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Courtney Love Aims to Change 'Gross' Image...

...with bizarre personal-style blog about her clothes

(Newser) - Courtney Love admits she’s known for taking “gross pictures” where she looks like a “crazy person,” and she’s ready to change all that. The Hole frontwoman has become the unlikeliest of personal-style bloggers with , a web site that aims to prove she doesn’...

Blog Puts Tea Party Gems in the Mouth of Jesus
Blog Puts Tea Party Gems
in the Mouth of Jesus
channels coulter et al

Blog Puts Tea Party Gems in the Mouth of Jesus

Site gives conservative wisdom the Christ test

(Newser) - If you have an important deadline today, stop reading this—continuing basically guarantees that the next 27 minutes will be eaten up by plenty of clicking and, depending on your political persuasion, grimacing or chuckling. The on-fire new blog Tea Party Jesus is so simple it's smart: It superimposes bubbles...

'Palin Hater' Pushing Mercede to Blog
 'Palin Hater' 
 to Blog 
says palin's camp

'Palin Hater' Pushing Mercede to Blog

This is all Jesse Griffin's fault, Palin camp says

(Newser) - The Palins can’t be happy about Mercede Johnston’s Palin-bashing blog …and now a source from their camp is insisting it’s all part of an anti-Palin conspiracy. “Mercede was put up by Jesse Griffin to do this blog. He is a Palin hater,” a source...

NYT Helpfully Explains Blogs

 NYT Helpfully Explains Blogs 
welcome to 1998!

NYT Helpfully Explains Blogs

Thank goodness we finally have a definition

(Newser) - Yes, it is the year 2010, despite the fact that if you read yesterday’s New York Times you may have thought it was 1998. In the Public Editor column—where, Adrian Chen notes on Gawker , “Times overlords answer questions from normal idiot readers”—managing editor Jill Abramson...

My Baby's Too Boring to Blog About
 My Baby's 
 Too Boring 
 to Blog About 

My Baby's Too Boring to Blog About

Really, what do they do all day? Not much.

(Newser) - When John R. Barry’s sister started a blog for her baby, friends and family looked at him accusingly. “My son has been alive for about 9 months, and I never started a blog in his honor. It never occurred to me,” he writes on Salon . It made...

Greta Van Susteren to Internet: Am I Dumb?

Internet to Fox News anchor: Yes

(Newser) - Ask the Internet a stupid question, it’ll give you a stupid answer. Greta Van Susteren got an angry email from Brian in Tahlequah, Okla., complaining that her “brain is empty” and she has “a mind like a seive,” and decided to post it on her blog...

Scorned Ex Finds Uses for Wife's Wedding Dress
Scorned Ex Finds Uses for Wife's Wedding Dress
dental floss, really?

Scorned Ex Finds Uses for Wife's Wedding Dress

New blog is one guy's way to get revenge

(Newser) - When your wife of 12 years moves out and leaves behind nothing but her wedding dress, what in the world can you do with it? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Thrillist points to My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress , a blog by a guy named Kevin who finds the...

'Very Sorry' Ebert Attacker: I Was Lost in Twitter Hate

We fight, hate-loving public eats it up: blogger

(Newser) - The Tea Party tweeter who gloried in Roger Ebert's cancer gloats that his attacks went perfectly as planned as his vitriol was gobbled up by a media and public that relish American hate. But now he's "suddenly very sorry" for his " increasingly awful tweets " about Ebert's cancer...

Tiger Woods Surprised, Gratified by Fans' Reaction - Tiger Woods :
 Woods Thanks Fans for Support 
doesn't mention elin

Woods Thanks Fans for Support

Golfer blogs about Masters, thanks spectators

(Newser) - One little sex scandal seems to have turned Tiger Woods into a man of the people. Tiger thanked his fans profusely today, in his first blog post since October, for the warm reception they gave him at the Masters. “I honestly didn't know what to expect from the fans,...

5 Funny Family Blogs That Made Good

Maybe your embarrassing parents can help you land a TV deal

(Newser) - Easter and Passover are coming up, which means more embarrassing incidents at family get-together, plus a silver lining: You could potentially score a book deal. Chris Mathias, writing for Nerve , lists five blogs based on “familial eccentricities” that have scored their creators some cash—or at least some popularity:...

Hugo Chavez Launching Blog
 Hugo Chavez 
 Launching Blog 

Hugo Chavez Launching Blog

He'll probably have nothing to write about

(Newser) - Because there aren't enough crazies spouting wacky ideas online, Hugo Chavez is joining their ranks. Yes, the bromancer of such stable personalities as Sean Penn and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is launching his own blog, reports Gawker , noting that it seems like only last week the Venezuelan prez wanted to censor the...

2009's Funniest Blogs

 2009's Funniest Blogs 

2009's Funniest Blogs

Because what's funnier than hipsters and creepy Santas?

(Newser) - This was indeed a banner year for people wanting to waste time at work by looking at silly, random blogs. The Frisky lists 10 favorites that got popular in 2009:
  • Look At This F**king Hipster: If you can’t get enough of neon shirts, emo haircuts, and short-shorts, this site

Imam's Emails to Hasan Didn't Worry FBI

Radical cleric's blog singled out US Muslim soldiers

(Newser) - The FBI wasn't concerned that Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan corresponded with a radical Muslim cleric—even as the cleric urged violent jihad on his website. Anti-terrorism investigators declined to look more closely at Hasan because his emails with Anwar al-Awlaki did not feature specific instructions to commit acts of...

Ex-Hooker Blogger Is Cancer Researcher

London's 'Belle du Jour' finally spills identity

(Newser) - A former London hooker whose blog posts have been turned into books and a popular British TV series has finally revealed her identity as a scientist who works in a hospital on kids' cancer research. Dr. Brooke Magnanti, 34, has been writing under the pen name "Belle du Jour"...

Emma Thompson Drops Support of Polanski

Web petitioners change actress' mind about case

(Newser) - Who says a blog can’t change anything? Not the folks at Shakesville , who assembled a petition opposing actress Emma Thompson’s decision to sign a petition of her own opposing Roman Polanksi’s arrest. Somehow, one member of the community finagled a meeting with Thompson, presented the document…and...

White House Takes Crack at Car Website

Blog post assails's view of 'clunkers' initiative

(Newser) - The administration has picked another fight with a media outlet, but not one that employs Glenn Beck. The White House blog took aim at, which had posted a scathing assessment of the “Cash for Clunkers” program. The snarky post argues that Edmunds must have been “covering...

Why Women Blog Less Than Men
Why Women Blog Less
Than Men
Melissa Clouthier

Why Women Blog Less Than Men

Hostile, 'Wild West' atmosphere keeps many away

(Newser) - Women dominate social media—they use Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace much more than men. But not blogging: 67% of bloggers are male, one survey shows. Why? Because "the Internet still feels like the Wild West," writes Melissa Clouthier, where differences of opinion can quickly escalate into personal attacks....

Need a Chicken Poncho? Hit Regretsy
 Need a Chicken Poncho? 
 Hit Regretsy 


Need a Chicken Poncho? Hit Regretsy

New blog features the worst of the worst from Etsy's ranks

(Newser) - If you have a chicken in need of a trusty poncho, or should you find yourself dying for a 16-inch reusable menstrual pad, good news: You can buy either—or both—of those items on Etsy, the site where artists sell handmade items. If you aren’t looking for a...

Blogger Nikki Finke Stays One Step Ahead

Deadline Hollywood Daily is insiders' first call, for good or ill

(Newser) - Nikki Finke works out of her apartment in Hollywood, surrounded by six phones, a laptop, and a cat. Although she doesn’t go out and mingle with her contacts, she certainly has them. And their desire to be on her good side—or stay out of her sights entirely—has...

Today's Hot Topic in Syrian Blogosphere: Masturbation

Regime doesn't seem to mind as long as it doesn't challenge authority

(Newser) - Syria’s authoritarian regime has been quick to lock up bloggers who tweak it even slightly, but it seems to have turned the other cheek as a flame war over masturbation has erupted. One blogger’s call for a crackdown on the evidently widespread “secret habit” elicited a push...

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