Adnan Syed

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Appeals Court Refuses to Reconsider Syed Sentence

His lawyer will appeal to Maryland's top court

(Newser) - A Maryland appellate court on Tuesday denied a request by Adnan Syed's lawyer to reconsider its recent decision to reinstate his murder conviction. His lawyer said she will appeal to the Maryland Supreme Court. The Appellate Court of Maryland reinstated the conviction in March in a ruling that upheld...

Adnan Syed's Murder Conviction Is Reinstated

It's unclear whether he will have to return to prison before new hearing

(Newser) - Adnan Syed's high-profile legal saga is not over yet. An appellate court in Maryland on Tuesday reinstated the murder conviction of the man made famous by the Serial podcast over the 1999 murder of classmate Hae Min Lee, reports the Washington Post . A new hearing in the case will...

Adnan Syed, Fighting Victim's Family, Says His Suffers, Too

Court to consider reinstating murder conviction in Hae Min Lee's death

(Newser) - With an appeals court weighing the reinstatement of Adnan Syed's murder conviction in the 1999 death of Hae Min Lee, the newly freed man said he hopes his family's pain is taken into consideration. "We definitely understand Hae's family has suffered so much, and they continue...

Adnan Syed Has a Job at Georgetown University

He's working with a program that includes reinvestigating wrongful convictions

(Newser) - Any thoughts Adnan Syed had of college were derailed in 1999, when the then-17-year-old was accused of murdering former girlfriend Hae Ming Lee, a crime he was wrongfully convicted of. Just a year ago he became a Georgetown University student while still incarcerated. Now, three months after his conviction was...

All Charges Dropped Against Adnan Syed

There will be no retrial for 'Serial' star, who served 23 years for ex Hae Min Lee's murder

(Newser) - After Adnan Syed's murder conviction was overturned , Sarah Koenig, the one-time host of the Serial podcast that made his case famous, noted the chance of him facing a retrial was slim . Now it's zero, according to TMZ . The Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office on Tuesday dropped...

Hae Min Lee's 'Disappointed' Family Files an Appeal

Her brother says hearing that set subject of 'Serial' podcast free wasn't conducted properly

(Newser) - Adnan Syed, convicted and imprisoned for more than two decades after his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, was murdered in 1999, "couldn't believe" his conviction was overturned earlier this month. Neither could Lee's brother, Young Lee, and he's now appealing the decision of Baltimore Circuit Court Judge...

She Made Adnan Syed's Case Famous—and She's Shocked

Sarah Koenig talks about his surprise release from prison in Baltimore

(Newser) - The stunning release of Adnan Syed from prison after 20 years seems to have caught everyone by surprise—including the podcaster who made his case famous. "I was shocked," Serial host Sarah Koenig tells the New York Times of learning last week that prosecutors wanted him released. "...

Adnan Syed 'Couldn't Believe' His New Fate

Hae Min Lee's family says probe should continue, but Syed should remain jailed

(Newser) - Adnan Syed's attorney says that he told her "he couldn't believe it's real" after a judge overturned his conviction for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Syed, whose insistence of his innocence became the subject of many a water cooler debate after his...

Prosecutors Move to Vacate Adnan Syed's Conviction
Judge Overturns
Adnan Syed's
Murder Conviction

Judge Overturns Adnan Syed's Murder Conviction

'Serial' podcast subject is a free man after 23 years

(Newser) - Update: Adnan Syed, whose case was made famous by the Serial podcast, has been freed after 23 years in prison. Baltimore Circuit Judge Melissa Phinn overturned the 41-year-old's murder conviction Monday, days after prosecutors said they no longer had faith in the conviction, the Baltimore Sun reports. The judge...

Adnan Syed Catches a Break
Adnan Syed
Catches a Break

Adnan Syed Catches a Break

Prosecutors agree to new DNA testing of crime scene evidence

(Newser) - Adnan Syed would have been released from prison this year if he'd admitted guilt in the killing of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999, when Syed was 17. Now 40, he remains holed up in a Maryland prison serving life, though he's pushing for a sentence reduction...

Supreme Court Says No to Serial Subject
Monday Brings
Bad News for
Adnan Syed

Monday Brings Bad News for Adnan Syed

Murder case that was the subject of 'Serial' podcast won't be heard by Supreme Court

(Newser) - The highest court in the land has declined to hear Adnan Syed's murder case, but Syed's legal team says this isn't the end of the road for the subject of the Serial podcast, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2000 for the 1999 murder of...

Defense Lawyers' Group to SCOTUS: Hear Serial Case

Adnan Syed is back in the news

(Newser) - The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has asked the Supreme Court to review the case of a Maryland man convicted of murder in a case chronicled on the podcast Serial . News outlets report the group filed an amicus brief regarding Adnan Syed, per the AP . The brief says Syed...

Syed's Lawyer: We're Taking This All the Way

Adnan Syed's attorney plans to petition the Supreme Court

(Newser) - Adnan Syed's lawyer took a hit Friday but vowed to keep on fighting. C. Justin Brown tweeted that he will petition the US Supreme Court to take up the murder case chronicled in the popular Serial podcast and HBO documentary series, the Baltimore Sun reports. This after the Maryland...

2 Big Reveals in HBO Series on Adnan Syed

Involving DNA and a plea deal

(Newser) - The four-part HBO documentary series The Case Against Adnan Syed concluded Sunday night, and it brought two sizable revelations (spoilers ahead). One, that Syed, whose case catapulted into the spotlight via the podcast Serial, was offered a plea deal four months ago and turned it down. Syed is almost two...

'We Are Devastated': Adnan Syed Dealt Legal Blow

Maryland Court of Appeals denies him a new trial in 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee

(Newser) - Maryland’s highest court doesn't believe Asia McClain could have changed the outcome of Adnan Syed's trial. In a 4-3 ruling, the state's Court of Appeals on Friday reversed a lower court's decision that Syed's murder conviction should be vacated, denying him a new trial....

'Incredible' Decision in Serial Podcast Subject's Case

Court upholds new trial for Adnan Syed, but prosecutors have another chance to appeal

(Newser) - Serial subject Adnan Syed moved a step closer to a new trial Thursday when Maryland's Court of Special Appeals upheld a 2016 decision to overturn his murder conviction from 2000 and grant him a retrial. Prosecutors, who objected when a lower court vacated the conviction, haven't said whether...

Serial Subject Won't Be Going Free Before New Trial

Judge denies Adnan Syed's request for release on bail

(Newser) - Serial subject Adnan Syed won't be going free before his new trial . Syed, convicted in 2000 of murdering his high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee, had requested to be released on bail after being granted a new trial based in part on evidence and questions raised during the Serial...

Serial Subject Adnan Syed Wants to Go Free Before New Trial

His lawyer requests bail

(Newser) - A defendant awaiting retrial for the slaying of his high school girlfriend and whose story was the center of a popular podcast is asking to be released from prison, the AP reports. Justin Brown, a lawyer representing Adnan Syed, wrote in a motion filed Monday that Syed should be released...

Classmates Say Serial Witness Said She Would Lie

They emailed AG about argument from 1999

(Newser) - An alibi witness for a man whose murder conviction was re-examined in the popular Serial podcast told two classmates more than 16 years ago she would lie to help him, the Maryland attorney general's office wrote in court filings Monday. Officials wrote that two sisters who were classmates of...

State Balks at Serial Retrial

Maryland is appealing judge's ruling to give Adnan Syed a new trial

(Newser) - A Baltimore judge was wrong to consider "a novel standalone claim" about the reliability of cellphone tracking evidence in granting a new trial for a man whose murder conviction was re-examined in the Serial podcast, the Maryland attorney general's office says. Appealing the decision to retry Adnan Syed,...

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