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She's Kept This Stunning Sailing Tale to Herself. Until Now

Golden Globe racer Susie Goodall wanted to circumnavigate the globe, not be a feminist icon

(Newser) - Susie Goodall didn't quit the 2018 Golden Globe Race, but a storm somewhere between New Zealand and Cape Horn left her with little more than the hull of her beloved Rustler 36 sailboat. Goodall had quite a tale to tell after 160 days alone at sea, but she hasn'...

Requests After 212 Days Sailing Around Globe: Bath, Steak, Beer

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede wins Golden Globe Race without modern instruments

(Newser) - The solo around-the-world yacht race took out all but five of its 19 competitors. For awhile, Golden Globe race champion Jean-Luc Van Den Heede thought he was doomed, too. After setting out in July, the 73-year-old Frenchman suffered a damaged mast in a storm in the Southern Ocean in November....

157 Days Into Race, Her Boat Turned End-Over-End

UK's Susie Goodall is awaiting a rescue

(Newser) - The only woman in a 30,000-mile solo race around the globe saw the "total loss" of her boat—with help two days away. One of 18 skippers, Brit Susie Goodall was in the 4th place 157 days into the Golden Globe Race when her 35-foot vessel was pitchpoled...

2K Miles Off Australia, Dramatic Rescue of an Elite Sailor

A severely injured Abhilash Tomy found after yacht dismasted during round-the-world race

(Newser) - "He is conscious, and he is safe." With those words, an Indian navy rep revealed the status of sailor Abhilash Tomy, who'd placed an emergency call from his yacht during a bid to make it around the world in the Golden Globe Race. Per NPR , Tomy's...

Female Sailor Does What No Woman Has Done Before

Wendy Tuck takes first in the grueling Clipper Race

(Newser) - A female skipper has won the Clipper round-the-world yacht race for the first time—and another female skipper took second, the BBC reports. "I can't believe it," winner Wendy Tuck tells the Daily Telegraph in Liverpool, England, after finishing the last leg of the 40,000-nautical-mile race...

Round the World Yacht Race Claims Another Victim

Crew member on one of the yachts swept overboard, buried at sea

(Newser) - A 60-year-old with more than four decades of experience as a sailor was killed during the UK's Clipper Round the World yacht race Saturday. Simon Speirs, a crew member on the Great Britain yacht since the race began on Aug. 20, was helping to change its sails amid gale-force...

Nudists Save Sinking Boat at Yacht Race

Fans get unexpected twist at Australia's "Sydney to Hobart" race

(Newser) - Ah, a yacht race. Oh, we're taking on water—and being rescued by nudists. Such was the experience of yacht-racing fans whose small wooden boat began sinking near the popular "Sydney to Hobart" race on Boxing Day in Australia, the Telegraph reports. Once yachts departed to start the...

Insane-Sounding Ocean Race 'Round the World Has Begun

Some of the contenders in the Clipper yacht challenge have zero experience

(Newser) - A competition deemed "human will against nature" by its founder (the first person to ever sail, solo, nonstop around the world) officially kicked off today in London, with a motley assortment of mostly run-of-the-mill folks vying to win the 40,000-nautical-mile contest that will reach six continents, NBC News...

83-Year-Old Yacht Wins Trans-Pacific Race

...a feat it last pulled off in 1936

(Newser) - The boat that won this year's Transpacific Yacht Race was a feared competitor on the cutting edge of sailboat design … back in 1936, when it won the race for the first time. This time, the Dorade was a much less likely winner. When he bought the boat for...

3 Dead in Month's 2nd Yacht Racing Tragedy

Officials believe boat collided at night with a much larger vessel

(Newser) - A yacht racing off the coasts of California and Mexico apparently collided at night with a much larger vessel, leaving three crew members dead and one missing, a sailing organization said today. It was the state's second ocean racing tragedy this month. The Newport Ocean Sailing Association—organizer of...

Yacht Racing Off SF Coast Suspended

Races rerouted after 5 sailors killed

(Newser) - The Coast Guard has called a temporary halt to ocean-going races in the San Francisco area following the deaths of five sailors during a race earlier this month. A race due to take place Saturday has been rerouted, and authorities are working to find a new route for another race...

Sailors Rescued in Round-the-World Yacht Race

Boat limping to SF after Pacific wave injures crew members

(Newser) - Two injured sailors have been rescued after a "monstrous foaming swell" washed over an Australian boat participating in a 10-team round-the-world yacht race. Two others in the 18-person crew also seriously hurt were still on board yesterday off the coast of California. The Geraldton Western Australia is expected to...

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