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As Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown, Gaetz 'Wants Kevin'
As Clock
Ticks Toward
Shutdown, Gaetz
'Wants Kevin'

As Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown, Gaetz 'Wants Kevin'

Facing midnight deadline, GOP House Speaker McCarthy contends with hard-liners from own party

(Newser) - It seemed pretty clear all week that avoiding a federal government shutdown might be tough, and rolling into Saturday, all signs continue to point in that direction. The AP reports we're now "on the brink" of it, with furloughs and other disruptions looming if a deal isn't...

After Failed Launch, Virgin Orbit Ceases Operating

Company that lost its rocket, satellites in January has furloughed most of its staff

(Newser) - The good news for most of Virgin Orbit's employees on Wednesday: They're getting at least a week off, starting ASAP. The bad news: It's unpaid furlough, as the California-based company tries to seek out more funding after a failed rocket launch in the UK in January, reports...

Mass Layoffs at Airlines: 'It Didn't Have to Be This Way'

Tens of thousands of furloughs at American, United after deadline for Congress deal passes

(Newser) - Nineteen thousand workers at American Airlines and 13,000 at United are getting bad news this week, and they may not be the only ones. The Wall Street Journal reports the two airlines are laying off tens of thousands of employees after Congress was unable to OK a coronavirus relief...

'Sacrifices' Begin for Disney Workers

More than 100K employees furloughed during coronavirus crisis

(Newser) - Nearly half of Disney's workers have seen their last paycheck for a while, as more than 100,000 employees begin their furlough this week amid the coronavirus pandemic. By holding back these wages, the company will be able to save up to $500 million a month, the Financial Times...

Even at Mar-a-Lago, Jobs Aren't Safe
Mar-a-Lago Grapples
With Job Losses

Mar-a-Lago Grapples With Job Losses

A total of 713 workers have been furloughed at 2 Trump properties in Florida

(Newser) - Even Mar-a-Lago is letting employees go. As the coronavirus cripples Florida's hospital industry, the Palm Beach Post reports that two Trump Organization properties are furloughing "non-essential" staff. A total of 713 are being furloughed in all, with 153 at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach and the rest at Trump...

Wilbur Ross: Why Are Furloughed Workers at Food Banks?

Commerce secretary doesn't 'quite understand why' shutdown is spurring struggle

(Newser) - Asked about those working without pay due to the government shutdown, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had a suggestion: "The banks and the credit unions should be making credit available to them. When you think about it, these are basically government-guaranteed loans, because the government has committed these folks will...

In Shutdown, a 'Wrench' in Getting Your Tax Refund?

IRS employees who process tax refunds are among first to be furloughed

(Newser) - The Internal Revenue Service may not be anyone's favorite government agency, but many taxpayers may be pulling for it to regain full staffing over the next few weeks. That's because tax refunds may be delayed this year, thanks to the partial government shutdown, USA Today reports. Per a...

Not Getting Paid in the Shutdown? Start Painting, Agency Suggests

Office of Personnel Management recommends offering to do chores for rent reduction

(Newser) - Stuck home on furlough or working without pay due to the government shutdown? Instead of stressing about your temporarily lost income, ask your landlord if you can do some painting or other handyman tasks to slash your rent. That's just one piece of advice the Office of Personnel Management...

Trump Makes New Claim About Furloughed Workers

President says most of those not getting paid are Democrats

(Newser) - President Trump is back in the White House after his surprise trip to Iraq , and he's also back on Twitter. On Thursday, he made headlines with a bold, if unsubstantiated, claim about federal workers furloughed in the ongoing shutdown, reports the Hill . They're mostly Democrats, he says. "...

Number of Furloughed Workers Just Got Cut in Half

Pentagon ordering about 400K back to work

(Newser) - About half of the 800,000 federal workers furloughed this week because of the government shutdown were civilians who worked for the Defense Department. And now the Pentagon is ordering most of them back to work on Monday, reports the AP . Defense chief Chuck Hagel says he can make the...

House OKs Back Pay for Furloughed Workers

It's a rare unanimous vote in Congress

(Newser) - For furloughed federal employees, annoyance has just turned into a paid vacation. The House of Representatives today unanimously passed a bill to make sure that everyone told to stay home during the government shutdown will get back pay, reports the Hill . The measure is expected to zip through the Senate...

Government Shutdown: Now What?

Closure could last at least a week

(Newser) - The House and Senate's failure to reach a deal to resolve the budget brouhaha has left the US without a functioning federal government for the first time in 17 years—and the two sides seem so averse to compromise that it's anyone's guess when the shutdown will...

Air Traffic System Back to Normal Tomorrow

FAA suspends furloughs after fix by Congress

(Newser) - The FAA says it has suspended all employee furloughs, meaning the nation's air traffic system will resume normal operations by tomorrow evening. The announcement comes a day after Congress passed legislation to allow the agency to withdraw the furloughs, which were originally mandated in the sequester cuts. The furloughs...

Congress OKs Bill to Fix Air Travel Delays
Congress OKs Bill
to Fix Air Travel Delays

Congress OKs Bill to Fix Air Travel Delays

Measure will stop furloughs of air traffic controllers

(Newser) - Congress today easily approved legislation ending furloughs of air traffic controllers that have delayed hundreds of flights daily. The House approved the measure on a 361-41 vote, one day after the Senate unanimously agreed to the bill. The measure doesn't give the FAA more money, but allows it to...

And the Airport Delays Begin...
 And the Airport Delays Begin... 
thanks, sequester

And the Airport Delays Begin...

Air traffic controllers, TSA workers, customs workers go on furlough

(Newser) - Here we go: Those promised airport delays , the result of furloughs caused by the sequester, have arrived. All three major NYC-area airports saw flights falling behind schedule yesterday and, as the Washington Post puts it, air traffic controllers "never caught up," with delays clocking in at between one...

Biden: No Plans to Return Part of Salary

VP drawing attention for not joining DC's give-back parade

(Newser) - Sequester politics have taken a weird turn. Joe Biden is now the subject of a spate of negative-sounding headlines because he isn't returning part of his salary in solidarity with federal workers about to be furloughed. (See this headline at CBS News or this one at Reuters .) President...

The Sequester Has Arrived
 Sequester Day 
 Has Arrived 

Sequester Day Has Arrived

At some point today, Obama will have to initiate the cuts

(Newser) - Happy sequester day, America. By 11:59 tonight, Barack Obama will have to formally notify federal agencies that it's time to start implementing across-the-board cuts, barring a last-minute deal that at this point seems wildly improbable. While Congressional leaders will meet at the White House today, there's so...

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