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As Our Vision Suffers a Drastic Decline, a Simple Solution

Severe myopia is on the rise, and spending more time outdoors is seen as a remedy

(Newser) - "The world is going blind," reads the headline at Wired , and it's not some kind of metaphor. The story by Amit Katwala explains how myopia, or near-sightedness, is on the rise around the world—particularly in Asia. The more severe cases, called high myopia, can lead to...

Half of Humans Will Be Nearsighted By 2050
 Half of Humans Will Be 
 Nearsighted by 2050 

Half of Humans Will Be Nearsighted by 2050

Spending more time outdoors could help, but may also increase skin cancer rates

(Newser) - The rate of nearsightedness nearly doubled between the 1970s and early aughts, and jumped five-fold since 2000. At this rate, one in two humans is likely to have myopia by 2050, amounting to a seven-fold increase, researchers from the Brien Holden Vision Institute report in the journal Opthalmology . Chief among...

Computer Screens Aren't Making Us Nearsighted

Not exactly anyway: It's more about too much time spent indoors, researchers say

(Newser) - Rates of nearsightedness are rising so quickly around the world that the phrase "myopia epidemic" is being tossed around. Everybody's squinting over their smartphones, laptops, e-readers, and other gizmos so much that tech must be to blame, right? Well, it plays a role, "but not in the...

How Smartphones Could Someday Correct Your Vision

MIT researchers develop 'vision correcting display'

(Newser) - If you're blind as a bat with Coke-bottle glasses, there may be hope for you—new research out of MIT could make it easier to read your tablet, smartphone, or eReader, LiveScience reports. Scientists there have developed a transparent "vision-correcting display" that goes on the screen of an...

New Contact Lenses May Cure Nearsightedness

Prototype might help kids' eyes grow in proper way

(Newser) - If the prototype of a new corrective lens being unveiled later this month works as advertised, nearsightedness—or myopia—might become drastically reduced. As PhysOrg explains, current contact lenses and glasses provide what amounts to a superficial fix for the problem, but they don't keep vision from deteriorating. In...

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