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Richard Sherman Could Face Domestic Violence, DUI Charges

Police say he fought officers during arrest early Wednesday

(Newser) - NFL star Richard Sherman was denied bail Wednesday after a late-night arrest on suspicion of domestic violence burglary. Police in the Seattle suburb of Redmond say the 33-year-old free-agent cornerback was arrested after they received a 911 call around 2am from somebody saying a family member was trying to force...

Stop Expecting NFL Stars to Abandon Old Friends

Richard Sherman: Don't judge DeSean Jackson by company he keeps

(Newser) - The Philadelphia Eagles cut DeSean Jackson in the midst of reports that he has ties to gang members. Is he in a gang himself? Fellow NFL player Richard Sherman, who grew up with Jackson near Los Angeles, doesn't know one way or another, but he's got a little...

Stop Using This 'Ugly' 4-Letter Word
Stop Using This 'Ugly' 4-Letter Word


Stop Using This 'Ugly' 4-Letter Word

Danielle Cadet argues that the word 'rant' invalidates important arguments

(Newser) - There's an "ugly" four-letter word that's repeatedly used in reference to black men, and it's about time we drop it. No, it's not thug . It's rant, writes Danielle Cadet for the Huffington Post . Why R-A-N-T? Simply put, it labels an argument "as unimportant...

'Thug' Really Is the New N-Word

 Really Is 
 the New 

'Thug' Really Is the New N-Word

Richard Sherman interview stirs racial debate

(Newser) - At this point, most people agree that Richard Sherman is not, in fact, a thug. Greta Van Susteren at Fox News even apologized on-air for bashing him, saying a viral Internet graphic comparing Sherman to the actually thuggish Justin Bieber had shown her the light. But Sherman's contention that...

Hey Seattleites, You Need More 'Swagger,' Trash-Talk

Essayist thinks city is too soft; NFL fines Richard Sherman

(Newser) - The NFL today fined Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman $7,875 for taunting, though it's apparently not because of his volatile post-game interview . Instead, it seems to be for the choking gesture he made toward the 49ers QB at the end of the game, reports BuzzFeed . But as for...

Richard Sherman: 'Thug' Just an Accepted Version of N-Word

Seattle Seahawks cornerback responds to interview controversy

(Newser) - Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman found himself the center of a storm of controversy after he gave a loud, emotional post-game interview/rant moments after his team beat the 49ers to make it to the Super Bowl. Many critics responded by calling Sherman a "thug" (the term was used an...

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