Adnan Syed

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Serial Host Stunned by 'Longshot' Ruling

Sarah Koenig describes her reaction

(Newser) - So how did Serial host Sarah Koenig react when she heard that the subject of her podcast's first season, Adnan Syed, was granted a new trial ? She and Serial executive producer Julie Snyder were Skyping at the time, "and both of us did exactly the same involuntary...

Adnan Syed of Serial Gets a New Trial

Judge vacates his murder conviction

(Newser) - Adnan Syed, subject of the Serial podcast, will get a new trial. On Thursday, a Baltimore judge vacated Syed's murder conviction in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 2000, and granted his request to be tried again, the Baltimore Sun reports. Judge Martin Welch wrote in...

Serial Witness Offers an Apology to Adnan Syed

Asia McClain regrets not coming forward to testify sooner

(Newser) - Now that she's told a court about seeing Adnan Syed at a school library around the time authorities allege he was murdering his ex-girlfriend, alibi witness Asia McClain is speaking directly to the convicted killer. Asked what she would like to say to Syed, McClain tells ABC News , "...

Victim's Family: New Serial Hearing 'Reopened Wounds'

Rare statement says justice for Hae Min Lee was already served

(Newser) - "The events of this past week have reopened wounds few can imagine." So begins a statement released Sunday by the family of Hae Min Lee, a Baltimore high school senior who was strangled to death in 1999. The letter comes as the post-conviction hearing of Adnan Syed, the...

Serial Alibi Witness Takes Stand for First Time

Syed's lawyer argues that original attorney was too ill

(Newser) - A woman who says she saw Serial subject Adnan Syed at a library at a time when prosecutors said he was murdering his ex-girlfriend took the stand on Wednesday—16 years after he received a life sentence for the crime. Asia McClain told the Baltimore courtroom that Syed seemed "...

Serial Subject's New Hearing Rests on 2 Issues

Judge will decide if Adnan Syed should get a new trial

(Newser) - Serial subject Adnan Syed will soon know whether he'll be granted a new trial in the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Syed, serving a life sentence for the crime, appeared in court Wednesday for the start of a three-day hearing to review new evidence, including documents...

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