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Wisconsin's Fake Electors Concede Biden's Victory

10 Republicans settle lawsuit, agreeing to not act for Trump again

(Newser) - A group of 10 Republicans who falsely attested that they were electors certifying that Donald Trump carried Wisconsin in the 2020 presidential election on Wednesday acknowledged President Biden's victory and agreed to not again act as electors, genuine or not, in any election involving the former president. In settling...

They Thought Their Drinking Water Was Safe. Now, a Lawsuit

Wisconsin city of Wausau sues PFAS makers, insurance firms over groundwater contamination

(Newser) - A Wisconsin city has filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen manufacturers of so-called forever chemicals, claiming the contaminants have polluted the city's groundwater. The complaint filed Thursday on behalf of Wausau is against 15 makers of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), as well as 61 insurance companies,...

After Police Chase, Golfers Trap Suspect in Port-a-Potty

Golf course in the Wisconsin city of Glendale saw a bit of excitement this week

(Newser) - A run-in with law enforcement drove a suspect in Wisconsin into the stinkiest hiding place he could find—both figuratively and literally. WISN reports that police in Glendale embarked on a chase Wednesday of an SUV stolen from Minnesota, which crashed into multiple cars, traffic barrels, and a guardrail before...

Woman Accused of Killing Friend With Eye Drops
Woman Guilty
of Killing Friend
With Eye Drops

Woman Guilty of Killing Friend With Eye Drops

Jury finds Jessy Kurczewski guilty of homicide, theft

(Newser) - A Wisconsin woman has been found guilty of killing a friend in 2018 by poisoning her with eye drops. A jury found Jessy Kurczewski, 37, guilty of one count of homicide and two counts of theft, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. She will face a mandatory life sentence on the...

Top Cop Addressed Reckless Driving, Was Hit by Dump Truck

Milwaukee's police chief Jeffrey Norman had just left a news conference about reckless driving

(Newser) - Milwaukee's police chief was injured when a dump truck rammed the vehicle he was traveling in "minutes after leaving a press conference discussing reckless driving problems in the city," according to Wisconsin Public Radio . Police Chief Jeffrey Norman attended the press conference hosted by Mayor Cavalier Johnson...

Wisconsin's 'Friday Night Tradition' May Become Official

Bill proposed by GOP lawmakers there wants brandy old-fashioned deemed the state drink

(Newser) - There's a "Friday night tradition" in Wisconsin, per WISC , and it doesn't center on football. Instead, it apparently involves quaffing brandy old-fashioneds, the drink of choice for many Wisconsites, and it's a libation that may soon become the state's official cocktail. GOP lawmakers there have...

Police Kill Suspected Shooter on Middle School Roof

Person was seen acting 'erratically' outside Wisconsin school

(Newser) - Police in Germantown, Wisconsin say a suspect was shot dead on a middle school roof during an "active shooter" incident Monday night. The Wisconsin Department of Justice said the suspected shooter was shot by Germantown officers around 6:36pm, when 50 to 70 students were still inside the school,...

'Absolute Time Capsule' Found in Wisconsin Barn

1981 DeLorean like one used in 'Back to the Future' discovered with just 977 miles on it

(Newser) - A pair of Illinois car restorers didn't have to go back in time to stumble upon their latest big find, though they did have to cross state lines. WTVO reports that Michael McElhattan, who owns DeLorean Midwest in Crystal Lake, and employee Kevin Thomas struck a deal earlier this...

For the Great Lakes, It&#39;s a Historic First
For the Great Lakes,
It's a Historic First
in case you missed it

For the Great Lakes, It's a Historic First

Waukesha, Wisconsin, becomes first community outside Great Lakes basin to receive lake water

(Newser) - For the first time, water from the Great Lakes is flowing to a community outside the Great Lakes basin. Waukesha, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb of about 70,000 on the shores of the Fox River, has been working for decades to transition its water supply as the river, its previous...

Armed Man Arrested at State Capitol Returned Hours Later

Wisconsin man had an assault rifle the second time

(Newser) - A man illegally brought a handgun into the Wisconsin Capitol, demanding to see Gov. Tony Evers, and returned at night with an assault rifle after posting bail, a spokesperson for the state said Thursday. The man, who was shirtless and had a holstered handgun, approached the governor's office on...

He Took a Legendary Cookie Recipe to His Grave. Maybe

Dave Denison writes of the Guerrilla Cookie and its one-of-a-kind creator in the Baffler

(Newser) - It starts out as a story about a hunt for a cookie recipe, but Dave Denison's piece in the Baffler ends up being more about the Thoreau-esque baker who appears to have taken the recipe to his grave. The cookie in question is the Guerrilla Cookie, legendary in Midwestern...

Flamingos Show Up Way North for First Time Ever

Five of them appear in Wisconsin, along a Lake Michigan beach

(Newser) - Five flamingos that showed up in Wisconsin to wade along a Lake Michigan beach attracted a big crowd of onlookers eager to see the unusual visitors venturing far from their usual tropical setting. The American flamingos spotted Friday in Port Washington, about 25 miles north of Milwaukee, marked the first...

GOP Senators Vote to Fire Nonpartisan Elections Boss

Meagan Wolfe immediately files suit to keep her Wisconsin job

(Newser) - Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate voted Thursday to fire the state's top elections official from her nonpartisan job. An hour later, saying they didn't have the authority to remove her, Meagan Wolfe sued them. The 22-11 vote means that, until the courts decide whether Wolfe keeps her job...

Abortions to Resume at Clinics in Wisconsin After Ruling

Opponents argue state's ban remains in place

(Newser) - Planned Parenthood announced Thursday that it will resume offering abortions in Wisconsin next week after a judge ruled that an 1849 law that seemingly banned the procedure actually didn't apply to abortions. The resumption of abortions Monday at clinics in Milwaukee and Madison comes as the lawsuit challenging the...

Crazy Jets Game Ends Up Costing Wisconsin Bar Patrons

Patrons celebrated when Aaron Rodgers left the game, expecting to have their tabs covered

(Newser) - Buffalo Bills fans weren't the only ones unhappy with the outcome of Monday night's game against the Jets. Bar patrons in Wisconsin ended up pretty bummed, too, after New York won. As WHNT explains, it has to do with the bar's promotion before the season began. Jack'...

New State Judge Hasn't Heard a Case, Faces Impeachment

Wisconsin Republicans say Janet Protasiewicz is tight with Democrats, must recuse in legislative map case

(Newser) - Wisconsin Republicans are threatening to impeach a state Supreme Court justice before she's heard a case. Justice Janet Protasiewicz won her April election by 11 points, per the AP . Her win gave liberals a majority on the court, boosting hopes among Democrats that it will overturn the state's...

Here Are the 10 Best, Worst States to Live In

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list; New Mexico comes in last

(Newser) - Whether you're looking to relocate or just nosy about how your state ranks, WalletHub has a new analysis out on America's ideal places to live. The site looked at all 50 states across more than four dozen metrics, in five main categories: affordability; economy, including a state's...

Cop Rescues Cows From Burning Barn
Cop Rescues Cows
From Burning Barn

Cop Rescues Cows From Burning Barn

'Prone to escape' cows were trapped in Wisconsin barn

(Newser) - A Wisconsin police officer who ran into a burning barn and found cows near flames says the bovines "made a beeline" for the safety of a pasture once he opened a gate holding them back. Sturgeon Bay police officer Andrew Crabb was nearing the end of his overnight shift...

Gov Vetoes 2 Digits, Extends School Funding for 400 Years

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers gets creative with partial veto power

(Newser) - Governors of Wisconsin have an unusual "partial veto" power that allows them to remove letters, numbers, and punctuation from legislation—and Gov. Tony Evers used it this week to extend a public school funding increase for an extra 400 years. The Democratic governor removed the "20" and the...

Cops &#39;Amazed to See That Somebody Survived This&#39;
Cops 'Amazed to See That
Somebody Survived This'
in case you missed it

Cops 'Amazed to See That Somebody Survived This'

Donald Schmelling, 84, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, is pulled from burning van in the nick of time

(Newser) - An elderly Wisconsin man is lucky to be alive after police pulled him from a burning vehicle Tuesday. Kenosha police officers tried to stop the 84-year-old driver around 9pm local time after noticing he had a flat tire. "I was looking for a place to stop and all of...

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