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Japanese Firm Buys Jim Beam for $13.6B

$13.6B deal set to be 3rd-biggest in industry history

(Newser) - Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, and Knob Creek bourbons will soon have a second home in Japan. Beam, the owner of the whiskeys and the world’s fourth-biggest liquor company by sales, has reached a deal to be purchased by Osaka’s Suntory, a family-owned liquor company that’s No....

Maker's Mark Goof Actually Great for Company

Sales up 44% for quarter

(Newser) - Remember how America's bourbon drinkers collectively freaked out in February over the news Maker's Mark was going to water down its alcohol? Big corporate misstep? Hardly, reports Forbes . The company did an about-face within a week in an attempt to prevent a mass exodus of fans, and it...

Maker's Mark: OK, We Won't Water Down the Bourbon

Because 'thousands' of you people whined about a little less alcohol

(Newser) - Maker's Mark has heard your anguished cries, and is backing off its plan to water down its iconic bourbon . "We've been tremendously humbled over the last week or so," says Rob Samuels, the brand's COO and grandson of its founder, in announcing the move today....

Amid Global Demand, Maker's Mark Gets Watered Down
Maker's Mark to Make Its Bourbon Less Potent
in case you missed it

Maker's Mark to Make Its Bourbon Less Potent

To meet rising demand, it's 'watering down' bourbon

(Newser) - Bourbon's worldwide popularity is on the rise, and with countries like Australia, Japan, and Germany clamoring for the stuff, Maker's Mark is changing its formula. In order to respond to increased demand, the firm says it's cutting the alcohol by volume by 3%—though it apparently means...

Maker's Mark: Why We Opted to Water Down

Drinkers should 'keep an open mind': COO

(Newser) - After announcing a reduction in the alcohol content of Maker's Mark, its makers took questions from Quartz about the process—and why it's necessary. First off, why isn't the company simply raising its prices to respond to increased demand? Well, the company founder "did not like...

If It's Got Red Wax, It Must Be Maker's Mark

Because the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals says so

(Newser) - This week, in unusual court rulings: Any liquor bottle topped with dripping red wax must be Maker's Mark, per the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals. It ruled on Wednesday that the Kentucky-made bourbon is the only brand permitted to carry the distinctive seal. The AP reports that Diageo...

6 Stories