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Family: Riley Strain Was 'Helped' Into River
Riley Strain
Was 'Helped'
Into River
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Family: Riley Strain Was 'Helped' Into River

Mom Michelle Whiteid says text message raises possibility that his drink was drugged

(Newser) - Having had nearly a month to process Riley Strain's death in Nashville, mother Michelle Whiteid says she's bothered by text messages the 22-year-old sent her before he was asked to leave a downtown bar on March 8. Strain, whose body was discovered less than two weeks later in...

What Killed Poet Pablo Neruda? New Inquiry Aims to 'Clarify'

Chilean court reopens investigation into Nobel laureate's 1973 death amid rumors of poisoning

(Newser) - Chile is again probing the mystery of what killed Nobel laureate poet Pablo Neruda the day before he was to flee the country amid a 1973 coup. Considered Chile's national poet and greatest intellectual, Neruda had been a close friend of socialist President Salvador Allende, who killed himself rather...

Frozen Bodies of Chiefs Fans Found Outside Friend's Home

Friend says they froze to death, but families aren't buying it

(Newser) - Family members of three men whose frozen bodies were found outside a friend's home in Kansas City earlier this month are crying foul on the friend's explanation that they froze to death. David Harrington, 37, Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, went to the unnamed friend's...

Her Mysterious Death Remains So After Coroner's Report

Inquest determines that Australia's Melissa Caddick is dead, but can't determine how

(Newser) - A coroner has put to rest one aspect of the perplexing case of an alleged fraudster named Melissa Caddick that has captivated people well beyond her homeland of Australia. "The conclusion I have reached is that Melissa Caddick is deceased," writes deputy New South Wales coroner Elizabeth Ryan,...

After a Break, Oligarchs Start Dropping Like Flies Again

3 Russian businessmen mysteriously die over weekend, including one who fell from hotel window

(Newser) - It's been a while since the murky death of a Russian oligarch or other high-profile exec has made headlines, but this month saw that streak broken. Per the BBC , 65-year-old sausage magnate Pavel Antov, who's topped Forbes' list of the richest Russian businessmen, was found dead Sunday at...

Extradition Process Underway After NC Woman Dies in Mexico

Shanquella Robinson died as a result of 'direct attack' involving friend, prosecutors say

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Mexico are working to extradite a female friend of a North Carolina woman who was found dead in a vacation rental property in Cabo San Lucas. Authorities say 25-year-old Shanquelle Robinson died as the result of a "direct attack" involving one of her friends last month and...

Authorities Rule on Debbie Collier's Cause of Death

'Self-inflicted,' cops say of 59-year-old Georgia woman found dead in September

(Newser) - After a two-month mystery in Georgia that earned headlines around the country, authorities say they now know how Debbie Collier died. "A detailed examination of all gathered information has enabled investigators to determine, based on factual evidence and data, that Mrs. Collier's death was self-inflicted," the Habersham...

Russia's Latest Odd Death: Exec Who Fell 'From a Great Height'

Putin ally Anatoly Gerashchenko, 72, died falling down stairs

(Newser) - There's been a fall out of a private yacht , a fall out of a sixth-story hospital window , and now, a fall down a flight of stairs. Anatoly Gerashchenko is the latest high-profile Russian executive and Putin ally who's met what Insider calls an "accidental or untimely" demise,...

More Questions Raised in Death of Congressman's Wife

Experts doubt coroner's finding that white mulberry contributed to Lori McClintock's death

(Newser) - Experts are continuing to question a coroner's conclusion that the wife of a congressman died as a result of ingesting the nontoxic white mulberry plant, used for centuries as an herbal remedy and described by one expert as "probably one of the safest leaves in the world."...

Russian Bigwig Found Dead After Boat Fall
Another Russian
Exec Takes a Fall

Another Russian Exec Takes a Fall

Ivan Pechorin, described as a Putin ally, may have been drunk when he fell into Sea of Japan

(Newser) - An executive helping to oversee development in Russia's Far East has become at least the ninth Russian businessman to be found dead since the start of this year. Ivan Pechorin, an aviation director with the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic (KRDV), fell from...

Source: Police Have Theory in Saudi Sisters' Deaths

Law enforcement source says toxicology reports point to suicide

(Newser) - Interim toxicology reports suggest two Saudi sisters found dead in their beds in Australia ingested substances as part of a suicide pact. That's according to a senior police source who spoke anonymously to the Daily Telegraph . "It really does appear to be a tragic suicide," the source...

21 Teens Who Died in Bar Ingested Toxic Form of Alcohol

Methanol investigated as possible cause of death in South African tragedy

(Newser) - The toxic chemical methanol has been identified as a possible cause of the deaths of 21 teenagers at a bar in the South African city of East London last month, per the AP . Methanol was found in all of their bodies, and investigations are continuing to determine whether the levels...

'Mummified' Body Found in Convention Center Wall

Grim find in Oakland building is being investigated as a homicide

(Newser) - Workers renovating a convention center in Oakland, California, made a disturbing find Wednesday—a mummified body inside an interior wall. Kim Armstead, a spokesperson for Oakland police, said the body, believed to be that of a man, was "in the late stages of decay" and had been preserved by...

'More Questions Than Answers' After 7 Bodies Found in Home
Carbon Monoxide Killed
7 in Family, Tests Show

Carbon Monoxide Killed 7 in Family, Tests Show

Source could be the furnace or a van in the garage, sheriff says

(Newser) - Update: Carbon monoxide poisoning, apparently accidental, killed seven family members whose bodies were found in their home, Minnesota officials said Wednesday. Ramsey County officials said blood tests showed a lethal level of carbon monoxide, the AP reports. Technicians couldn't find a problem with the furnace that would have caused...

Cause of Death Announced for Grad Student Found in River

Coroner says Jelani Day, 25, drowned in Illinois River; Day's family says he was murdered

(Newser) - Update: Jelani Day, the Illinois State University grad student found dead in the Illinois River on Sept. 4, died by drowning, a coroner announced Monday. LaSalle County Coroner Richard Ploch noted the autopsy wasn't ideal, as the body had decomposed and been visited by predators. Still, "there was...

More Causes Ruled Out in Family's Confounding Deaths
Lightning Didn't Kill Family
Who Mysteriously Died on Hike

Lightning Didn't Kill Family Who Mysteriously Died on Hike

No clear answer for the loss of Ellen Chung, Jonathan Gerrish, daughter, and dog

(Newser) - A family that died on a hike in California's Sierra National Forest in August did not die by lightning strike , by any weapon, illegal drugs or alcohol, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, cyanide exposure, or by suicide, investigators publicly concluded Thursday. But what did kill Ellen Chung, 31; Jonathan Gerrish,...

Under Coney Island Boardwalk: a Bound, Gagged Corpse

Homeless men discovered decomposed body Monday; autopsy is pending

(Newser) - Three homeless men looking to expand their camp knocked down a makeshift wall under the Coney Island boardwalk on Monday and found a badly decomposed corpse, bound and gagged. Police were called beneath the boardwalk across from Asser Levy Park, where they found remains that were "nearly skeletal, clothed...

Wife: Cops Are Concealing Firefighter's Murder in Mexico

Elijah Snow, found dead in a hotel window, appeared to have been beaten

(Newser) - Mexican authorities said Elijah Snow, a Texas firefighter on a trip to Cancun for his 10th wedding anniversary, died when he became stuck in a small hotel window . But his wife believes police are covering up his murder. Speaking Monday on the Season 20 premiere of Dr. Phil , Jamie Snow...

Authorities Have New Suspect in Family's Mysterious Deaths

Lightning strikes in Mariposa County's Hite Cove under consideration

(Newser) - Authorities still don't know what killed a family of three and their dog along a California hiking trail, though they're investigating a new possibility: lightning strikes. Law enforcement are "investigating possible lightning strikes" in the Hite Cove area of the Sierra National Forest, along the South Fork...

Spot of Family's Mysterious Deaths Is Now Forbidden
Spot of Family's Mysterious
Deaths Is Now Forbidden
in case you missed it

Spot of Family's Mysterious Deaths Is Now Forbidden

Hiking trails in California's Mariposa County closed for unknown hazards

(Newser) - California's Sierra National Forest has closed several trails near where a family and their dog died mysteriously two weeks ago , citing unknown hazards. Nine trails, six picnic sites, and a dirt road leading to the Hites Cove trailhead in Mariposa County are affected by the closure, to last until...

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