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Site Highlights Early Humans' Mastery of Wood, Largely Lost

Spear Horizon site shows evidence of splitting, carving wood 300K years ago

(Newser) - The Stone Age, launched roughly 3 million years ago, marks the time when tools first appeared. Early humans used stones for hammering, stones for grinding, and sharp stone flakes as knives and projectile points. But the Stone Age might just as well be called the Wood Age, German archaeologist Thomas...

Sweden Aims to Build World's Biggest Wooden City
Sweden Is Building
a City Out of Wood

Sweden Is Building a City Out of Wood

Advocates say fire risks are minimal and the construction has a better carbon footprint

(Newser) - Swedish urban developer Atrium Ljungberg's upcoming project in Stockholm is an interesting foray into sustainability. In 2025, the company says it will begin construction of what it calls the "world's largest wooden city." CNN reports that Atrium Ljungberg envisions "Stockholm Wood City" as an activity...

Lumber Prices Have Returned to Earth

Lower demand for new housing means falling prices for lumber

(Newser) - Sure, winter's coming, but now's the time to build that deck. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the price of lumber has fallen to its lowest point in more than two years—back to pre-pandemic levels. Lumber futures settled at $429.30 per thousand board feet on Tuesday—...

After Hitting Record Highs, Lumber Prices Are Falling Fast
Lumber Price Shift
Suggests a 'Bubble
That Has Burst' 
in case you missed it

Lumber Price Shift Suggests a 'Bubble That Has Burst'

After record highs, wood prices are plummeting, suggesting highs were just 'temporary shocks'

(Newser) - Chris Skidmore's fence is finally getting built. Per KTVB , the homeowner in Boise, Idaho, had planned one for his yard back in March, but due to a lumber shortage and resulting higher prices, he was soon informed the company he'd hired had run out of wood. Now, his...

1% of World's Commercial Wood Goes to ... IKEA

The total comes to 17.8 million cubic yards of wood

(Newser) - IKEA, the Swedish furniture chain so massive it employs 150,000 people in hundreds of stores in almost 30 countries, now eats up an incredible 1% of the world's entire commercial wood supply, reports Pacific Standard . That was 17.8 million cubic yards in 2012—an amount so unfathomable...

8 Hours of Wood Burning Enthralls 20% of Norway
8 Hours of Wood Burning Enthralls 20% of Norway

8 Hours of Wood Burning Enthralls 20% of Norway

Primetime TV special also included 4 hours of wood chopping

(Newser) - Only in Norway: A primetime TV program featuring four hours of people chopping wood, then eight hours of that wood burning in a fireplace ran this month ... and 20% of the population watched some part of it. Not only that, but the program, called National Firewood Night, inspired quite a...

Ancient Relatives of Humans Ate Wood

Scientists analyzed dental tartar in fossils

(Newser) - Did our ancestors eat trees? New fossil evidence shows that a 2 million-year-old relative of humans nibbled on bark and leaves, reports BBC . Scientists analyzed the teeth of two members of the "southern ape" species, or Australopithecus sediba, and found evidence that they included wood in their diet.

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