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Trump Calls CNN Moderator Kaitlan Collins a 'Nasty Person'

Former POTUS lies about 2020 election, disparages E. Jean Carroll in town hall

(Newser) - During a contentious CNN town hall Wednesday night, former President Trump dug in on his lies about the 2020 election, downplayed the violence of Jan. 6, 2021, and repeatedly insulted the woman whom a civil jury this week found him liable of sexually abusing and defaming, the AP reports. (He...

Trump's Town Hall Could Be a Minefield for Him ... and CNN

Candidate will appear in a live town hall at 8pm ET Wednesday

(Newser) - Former President Trump will appear in a live CNN town hall on Wednesday night—marking his first appearance in seven years on the network he has derided as "fake," and one that comes a day after he was found liable for sexual battery and defamation in the E....

In a Surprise, Trump Will Drop by CNN

Former president agrees to participate in a town hall next week

(Newser) - A presidential candidate agreeing to participate in a network's town hall is not typically news. In this case, however, the candidate is former President Trump and the network is CNN, which he has regularly derided as "fake." Next week's appearance will be his first in seven...

Tucker Carlson's New Texting Buddy? Don Lemon

Brian Stelter reports on the aftermath of their firings for 'Vanity Fair'

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson frequently trashed Don Lemon on his Fox show, and Lemon returned the favor at CNN. Now that both men have been fired , a strange thing has happened, reports Brian Stelter at Vanity Fair . The two have been texting each other for the first time. It's not exactly...

Newsmax Viewership Triples in Carlson's Old Timeslot

MSNBC steals Fox's ratings title in 8pm ET hour

(Newser) - Viewers who flocked to Fox News to watch Tucker Carlson in the 8pm ET hour appear to now be looking elsewhere. Fox News Tonight with Brian Kilmeade drew just 1.33 million viewers Wednesday night—down from 2.59 million on Monday and 1.7 million on Tuesday—topped by...

Don Lemon on Firing: 'I Didn't Lose My Job, I Lost My Sister'

Ex-CNN anchor says he's 'resilient,' plans to 'chill out' over summer

(Newser) - Don Lemon may have been "stunned," but he's not fuming about being fired from CNN , where he worked for 17 years. That's according to Lemon himself, in an interview given to Page Six Wednesday at the Time100 Gala in New York. "I'm not an...

Insiders Explain Why CNN Soured on Lemon

Ramaswamy interview may have been the last straw

(Newser) - Don Lemon's departure from CNN Monday came as a surprise to many—apparently including the "stunned" host himself—but insiders say leaders at the network had come to see it as inevitable. Sources tell the New York Times that execs "gradually concluded" Lemon's position had become...

Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon Lawyer Up
Tucker Carlson,
Don Lemon
Lawyer Up

Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon Lawyer Up

They've hired Bryan Freedman, who nabbed $30M for Megyn Kelly after her 2019 firing from NBC

(Newser) - Ousted from Fox News and CNN respectively, Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon have hired the same lawyer who, Insider notes, is known for securing "multimillion-dollar payouts in messy media breakups." Former CNN host Brian Stelter first reported that both hosts have hired powerhouse attorney Bryan Freedman, who helped...

Don Lemon 'Stunned' as He's Fired by CNN

Longtime host issues statement announcing he's been 'terminated'

(Newser) - First, Tucker Carlson is out at Fox. And now Don Lemon is out at CNN. In the second media surprise of the day, CNN said the network and Lemon "have parted ways," without specifying a reason, reports the New York Times . "Don will forever be a part...

Lindsey Graham, CNN Host Get Into It Over Abortion Pill

Graham interrupts Dana Bash, accuses her of 'covering for these guys'

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham and CNN journalist Dana Bash had a bit of a sparring match over the abortion pill battle when Graham appeared on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday. Asked by Bash, who co-hosts the show, whether abortion is a federal or state issue, the senator responded, "...

CNN Anchor's Baby Arrived in Most Surprising Way

Kasie Hunt's 'sudden' 13-minute labor meant she had to give birth to daughter Grey in her bathroom

(Newser) - While most of us were marking the first of March with salutations of "rabbit, rabbit" and thoughts of spring, Kasie Hunt was having an even more exciting day. The 37-year-old CNN anchor was set to head to the hospital Thursday for a scheduled C-section for the birth of her...

Patricia Heaton Has Incredible Response to Don Lemon
Patricia Heaton Has Incredible
Response to Don Lemon

Patricia Heaton Has Incredible Response to Don Lemon

Women answer actress's call to list their accomplishments after 50; Lemon is absent again

(Newser) - Don Lemon was absent again from CNN This Morning on Monday amid controversy over his slam last week of Nikki Haley. Lemon hasn't appeared on the show since Thursday, the day he said the 51-year-old Haley was no longer "in her prime," per the AP . Only women...

Media Groups: We Want Jan. 6 Footage That Carlson Got
Media Groups Demand
Jan. 6 Footage

Media Groups Demand Jan. 6 Footage

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave Fox's Tucker Carlson exclusive access; now others want it

(Newser) - Fox News' Tucker Carlson is the only media personality given access by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to thousands of hours of Jan. 6 footage. Now, other media groups are demanding a piece of that, they noted in a Friday letter to congressional leadership, per CBS News . "Without full public...

Don Lemon Will Return to Host Chair—With Conditions

'CNN This Morning' host has agreed 'to participate in formal training,' says Chris Licht

(Newser) - Don Lemon has been given "a proverbial slap on the wrist" for his comments about older women, the Daily Beast reports. Absent since Thursday, Lemon will return as a co-host on CNN This Morning on Wednesday after agreeing "to participate in formal training, as well as continuing to...

CNN CEO Slams Lemon: Remarks on Haley 'Unacceptable'

Chris Licht said he was 'disappointed' in anchor for saying on air that Haley wasn't in her 'prime'

(Newser) - A self-admitted "inartful" comment made by CNN host Don Lemon about GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley—a remark that's widely being called sexist by many others—has now earned an official rebuke from his boss. On Friday, the cable news network's CEO, Chris Licht, kicked off his...

CNN Misses Midnight During New Orleans Party
CNN Needed to Back
That Clock Up

CNN Needed to Back That Clock Up

Don Lemon dances through what was supposed to be a countdown to 2023 in New Orleans

(Newser) - CNN inadvertently took the countdown to midnight out of New Year's Eve, when Don Lemon instead danced through 2023's arrival during the network's broadcast from New Orleans. The host and partiers were shown dancing to Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up" when the new year arrived,...

Ex-CNN Producer Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Charge

John Griffin could get life in prison on charge involving 9-year-old girl

(Newser) - A former CNN television producer pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to using interstate commerce to entice and coerce a 9-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity. As part of a plea deal, the government will drop two remaining counts of enticement of a minor against John Griffin, 45, the...

Trump: CNN Should Have to 'Prove the Big Lie'

Ex-president says network will 'never be able to prove' his claims on election fraud are false

(Newser) - Former President Trump filed a defamation suit against CNN this week, accusing it of trying to smear him "for the purpose of defeating him politically." Now, Trump has issued the cable network a challenge. "Prove the big lie," Trump said Wednesday during an appearance on "...

His Cool-Under-Pressure Iraq Reports Made Him Famous

Bernard Shaw, CNN's first chief anchor, has died at age 82

(Newser) - Bernard Shaw, CNN's chief anchor for two decades and a pioneering Black broadcaster best remembered for calmly reporting the beginning of the Gulf War in 1991 as missiles flew around him in Baghdad, has died at 82. He died of pneumonia on Wednesday at a hospital in Washington, according...

Trump Slams Fox, Offers Surprise Help to Longtime Foe

Ex-president: I'll help CNN become a 'gold mine' if it's true network is shifting more conservative

(Newser) - Former President Trump had some new slams for a onetime ally over the weekend, and a surprise semi-olive branch for another. Newsweek reports that Trump took to Truth Social on Sunday, blasting Fox News for what he claims is kowtowing to "the Democrats and the Democratic agenda." "...

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