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3D-Printed Rocket Doesn't Make Orbit but Is 'a Major Step'

Terran 1 is on track to prove its viability, Relativity Space says

(Newser) - Everything looked good for the first three minutes of the Terran 1 launch Wednesday night from Cape Canaveral. The 3D-printed rocket's first and second stages separated successfully, Space.com reports, before it failed to reach orbit. Still, the test flight was "a major step," Relativity Space officials...

They Used Decoy Heads to Flee Alcatraz. Now, FBI Replicas

3D-printed dupes look like the heads used by Frank Morris, Anglin brothers

(Newser) - Half a century after a notorious prison escape from Alcatraz Island, the FBI has created replicas of decoy heads that inmates used to distract guards from a plan that still captivates researchers and tourists. Authorities on Thursday unveiled 3D-printed copies of the decoys that inmates Frank Morris and John and...

To Unlock a Dead Man's Phone, Police Turn to 3D Printing
 To Unlock a 
 Dead Man's Phone, 
 Police Turn to 3D Printing 
in case you missed it

To Unlock a Dead Man's Phone, Police Turn to 3D Printing

Michigan State University professor Anil Jain is on the crime-busting case

(Newser) - An unsolved murder and a locked mobile phone led police to Michigan State University, with an unusual request: Could computer science professor Anil Jain whip up 3D-printed fingers of the victim? Doing so would give them manufactured fingerprints that could unlock his phone and perhaps glean clues about who killed...

FDA OKs 1st 3D-Printed Pill
 FDA OKs 1st 3D-Printed Pill 

FDA OKs 1st 3D-Printed Pill

Technology makes medicine much easier to swallow, maker says

(Newser) - It might seem like something out of Star Trek, but pills that are produced by a printer are now a reality and the FDA has approved the first one. In what the BBC says is a world first, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals has won approval to produce epilepsy medication Spritam on a...

Disney's New 3D Printer Churns Out Soft Bunnies

And other squeezable objects made of fabric

(Newser) - If anyone were going to create a 3D printer that would create cuddly objects made out of felt, it would be Disney. And that's exactly what's happened, in conjunction with Cornell and Carnegie Mellon universities. The printer "slices" a 3D model of an object into layers, then...

NASA Emails Wrench to Astronaut

Thanks to the wonders of 3D printing

(Newser) - Butch Wilmore had a common problem—he couldn't find a socket wrench—with an uncommon twist: He's an astronaut on the International Space Station about 270 miles above the nearest hardware store. Solution? NASA emailed him one, in a manner of speaking. As the Guardian reports, NASA's...

Dog Can Finally Run Thanks to 3D-Printed Legs

Derby catches a break with the right foster mom

(Newser) - Derby the dog is winning new converts to the concept of 3D printing. Derby is a husky mix who was born last year with deformed front paws, reports BuzzFeed . Lucky for him, an employee of a company called 3D Systems in Massachusetts took him in as a foster dog and...

High Schoolers 3D-Print a Hand for 9-Year-Old

Illinois girl was born without fingers on left hand

(Newser) - A 9-year-old born without fingers on one hand is getting a gift from Illinois high school students: a new hand, Fox News reports. The students are 3D-printing the prosthetic device, which works through wrist movement, mystateline.com notes. Typically, prosthetics can run up to $50,000, says Kylie Wicker's...

Man's Face Rebuilt Using 3D-Printed Parts

Stephen Power makes medical history after motorbike crash

(Newser) - Stephen Power survived a motorbike crash in 2012, but his face was left shattered. "I broke both cheek bones, top jaw, my nose, and fractured my skull," he says. Now, the 29-year-old has made medical history by becoming one of the first patients—possibly the first ever—to...

Flying Snake's Secret: Its 'UFO Shape'

Researchers use 3D printer to explain mysterious glider

(Newser) - Researchers think they've at long last solved, at least partially, the mystery of so-called "flying snakes." The five species of Chrysopelea don't actually fly, but they're impressive gliders, capable of sailing up to 100 feet through the air. Until now, scientists didn't know how...

Hershey Ventures Into 3D Chocolate

Company teams with up with tech partner to make special printer

(Newser) - Imagine what Willy Wonka could do with this: Hershey says it's teaming up with a company called 3D Systems to develop a 3D printer that spits out, yes, chocolate, reports CNN . Essentially, the "ink well" would be filled with chocolate, and the machine would use it to produce...

Philadelphia Is First City to Ban 3D Guns

'It's all pre-emptive,' says aide to legislator who authored the bill

(Newser) - With the idea of 3D-printed guns already causing controversy, the city of Philadelphia apparently doesn't want to take any chances. The city council this week voted to make such guns illegal, reports NBC Philadelphia . Once Mayor Michael Nutter signs off, that will make Philadelphia the first city in the...

Feds: These Plastic Guns We Printed Are a Menace

3D-printable guns lethal, hard to detect, ATF warns

(Newser) - After months of creating plastic guns with 3D printers, ATF agents have confirmed that they work—a lot of the time—and can be both lethal and very hard to detect. "We downloaded files, we created firearms from those files, and we tested those firearms," said the chief...

Hate Driving Stick? Meet Vibrating Shifter

3D-printed device made using Xbox parts

(Newser) - A young engineer at Ford is on a mission to demystify the manual transmission—and his tools include a 3D printer, a tablet computer, and an Xbox 360 controller. Zach Nelson printed out a shift knob and popped the Xbox's vibrating mechanism inside. Using Ford's open-source software and...

Doctors 'Print' Airway Tube So Boy Can Breathe

3D technology saves life of Ohio tot

(Newser) - In a medical first, doctors used plastic particles and a 3D laser printer to create an airway splint to save the life of a baby boy who used to stop breathing nearly every day. It's the latest advance from the booming field of regenerative medicine, making body parts in...

NASA Wants to 3D-Print Pizza in Space

Also: your mom's cookies

(Newser) - Still no jetpacks, but your inner 9-year-old has to be excited about this: NASA is developing a 3D printer that can print "nutritious and flavorful" food during space travel. The agency says its current space food is "not adequate in nutrition or acceptability through the five-year shelf life...

Schumer Wants to Outlaw 3D-Printed Guns

After company unveils blueprints for one that actually fires

(Newser) - Chuck Schumer is pushing for legislation banning guns made with 3D-printers, in the wake of a Texas organization's announcement that such things now actually exist . Defense Distributed, a nonprofit run by self-proclaimed "free-market anarchist" Cody Wilson, turned quite a few heads last week by announcing that it would...

Surgeons Replace 75% of Guy's Skull —Using 3D Printer

It's the latest marvel for the nascent technology

(Newser) - The world of 3D printing continues to impress: Now, experts have used it to replace three-quarters of a man's skull. The team obtained images of the needed skull sections using CT scans; they then made the replacement by layering a special type of plastic known as PEKK, whose rough...

Scientists Create New Ear —With 3D Printer

Project uses living cells

(Newser) - Scientists at Cornell have put 3D printing to an incredible medical use: They've made an ear remarkably similar to a natural one. Using 3D images of a human ear, they printed a mold to be injected with gel containing collagen from rats' tails, HealthDay reports. Next, they added cartilage...

'Nightmare' for Gun-Control Advocates: 3D Printers

Websites offer downloadable blueprints, high-tech gadgets print in plastic

(Newser) - Gun-control advocates are facing a very modern problem: Anyone with a computer and a 3D printer—which use plastic instead of ink—could theoretically become a gun maker. Websites offer blueprints that users can download; within hours, they'll have brand-new rifle parts or ammunition magazines, the Washington Post reports....

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