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SC Officer Loses Appeal Over Walter Scott Shooting

Michael Slager is serving 20 years for killing black motorist

(Newser) - An appellate court has upheld the conviction and 20-year sentence of a white former South Carolina policeman for the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist who was running from a traffic stop. The 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals made that determination Tuesday in the case of Michael Slager,...

Ex-Cop Faces 19 to 24 Years for Shooting Walter Scott
Ex-Cop in Walter Scott
Shooting Gets 20 Years

Ex-Cop in Walter Scott Shooting Gets 20 Years

Judge ruled Michael Slager committed second-degree murder

(Newser) - A white former South Carolina officer was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday for fatally shooting an unarmed black motorist in the back in 2015, wrapping up a case that became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement. Before US District Judge David Norton announced the...

Ex-Cop Pleading Guilty in Walter Scott Shooting

Michael Slager will plead guilty to federal civil rights charges

(Newser) - The former South Carolina police officer who fatally shot Walter Scott, an unarmed black motorist he had pulled over for a broken taillight, will plead guilty in the federal civil rights case against him Tuesday. In return, the state will drop a pending murder charge against him, the AP reports....

Mistrial Declared for SC Cop Charged in Walter Scott's Death

Jury can't come to a decision in Michael Slager murder trial after 4 days of deliberating

(Newser) - South Carolina Circuit Judge Clifton Newman declared a mistrial after a jury said it could not reach a verdict after four days of deliberation in the murder trial of a white police officer charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist, reports the AP . Former patrolman Michael Slager...

Single Juror Refuses to Convict Cop in SC Murder Trial

Jury appears deadlocked in Slager case

(Newser) - After more than two days of deliberations, a single juror is refusing to convict South Carolina ex-cop Michael Slager in the fatal shooting of unarmed black motorist Walter Scott . The jury's foreman told the judge Friday that only one person on the jury of 11 whites and one African-American...

'Rare' Move: Ex-Cop Who Killed Walter Scott Faces Civil Rights Charges

Michael Slager indicted on federal charges

(Newser) - The former North Charleston police officer charged with murdering unarmed motorist Walter Scott was indicted by a federal grand jury this week on civil rights charges. The Post and Courier calls it "a rare measure in police shootings" that could offer another route to a conviction for Michael Slager...

SC Ex-Cop Who Shot Unarmed Man Is Out of Jail

Slager released on $500K bond after trial delay

(Newser) - Michael Slager, the South Carolina police officer arrested, jailed, and fired for shooting unarmed black motorist Walter Scott , is out of custody for the first time since a few days after the April 4 shooting. A judge granted bail to the former North Charleston officer on Monday, saying he was...

'Historic' Settlement Made in Walter Scott Case

City says Garner, Gray cases were a guideline

(Newser) - The family of an unarmed black motorist shot in the back by a South Carolina police officer has been given a settlement that lawyers say is "historic"—and the biggest in recent cases of its kind. North Charleston's city council voted unanimously on Thursday to settle with...

This Is the Defense of the SC Cop Who Killed Walter Scott

Lawyer says unarmed man committed 4 felonies in 45 seconds

(Newser) - The former police officer facing a murder charge in the death of Walter Scott says video of him shooting the unarmed black man in the back multiple times doesn't tell the whole story. In a jailhouse interview, Michael Slager tells NBC News that he finds it upsetting that "...

Ex-SC Cop Indicted in Walter Scott's Death

Michael Slager faces 30 years to life if convicted

(Newser) - A white former North Charleston police officer has been indicted on a murder charge in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man who was running away from the officer. The April 4 shooting was captured on video by a bystander and showed officer Michael Slager firing eight times at...

Man in Car With Walter Scott Speaks, Just Once

Pierre Fulton doesn't know why he ran

(Newser) - Why Walter Scott bolted during a routine traffic stop is a mystery even to Pierre Fulton, the man in the Mercedes with Scott when he was pulled over by South Carolina police officer Michael Slager. "Walter was a dear friend and I miss him every day," Fulton says...

After Scott Shot Dead, Talk of 'Pumping' Adrenaline

Dashcam captured conversation between officers

(Newser) - The dashcam in Michael Slager's patrol car captured more than the now-fired officer stopping Walter Scott for a busted taillight. The Guardian reports the camera recorded for an hour following that stop, and it picked up a conversation between two officers just after the shooting. It captures a senior...

Police Video Shows Scott Running From Patrol Car

Dash cam footage doesn't capture shooting

(Newser) - South Carolina police have released dash cam video of the traffic stop that led to the fatal shooting of Walter Scott. The footage doesn't capture the actual shooting by officer Michael Slager, notes NBC News . Instead it shows a routine stop for a broken tail light—until Scott bolts...

How Scott's Family Learned of Shooting Video

Before its release came a 'gentleman's agreement'

(Newser) - The family of Walter Scott plans to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the police department in North Charleston, South Carolina, reports the Post and Courier . The details of the wrongful death suit haven't been ironed out, however, including whether it will include a racial component. The New ...

SC Officer Was Accused of Excessive Force in 2013

In another incident involving an unarmed black man

(Newser) - The death of Walter Scott was not the first time Michael Slager has been accused of using excessive force on an unarmed black man. In 2013, the former South Carolina police officer was accused of barging into a North Charleston home and tasing a resident, Mario Givens, for no apparent...

Man Who Filmed SC Shooting Considered Erasing Video

But he turned it over to Scott family instead

(Newser) - The disturbing video that resulted in murder charges for a North Charleston, SC, police officer almost never saw the light of day. In an MSNBC interview, Feiden Santana says he feared for his life after taking video of Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in the back as the 50-year-old Scott...

South Carolina Cop Fired After Fatal Shooting

Mayor says every officer in North Charleston will wear body cameras

(Newser) - With protests gaining steam, the city of North Charleston is trying to stay aggressive in its reaction to a white police officer's fatal shooting of an unarmed black man: Officer Michael Slager, who already has been charged with murder , has been fired from the force, the mayor said today....

What the Video Shows in Cop Killing of SC Black Man

It's not clear whether Walter Scott really grabbed officer's Taser

(Newser) - A white South Carolina cop stands accused of murdering an unarmed black man: What exactly does video of the Saturday incident show?
  • Before the video begins: Officer Michael Slager, 33, says he pulled Walter Scott, 50, over because Scott's Mercedes-Benz had a broken taillight. Slager says Scott fled and

SC Cop Charged With Murder After Shooting Unarmed Man

Post and Courier: Video shows him firing 8 times as victim fled

(Newser) - A police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, is being charged with murder after a bystander's video appears to show him firing at a fleeing suspect eight times or more, reports the Post and Courier . (That story includes the video, which is graphic.) The video appears to contradict...

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