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Those We Lost in 2012
 Those We Lost in 2012 

Those We Lost in 2012

Whitney Houston, Joe Paterno, Dick Clark, Ravi Shankar

(Newser) - Neil Armstrong would always be taking that first step onto the moon, and Dick Clark was forever "the world's oldest teenager." A look at some of the notables who died in 2012:
  • Etta James, 73. Blues singer best known for her enduring classic "At Last."

DEA Target: Jenni Rivera Plane Owner

Christian Esquino was allegedly involved in drug smuggling ring in the '90s

(Newser) - The investigation into the shady company that owned the Learjet carrying Jenni Rivera continues: The DEA confirmed yesterday that two other planes owned by Starwood Management were seized earlier this year in Texas and Arizona as part of a probe into the company. Both flights originated in Mexico. The DEA...

Jenni Rivera Changed Travel Plans at Last Minute

Also, the singer's remains have been identified

(Newser) - Fox News Latino declares that "Jenni Rivera could have avoided death," in a report on a last-minute itinerary change the singer made. Though the promoter behind the concert she gave in Monterrey on Saturday offered to put her up in a hotel for the night, she made...

Rivera Plane Owner: Pilot Must Have Had Heart Attack

Christian Esquino Nunez says he is not to blame

(Newser) - Christian Esquino Nunez, an executive of the company that owned the plane that Jenni Rivera died in, says it's "fair" for authorities to look into his shady past . But, though he was once imprisoned in the US for two years for falsifying maintenance records of planes he bought...

Jenni Rivera's Plane Hit Ground at 600mph

Pilot was 78 years old, transport officials say

(Newser) - Nobody in the plane carrying Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera and six others ever stood a chance, Mexico's chief transport official says. The Lear jet came down almost vertically from more than 28,000 feet and hit the ground at a speed probably greater than 600mph, the official says. "...

Officials Dig Into Shady Past of Rivera Plane's Owner

Also, singer's plane had been in 2005 accident

(Newser) - As mourning fans created candlelight shrines to Jenni Rivera in California and Mexico, the AP rounds up post-crash developments, which involve more than a little finger-pointing at the plane's owner, Starwood Management. Officials are apparently diving into the history of the Las Vegas-based firm, which had another one of...

NTSB Confirms Jenni Rivera Died in Plane Crash

Her driver's license found among wreckage

(Newser) - The US National Transportation Safety Board is confirming that Mexican singer Jenni Rivera was indeed killed, along with six other people, in the Learjet crash early yesterday in Monterrey's mountains. "It was Jenni's plane that crashed and that everyone on board died," her father, Pedro Rivera,...

Wreckage of Singer Jenni Rivera's Plane Found

Mexican-American star believed to be among 7 killed in crash

(Newser) - Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera appears to have perished along with six other people when their Learjet crashed in mountainous terrain near Monterrey, Mexico, authorities say. "There is nothing recognizable, neither material nor human" in the wreckage, which has been scattered over a large area by the force of the...

Mexican Singer Jenni Rivera's Plane Goes Missing

Air traffic controllers lose contact with small plane after it left Monterrey

(Newser) - Mexican singer Jenni Rivera is missing after a small plane she was in lost contact with Mexican aviation authorities, reports the AP via La Voz . Rivera's plane went missing around 3:30 this morning shortly after takeoff from Monterrey, where she had given a concert last night. It was...

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