentary that he says will be powerful enough to bring down the president. The documentary, titled Fahrenheit 11/9 in reference to the day Trump's election win was confirmed, has been acquired by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the Los Angeles Times reports....

Michael Moore: Life Under Trump to Get a 'Lot Worse'

But he's got a 5-task to-do list for those who want to resist

(Newser) - It's been seven weeks since the election—or, as Michael Moore frames it in his latest Facebook post on Tuesday, "seven weeks since Hillary beat Trump by nearly 3 million votes but lost the presidency to him." The filmmaker acknowledges that many may still be reeling from...

Michael Moore on Trump: Don't Forget 8/6/01 Intel Briefing

The president's job is to keep us safe, and Trump will fail with this attitude: Moore

(Newser) - As of Tuesday, Donald Trump has had the chance to attend 36 daily presidential national security briefings, per Michael Moore's tally. As of a week ago, the president-elect said he had attended, at most, three. Moore joins the chorus of those who see this as a deal-breaker, and he...

Michael Moore Urges Dems to Run a Celeb in 2020

Outspoken filmmaker says Democrats should run a "beloved" person

(Newser) - In light of recent election results, the Democratic Party should embrace the trend of turning popular celebrities into politicians, according to filmmaker Michael Moore. "Democrats would be better off if they ran Oprah or Tom Hanks," Moore said on CNN's State of the Union Sunday, per the...

2 Who Predicted Trump Win Have One More Prediction

They don't think he'll serve a full term

(Newser) - There weren't that many people who predicted a Donald Trump presidency —and two out of that small number also predicted Trump wouldn't serve a full term.
  • Allan Lichtman , the Washington, DC-based professor who uses a series of 13 true/false questions to predict the outcome of presidential elections,

Michael Moore to 'Shocked' Democrats: You Weren't Paying Attention

Filmmaker's 'Morning After To-Do List' is going viral

(Newser) - On Wednesday, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore penned a " Morning After To-Do List " for Democrats that has, as of Thursday morning, been shared more than 180,000 times, liked more than 350,000 times, and commented on more than 18,000 times. Item No. 1? "Take over...

Michael Moore's New Film Is an 'October Surprise'

Michael Moore in TrumpLand premiers Tuesday in New York City

(Newser) - Wow, Michael Moore works fast. The filmmaker announced his next movie Monday night on Twitter . Less than 24 hours later, Michael Moore in TrumpLand will premiere at the IFC Center in New York City, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Moore is calling it his "October surprise," Fox News...

Michael Moore Issues Rousing Defense of Lochte
Michael Moore Issues
Rousing Defense of Lochte

Michael Moore Issues Rousing Defense of Lochte

Get the facts straight before judging, he writes

(Newser) - Is there anyone getting more universally vilified than Ryan Lochte these days? Like so . The swimmer, however, finally has a high-profile name in his corner in Michael Moore. In a scathing Facebook post , Moore ridicules what he sees as the hypocritical and way-out-of-line treatment Lochte. "How dare you say...

Michael Moore: I Know for a Fact Trump's Run Was a Ploy

In blog post, filmmaker says candidate was trying to put the screws on NBC

(Newser) - You've just got to trust him on this one: Donald Trump never wanted to be president and is sabotaging his own campaign, which Michael Moore says he “knows for a fact”—though he won't say how. In a blog post on his website , Moore writes that...

Michael Moore Tweets From Bed in the ICU

He's laid up with pneumonia

(Newser) - Michael Moore has been a busy man lately, taking on the Flint water crisis , promoting his upcoming movie Where to Invade Next , and even stumping for Bernie Sanders . But there's been a temporary setback: The filmmaker has been in the ICU with pneumonia since Sunday night, the Detroit Free ...

Michael Moore: Flint Suffered 'Crime Against Humanity'

Sending bottled water isn't enough, says filmmaker

(Newser) - Companies including Pepsi, Coca Cola, Walmart, and Nestle have donated bottled water to Flint, Michigan, to help residents deal with a staggering water crisis. So have celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Cher , and Pearl Jam . Michael Moore says it's not enough. Bottled water "cannot reverse the irreversible brain damage...

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