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Pig Virus Mysteriously Returns to Indiana Farm

More herd loss and soaring pork prices expected

(Newser) - Bad news for America’s hog belt: Reuters has reported confirmation of a second outbreak of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus , or PEDv, at an unnamed Indiana farm, dashing previous hopes that afflicted pigs develop immunity and are safe from being re-infected for at least a few years. This confirmed outbreak...

Dead Pig Count Soars to 6K in Shanghai River

That river happens to supply city with 22% of its water

(Newser) - Shanghai's dead pig problem keeps getting worse. The count has jumped from 900 dead pigs four days ago to 5,913 as of yesterday, reports the AFP . And though the Huangpu River they've been fished from supplies the city with 22% of its water, officials continue to insist...

Nearly 3K Dead Pigs Pulled From River in China

2,813 carcasses have been retrieved

(Newser) - What sounded bad yesterday sounds a whole lot worse today. Chinese officials have fished hundreds more dead pigs out of a Shanghai river, with the number of adult and piglet carcasses retrieved surging from about 900 to 2,813 as of today. The government says the water hasn't been...

3 Stories