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With Lawyers Gone, Holmes Phones In to Arizona Court

Elizabeth Holmes' attorneys in civil case quit over nonpayment

(Newser) - Elizabeth Holmes is stretched thin in a couple of ways right now. The criminal case against the former head of Theranos is being heard in San Jose. A civil case—a fraud lawsuit—is proceeding in Arizona. Her lawyers handling the fraud suit have quit because they weren't being...

A Defense of Elizabeth Holmes
A Defense
of Elizabeth
in case you missed it

A Defense of Elizabeth Holmes

Vilified former Theranos CEO is a genuine 'visionary,' argues John Tamny

(Newser) - She is perhaps the most vilified CEO—now former CEO—in the country. But in a lengthy analysis at RealClearMarkets , the site's editor stakes out a strong defense of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes . "My take is that with time Holmes will be vindicated as a visionary whose main...

Disgraced Tech CEO Plans Unusual Legal Strategy

Elizabeth Holmes will go after journalist who torpedoed company, reports Bloomberg

(Newser) - Elizabeth Holmes goes on trial next year on charges of criminal fraud, and Bloomberg reports that her legal team is working on an unexpected legal strategy. They're going after reporter John Carreyrou, whose investigative pieces in the Wall Street Journal led to the unraveling of Holmes' blood-testing company, Theranos....

Elizabeth Holmes Returns to Court
Elizabeth Holmes
Returns to Court

Elizabeth Holmes Returns to Court

Judge delays setting trial date

(Newser) - We'll have to wait a bit longer to learn the trial date for former Theranos boss Elizabeth Holmes, who was silent Monday as she returned to court for the first time since an HBO documentary about her aired, per People . The 35-year-old, who traded her traditional black turtleneck for...

Another Actress Will Don the Black Turtleneck

Kate McKinnon set to play disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes

(Newser) - Kate McKinnon will don the black turtleneck . The comedian-actress of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters fame has been cast to play Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes in a limited miniseries inspired by ABC's The Dropout podcast, which explores how "the world's youngest self-made female billionaire [lost] it all...

HBO's Elizabeth Holmes Film Rekindles Debate on Her Voice

Literally: People want to know if she faked the baritone

(Newser) - The stunning rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her now-defunct company, Theranos, gets a thorough rehashing in an HBO documentary that debuted Monday night. Alex Gibney's The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley is winning praise for its look at how Holmes' claim of inventing a simple...

During Theranos&#39; Last Days, Dog Pooped in Board Room
Here's What Happened
Just Before Theranos' Demise

Here's What Happened Just Before Theranos' Demise

Writing for Vanity Fair , Nick Bilton describes Elizabeth Holmes as being chipper to the end

(Newser) - You've likely heard about the explosive demise of Elizabeth Holmes' blood-testing company Theranos , a downfall that began in late 2015 with an investigative piece by Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou that questioned the reliability of its testing and unmasked the company's use of third-party devices. But you...

She Aimed to Be the Next Steve Jobs. Far From It

Podcast, doc dig into the mess that was Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos

(Newser) - Theranos is kaput , but details of the once bankable blood-testing company are still coming to light, including in a documentary and six-part podcast from ABC News and Nightline. The first episode of The Dropout podcast, released Wednesday, dives into founder Elizabeth Holmes, particularly her desire to emulate Steve Jobs while...

This Is the End for Beleaguered Theranos
Stick a Fork in Theranos

Stick a Fork in Theranos

Blood-testing firm aims to turn over assets, cash within a year

(Newser) - Last one out, shut off the lights: A Silicon Valley darling before investors lost $1 billion , blood-testing firm Theranos will soon be no more. After years of scandal and failed attempts to sell the company, its cash dipped too low, according to a $65 million loan agreement with Fortress Investment...

Theranos Founder Indicted on Federal Wire Fraud Charges

The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes is a cautionary tale for young tech entrepreneurs

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have charged Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes and former president and COO Ramesh Balwani with two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and nine counts of wire fraud, reports the Wall Street Journal . They allege Holmes and Balwani defrauded investors, doctors, and patients out of millions of...

Things May Get Worse for Elizabeth Holmes
Worst Part
of Theranos
Scandal Isn't
SEC Fraud
the rundown

Worst Part of Theranos Scandal Isn't SEC Fraud

It's duping actual patients, writes Bloomberg columnist

(Newser) - She was the first female founder of a Silicon Valley startup to become a billionaire before it all came crashing down. Now Elizabeth Holmes' personal fortune is gone , and she has just settled with federal regulators who say her company, Theranos, lied to investors about its supposedly revolutionary blood-testing equipment....

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Charged With Fraud

She's agreed to settle allegations she misled investors

(Newser) - The self-made billionaire once called the next Steve Jobs was charged with "massive fraud" for "deceiving investors" Wednesday, USA Today reports. Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos in 2003 at the age of 19 and raised over $700 million from investors. But the Securities and Exchange Commission says Holmes and...

Theranos Offers Investors Very Unusual Deal

Troubled firm will offer extra shares to investors if they don't sue

(Newser) - The founder of troubled blood-testing firm Theranos is giving up some of her stake in the company in a bid to prevent yet more lawsuits, reports the Wall Street Journal . Elizabeth Holmes is offering investors up to two extra shares for every one they own in return for a promise...

Theranos Lays Off 40% of Remaining Workers

Embattled firm is focusing on new device

(Newser) - In what Theranos is calling a a "further re-engineering of the company's operations," the company is firing around 40% of its employees just a few months after another huge round of job cuts . The firm, which is battling sanctions and numerous lawsuits over problems with its pinprick...

George Shultz's Grandson Behind Downfall of Theranos

Tyler Shultz says relations between him and former secretary of state haven't been the same since

(Newser) - A protective grandson outraged at what he saw at his workplace spurred the downfall of Theranos, and the Wall Street Journal has what Vanity Fair is calling a "devastating piece" on the whole affair. The man in question: Tyler Shultz, who in 2014 first noticed things were amiss—specifically...

Walgreens Wants Its $140M Back From Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes says she'll 'respond vigorously' to breach of contract suit

(Newser) - Theranos has yet another lawsuit on its hands. Walgreens wants $140 million in damages—reportedly the same amount it invested in Theranos—after it had to close the Theranos blood-testing centers at 40 of its stores, according to a breach of contract suit filed under seal on Tuesday because of...

Investor Sues: Theranos 'Knowingly and Repeatedly Lied'

Partner Fund Management wants its $96M returned

(Newser) - Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for Theranos, this: One of its major investors has sued the company and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, in an effort to get back its $96 million investment and then some. Partner Fund Management argues "the defendants engaged in securities fraud...

Theranos to Shut Labs, Lay Off 340 Workers

Its founder was already banned from owning labs

(Newser) - After scandal and sanctions, Theranos says it is shutting down all of its blood-testing labs and laying off hundreds of workers. "We have moved to structure our company around the model best aligned with our core values and mission," Elizabeth Holmes, the embattled medical technology firm's founder...

A Lone Quote Helped Doom Once-Bright Silicon Valley Star

A Lone Quote
Helped Doom
Silicon Valley Star
in case you missed it

A Lone Quote Helped Doom Once-Bright Silicon Valley Star

Vanity Fair digs into the fall of Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos

(Newser) - The rise and fall of Theranos , the company that promised to "change the world" with its ability to test for all kinds of diseases from just a pinprick of blood, gets a thorough retelling in Vanity Fair . In the piece, Nick Bilton writes that founder Elizabeth Holmes created an...

Theranos Can't Stop Getting in Trouble With FDA

This time for its Zika test

(Newser) - And the hits keep on coming for medical technology company Theranos . In an attempt to move on following a federal criminal investigation into its laboratories, Theranos announced it was submitting a Zika blood test for emergency-use authorization at the start of August, the Washington Post reports. Theranos claimed it successfully...

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