Slender Man

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Woman in 'Slender Man' Attack Shouldn't Be Released: Experts
Woman in 'Slender Man' Attack
Won't Be Released

Woman in 'Slender Man' Attack Won't Be Released

Morgan Geyser was 12 when she stabbed a classmate nearly to death

(Newser) - The woman who, at age 12, stabbed a classmate nearly to death in an effort to please the fictional online horror character Slender Man was on Thursday denied her request for an early release from psychiatric care. The judge in the case found that there was a significant risk that...

Attacker in Slender Man Stabbing Goes Free Monday

Judge says release plan will keep community and victim safe

(Newser) - A Wisconsin woman who admitted helping stab a classmate to please the horror character Slender Man will be freed Monday from a mental health institution, a judge ruled Friday. Anissa Weier, 19, has spent almost four years at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, the AP reports. She will be subject...

Slender Man Stabbing Teen Granted Release

Anissa Weier to leave mental health facility once release plan is finalized

(Newser) - One of a pair who tried to kill a classmate to appease fictional horror character Slender Man will soon go free. A Wisconsin judge on Thursday ordered the release of 19-year-old Anissa Weier, who's been at a state mental health facility since pleading guilty to attempted second-degree intentional homicide...

Teen in Slender Man Stabbing to Seek Release

Anissa Weier, now 19, helped a friend attack a third girl in 2014

(Newser) - It's been nearly seven years since the jarring Slender Man stabbing , and now one of the two teens involved is about to ask for her release from a mental health facility. Anissa Weier, now 19, was 12 at the time she hatched a murder plot with a friend against...

'Slender Man' Stabbing Victim: They Tricked Me With Hide-and-Seek

Payton Leutner, 17, is doing much better now

(Newser) - Payton Leutner has no desire to talk to the former best friend who stabbed her 19 times and left her for dead in the woods. But if she did, "I would probably, initially thank her," the 17-year-old tells David Muir in what ABC News reports is her first...

4 Best Slams About Slender Man
4 Searing Reviews
of Slender Man

4 Searing Reviews of Slender Man

'No one cares,' writes one critic

(Newser) - The reviews are in for Slender Man , the faceless character's jump from the Internet to the big screen thanks to Sony Pictures and director Sylvain White, and they're nearly universally awful. Four zingers summing up critics' 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes :

Slender Man Sentence an Issue of 'Community Protection'

Morgan Geyser, 15, was sentenced to 40 years in a mental hospital for her role in stabbing attack

(Newser) - A Wisconsin girl who stabbed a classmate in an attack inspired by the fictional horror character Slender Man was sentenced to 40 years in a mental hospital Thursday. Judge Michael Bohren granted the maximum penalty that prosecutors had sought, and he discounted Morgan Geyser's youth—she was just 12—...

There's an Untold Story to the Slender Man Stabbing

One of the girls had been having hallucinations since age 3

(Newser) - First came three words: "I'm so sorry." Then 12-year-old Morgan Geyser sunk a knife into her best friend's body a total of 19 times as 12-year-old Anissa Weier urged her on. Payton Lautner, also 12, amazingly survived the attempted killing as media coverage focused on the...

Girl Convicted in Slender Man Stabbing Sentenced

Anissa Weier given 25 years in a mental hospital

(Newser) - One of two Wisconsin girls who tried to kill a classmate to win favor with a fictional horror character named Slender Man was sentenced Thursday to 25 years in a mental hospital, the maximum punishment possible, the AP reports. Anissa Weier, 16, pleaded guilty in August to being a party...

Girl in 'Slender Man' Case Reaches Plea Deal

Morgan Geyser will go to a state mental hospital

(Newser) - One of two Wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate to impress horror character Slender Man will plead guilty in a deal that calls for her to avoid prison time and instead receive treatment for mental illness, attorneys announced Friday. The deal calls for doctors to evaluate 15-year-old Morgan Geyser...

Verdict in Slender Man Case Rejected

Jury continues deliberating after judge's order

(Newser) - A Wisconsin girl who admitted helping her friend stab their classmate nearly to death to please online horror character Slender Man was lonely, depressed and descended into "madness," her attorney said Friday as she pleaded with a jury to send the girl to a mental hospital rather than...

After 3 Years, 'Slender Man' Trial Begins

Jury to decide if Anissa Weier suffered from mental illness at time of attack

(Newser) - It's been more than three years since Payton Leutner was stabbed 19 times by two friends in a Wisconsin park in the "Slender Man" stabbing, and this week a jury hears testimony to decide if one of her attackers was mentally competent at the time. Opening statements began...

Teen Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge in Slender Man Stabbing

Upcoming trial will evaluate her mental health

(Newser) - One of two Wisconsin girls charged with repeatedly stabbing a classmate to impress the fictitious horror character Slender Man pleaded guilty Monday, but she still faces a trial in the case next month focused on her mental health. Anissa Weier, 15, pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree homicide as a party...

Parents of 'Slender Man' Suspect on the 'Surreal' Case

Anissa Weier's parents speak out

(Newser) - Anissa Weier, now 15, is one of the two girls accused of stabbing a friend 19 times in a 2014 attack that, the girls said, was an attempt to get in the good graces of "Slender Man," a fictional internet character. Her parents say that while they knew...

2nd 'Slender Man' Girl Will Plead Insanity

Both girls will be tried as adults

(Newser) - Both girls in Wisconsin's disturbing "Slender Man" case will now be pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Attorneys for 14-year-old Anissa Weier signaled this week that they want to change her plea in the attempted murder case from not guilty to "NGI," meaning that she'...

Court Delivers Blow to 'Slender Man' Girls

Upholds lower court ruling to try suspects as adults

(Newser) - A Wisconsin state appeals court ruled Wednesday that two girls accused of trying to kill their classmate in an attempt to please the fictional horror character "Slender Man" should be tried as adults. The 2nd District Appeals court, in a pair of rulings, affirmed a lower court's determination...

Inside the Horrifying 'Slender Man' Stabbing

'New York' takes a close, compelling look

(Newser) - Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, the then-12-year-old girls accused of savagely attacking a friend last year because, they said, the Internet horror character "Slender Man" told them to, pleaded not guilty last week . In the latest issue of New York magazine, Lisa Miller offers up a compelling, in-depth look...

'Slender Man' Girls Plead Not Guilty

They face decades in prison over attack on classmate

(Newser) - Two 13-year-old Wisconsin girls accused of luring their friend into the woods to repeatedly stab her as a sacrifice to the fictitious Slender Man character pleaded not guilty today. The teens from the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha are being tried as adults and face decades in prison if they are...

'Slender Man' Girls Get Bad News in Court

Two 13-year-olds will be tried as adults

(Newser) - Two 13-year-old girls accused of trying to murder a classmate when they were 12 learned today that they will be tried as adults—a decision that could make a difference of decades in prison. In what they told investigators was an attempt to please the fictional online "Slender Man"...

Slender Man Suspects Ruled Fit for Trial

Girls were 12 when they allegedly stabbed classmate

(Newser) - Two Wisconsin girls who allegedly stabbed a classmate 19 times to please the "Slender Man" fictional online character are competent to stand trial, a judge has decided. Both girls, who were 12 when they allegedly tried to kill another 12-year-old girl after a sleepover, have been charged as adults....

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