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Cops: Couple Hired Hitman for Their Exes at Olive Garden

Valerie McDaniel, Leon Jacob appeared in court Monday

(Newser) - The Olive Garden isn't exactly the place that comes to mind when one thinks of "best spot to meet your hitman," but police allege that's exactly what happened in Texas. A Houston couple have been charged with solicitation of capital murder in connection with an alleged...

He Charged $2K for the Murder. It Cost Him His Life

Rolando Ruiz was executed Tuesday in Texas

(Newser) - A paid hit man was executed Tuesday night in Texas for gunning down a San Antonio woman in a life insurance scheme 25 years ago. Rolando Ruiz was given a lethal injection for fatally shooting Theresa Rodriguez, 29, outside her home in 1992 as she was getting out of a...

The Man Who Wielded a Bat for Baseball&mdash; and for the Mob
Married to the
the Mob

Married to the Minors—and the Mob

Promising upstart Maury Lerner watched his baseball career fizzle as he dove into organized crime

(Newser) - After Maury Lerner would carry out a killing for the New England mob, he'd detail his own stats for the day, including the people he knocked off and how quickly he'd done the job. Almost like a baseball player would rattle off his RBIs and homers—which makes...

Suge Knight: Dr. Dre Hired Hit Men to Kill Me

He says Dre was trying to get out of a contract

(Newser) - Rap mogul Suge Knight is suing Dr. Dre for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill him—and then hiring another to finish the job after the first assassin failed. Knight was shot seven times at a pre-VMAs party in 2014, and his lawsuit alleges that the shooting was carried...

What It Takes to Be a Good Assassin
 What It Takes to Be 
 a Good Assassin 

What It Takes to Be a Good Assassin

Lesson 1: Don't humanize your target

(Newser) - How do assassins kill strangers without a second thought or an ounce of guilt? A successful one convinces himself or herself that the victim is a target rather than a human, and that the killing is just another day's work, criminologists say in a new study . After reviewing cases...

Woman Allegedly Sought Hitman to Kill Fur-Wearer

Meredith Lowell attempted to recruit killer on Facebook: Cops

(Newser) - An animal rights activist in Ohio had a plan for an anti-fur protest that went just a bit further than any stunt PETA has pulled: Meredith Lowell, 27, is accused of attempting to hire a hitman to kill a random fur-wearer in public. Lowell allegedly created a phony Facebook profile...

TV Chef: Kill My Wife, Give Treats to the Dogs

Juan Carlos Cruz didn't want hit man to harm his pooches

(Newser) - When celebrity chef Juan Carlos Cruz hired a homeless guy to kill his wife, he instructed the novice hit man not to hurt their two dogs—and even provided the man with doggie treats to give to them so they wouldn't bark, reports the Los Angeles Times . The plot by...

Russia Sends Hitman After Agent Who Outed Spies

'We know who he is and where he is,' Kremlin says

(Newser) - Russia has sent a hitman after the double agent who ratted out Anna Chapman and the other amateur spies the US caught this spring. “We know who he is, and where he is,” a high-ranking Kremlin source bragged to a Russian newspaper. “You can have no doubt—...

Cabbie Foils Woman's Plot to Kill Her Husband

Driver tricks woman into hiring undercover 'hit man'

(Newser) - A woman has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after her seemingly loyal cab driver tricked her into trying to hire an undercover police officer to kill her husband. It all started when Veronica Escalona hailed Rachid Rakhis’ cab earlier this month. She told him to follow her estranged...

Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Arranged Hit, Says Ex-Boyfriend
 Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Arranged 
 Hit, Says Ex-Boyfriend
more 2.5 men drama

Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Arranged Hit, Says Ex-Boyfriend

Sarah Trigger was allegedly behind death threat

(Newser) - Apparently, Charlie Sheen’s antics aren’t enough drama for one sitcom. Jon Cryer, Sheen’s Two and a Half Men co-star, was targeted for a hit…allegedly by his ex-wife. The threat became public when Cryer alerted security on Jan. 15; he believed Sarah Trigger, with whom he was...

Colombia Nabs Top Drug Lord
 Colombia Nabs Top Drug Lord 

Colombia Nabs Top Drug Lord

US will seek to extradite Daniel Rendon

(Newser) - Colombian police nabbed their nation's top drug lord today, and the country's president "is breathing easy," a rep told AFP. Daniel Rendon, 43, alias Don Mario, had a $2 million price on his head after allegedly swapping drugs for weapons from leftist FARC rebels. Now that he's in...

Canadian Hitman Cops to 27 Murders

Assassin took out rival gang members during Quebec's biker wars

(Newser) - A Canadian contract killer confessed yesterday to murdering 27 people during Quebec's biker wars, reports the Toronto Star. Gerald Gallant turned police informant after receiving a life sentence in 2001 for yet another murder. The biker, 58, received no extra time for his confession and will be eligible for parole...

NY Cops Bust Bizarre Hit Job
NY Cops Bust Bizarre Hit Job

NY Cops Bust Bizarre Hit Job

Jealous spouse gave undercover officer samurai sword to kill wife, retrieve $27K ring

(Newser) - A Brooklyn man was arrested yesterday for attempting to get a hit man to kill his wife—and retrieve the $27,000 wedding ring he had given her, the New York Daily News reports. Rockefeller Auguste, 35, enraged by jealousy, gave an undercover officer posing as a contract killer a...

'For Hire: Pro Hitman'—Mexico Investigates Killer Online Ads

Murder posts up as drug war accelerates

(Newser) - Mexican authorities are investigating a slew of online ads offering the services of a professional killer. The ads may be fake, but police are taking no chances. A recent outbreak of hitmen amidst a raging drug war has contributed to the more than 1,400 murders in Mexico this year,...

Newspaper Editor Assassinated
Newspaper Editor Assassinated

Newspaper Editor Assassinated

Reporter murdered in broad daylight

(Newser) - The editor of an Oakland newspaper was shot dead in broad daylight today in what police say they believe was a contracted hit, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Chauncey Bailey was a fixture in the African-American community, known for aggressive coverage of issues and confrontational interviews with city officials. But...

FBI Pays Out $101M in Mob Suit
FBI Pays Out
$101M in
Mob Suit

FBI Pays Out $101M in Mob Suit

Record award for four men wrongfully sent to prison for 1965 murder

(Newser) - A federal judge ordered the government to pay $101.7M after the FBI withheld evidence related to a 1965 murder in Boston that sent four men to prison for three decades. "This case is about intentional misconduct, suborning of perjury" and "the framing of innocent men," said...

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