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His Cool-Under-Pressure Iraq Reports Made Him Famous

Bernard Shaw, CNN's first chief anchor, has died at age 82

(Newser) - Bernard Shaw, CNN's chief anchor for two decades and a pioneering Black broadcaster best remembered for calmly reporting the beginning of the Gulf War in 1991 as missiles flew around him in Baghdad, has died at 82. He died of pneumonia on Wednesday at a hospital in Washington, according...

Trump Slams Fox, Offers Surprise Help to Longtime Foe

Ex-president: I'll help CNN become a 'gold mine' if it's true network is shifting more conservative

(Newser) - Former President Trump had some new slams for a onetime ally over the weekend, and a surprise semi-olive branch for another. Newsweek reports that Trump took to Truth Social on Sunday, blasting Fox News for what he claims is kowtowing to "the Democrats and the Democratic agenda." "...

Stelter Urges Accountability on Final Show

CNN dropped 'Reliable Sources' host and the 30-year show

(Newser) - Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter insisted Sunday that he'll still be rooting for CNN, though his show has been canceled, but stressed that it was important for the network and others to hold the media accountable. CNN gave Stelter the chance to host a final episode of the 30-year...

CNN Cancels Reliable Sources
Brian Stelter Is Out at CNN

Brian Stelter Is Out at CNN

Program covering news media, 'Reliable Sources,' ends its 30-year run

(Newser) - CNN has canceled its weekly Reliable Sources show on the media, and host Brian Stelter is leaving the network. The show will have its last broadcast this Sunday. CNN has been looking to cut costs but also to present a less opinionated product. Stelter has written a book about Fox...

Jeffrey Toobin Is Back on CNN After Zoom Offense
Signs Off
at CNN


Toobin Signs Off at CNN

Legal analyst announces departure more than a year after end of his suspension

(Newser) - Update: Jeffrey Toobin told colleagues Friday that he's decided to leave CNN after 20 years as a legal analyst for the network. "It was great to spend my last day on air, like so many before, with my pals at Sit Room, AC360 and Don Lemon Tonight,"...

Trump Threatens CNN With Suit
Trump Threatens CNN With Suit

Trump Threatens CNN With Suit

Former president's lawyers call for retractions

(Newser) - A 282-page letter from former President Trump's lawyers to CNN lists dozens of on-air statements and online articles about his claims of election fraud that Trump wants retracted, accompanied by a threat to file defamation lawsuits against the network and other outlets. Trump said in a statement Wednesday that...

CNN Makes a Shift on 'Breaking News'

CNN chief Chris Licht tells network staff to cool it on using the ubiquitous banner

(Newser) - If you're a regular CNN viewer, you're also intimately familiar with one of its most well-known chyrons: the bright-red "Breaking News" banner that seems to accompany a good number of its newscasts. No more, says new network chief Chris Licht, who's now issued an edict on...

Incoming Owners Shut Down Streaming Service a Month In
CNN+ Is Shutting Down
2 Days Early

CNN+ Is Shutting Down 2 Days Early

Streaming service's last day will be April 28

(Newser) - Update: Streaming service CNN+ is going to be even shorter-lived than expected. The service—which cost $300 million to set up and was launched with much fanfare on March 29—is going to have the plug pulled on April 28, two days earlier than employees were told last week, the...

Most Trusted News Source Is ... the Weather Channel?
Most Trusted News Source
Is Bit of a Surprise
in case you missed it

Most Trusted News Source Is Bit of a Surprise

52% of Americans trust the Weather Channel in latest YouGov poll

(Newser) - When it comes to the weather, most of us are on the same side of things—or, at least we're all watching and believing the same reports. That's according to YouGov , a UK market research firm whose latest poll on the media found that the most trusted news...

Wallace: It Wasn't Opinions That Drove Me From Fox

Anchor says truth vs. fiction was an issue after Trump loss

(Newser) - Things changed at Fox News after Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, Chris Wallace said. "Before, I found it was an environment in which I could do my job and feel good about my involvement at Fox," he said. "And since November of 2020,...

Zucker Settles With CNN for Millions

Former network president will waive his right to sue the network

(Newser) - Former CNN President Jeff Zucker has reached a settlement with the network that will include a payment of millions of dollars but will cost him his ability to sue. Zucker resigned last month after conceding he hadn't told his bosses about a romantic relationship with a subordinate. The deal...

CNN&#39;s New Chief: Colbert&#39;s Showrunner
See a Big
Shift Under
New Leader

CNN May See a Big Shift Under New Leader

Colbert showrunner Chris Licht announced as Jeff Zucker's replacement

(Newser) - Updated: A CBS exec with a successful track record in TV will indeed be the next president of CNN. Discovery Inc. confirmed Monday that Chris Licht will replace Jeff Zucker, reports the Wall Street Journal . “Chris is a dynamic and creative producer, an engaging and thoughtful journalist, and a...

'I Told You We Shouldn't Have Done the Live Shot Here'

Matthew Chance of CNN was reporting live when explosions were heard in Kyiv

(Newser) - Journalist Matthew Chance was reporting live from the Ukraine capital of Kyiv late Wednesday when his surroundings gave viewers a first-hand sense of the Russian assault. Chance was speaking with Don Lemon on CNN when the first explosions rattled the capital, reports the Daily Beast . In this video , Chance pauses...

The 3rd Main Player in CNN Scandal Is Also Out

Allison Gollust found to have violated company policies

(Newser) - Jeff Zucker's key lieutenant at CNN—and the woman with whom he had an undisclosed romantic relationship—is also stepping down, less than two weeks after Zucker's resignation as the network's president. Allison Gollust was named alongside Zucker and Chris Cuomo as now-former employees who violated company...

Report: Chris Cuomo Wants 'Megyn Kelly Money' From CNN

Sources tell 'New York Post' that former anchor may push for as much as $60M from ex-employer

(Newser) - After Jeff Zucker was forced to step down from his top spot at CNN earlier this month, a question soon arose : Could Chris Cuomo have somehow been the force behind that resignation, seeking revenge for his own firing from the network in December? Whether it's a vengeance spree or...

Zucker Will Be Remembered for the Ascent of Trump

Executive launched 'The Apprentice' before focusing on him at CNN

(Newser) - Jeff Zucker announced that he was quitting CNN because of his failure to disclose his romantic relationship with a colleague, Allison Gollust. But he'll also be remembered for Zucker's mutually beneficial relationship with Donald Trump, Margaret Sullivan writes in her Washington Post column. In some ways, the TV...

Was Jeff Zucker&#39;s Ouster Chis Cuomo&#39;s Revenge?
Was Jeff Zucker's Ouster
Chris Cuomo's Revenge?
the rundown

Was Jeff Zucker's Ouster Chris Cuomo's Revenge?

CNN's Jake Tapper raises the possibility

(Newser) - Jeff Zucker fired longtime CNN anchor Chris Cuomo last year. Is Zucker's forced resignation from the network Cuomo's revenge? The Wall Street Journal reports that CNN's Jake Tapper raised the possibility in an employee Q&A with Jason Kilar, chief executive of CNN parent company WarnerMedia.
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Undisclosed Work Romance Costs Jeff Zucker His Job

CNN president resigns

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new details about Zucker's resignation: Jeff Zucker resigned as CNN president Wednesday after disclosing a relationship with a co-worker. CNN has this from a memo sent to employees around 11am ET: "As part of the investigation into Chris Cuomo's tenure at...

Andy Cohen's Live Message to Bill de Blasio: 'Sayonara, Sucker!'

TV personality went on live NYE rant about outgoing NYC mayor during CNN broadcast

(Newser) - Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper did tequila shots while toasting Betty White during their New Year's Eve broadcast on CNN, but the liquor may have gone a bit to Cohen's head. Minutes after the ball dropped in Times Square, ushering in 2022, Eric Adams was sworn in as...

Man Sentenced to Prison After Threats to CNN Anchors

Robert Lemke also threatened members of Congress, including on Jan. 6

(Newser) - A California man is headed to prison for three years after threatening 50 people who stated that President Biden won the 2020 presidential election, including CNN anchors and members of Congress. "We have armed members near your home," 36-year-old Robert Lemke, who claimed to be part of a...

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