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Marianne Williamson Is Back in the Race: 'We Must Respond'

Democratic presidential candidate returns to Election 2024 to take on Biden in primary

(Newser) - Three weeks after Marianne Williamson backed out of her long-shot bid to challenge President Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, she's back in it. The author has announced she's "unsuspending" her campaign for the Oval Office, the day after she drew 3% of the vote to Biden'...

Marianne Williamson Suspends Her Campaign

Her longshot primary challenge to President Biden is over

(Newser) - Self-help author and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson on Wednesday announced the end of her longshot Democratic challenge to President Biden, the AP reports. The 71-year-old onetime spiritual adviser to Oprah Winfrey contemplated suspending her campaign last month after winning just 5,000 votes in New Hampshire's primary, writing that...

Marianne Williamson Has Beef With DNC

'Politics is dirty' but 'I've never seen anything like this,' candidate says in leaked audio

(Newser) - Marianne Williamson's presidential campaign is "desperate for cash," as she told volunteers during a two-hour Zoom call leaked Thursday, per Politico . "I have put my own money in, and I don't have the money to continue putting it in at the level I have,"...

Williamson: I'm No 'Crystal Lady Shrew'

Democratic presidential candidate pushes back against criticism, but admits she 'can be tough'

(Newser) - Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson spent the last month in England, where she welcomed her first grandchild. Now back in the US, the Democrat is back on the campaign trail and hitting back at anonymous critics who said her last presidential campaign turned her into the kind of abusive boss who...

Marianne Williamson Responds to 'Hit Piece'

'If I've been a tough boss lady, if I have some lessons to learn ... then I hope that I will learn them'

(Newser) - Marianne Williamson has given a lengthier response to Thursday's Politico article detailing what former campaign staffers refer to as the spiritual guru's abusive behavior—and Williamson insists the whole thing is just a "distraction technique." In an interview with a BBC podcast, Williamson acknowledged she's...

Former Campaign Workers Say Williamson Was 'Terrifying'

'It would be foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage'

(Newser) - People who worked on Marianne Williamson's 2020 presidential campaign say people considering joining the team for her 2024 run should be aware that the self-help author's private behavior is very different from her public persona. Politico reports that it spoke to a dozen former staffers who described Williamson...

Biden Has His First 2024 Primary Challenger

Marianne Williamson is the first Democrat to announce a run

(Newser) - Marianne Williamson is once again running for president. The progressive activist, spiritual leader, and author is the first Democrat to confirm a 2024 run, which will pit her against President Biden in the primary, assuming he does in fact run for re-election. Williamson also ran for president the last time...

Marianne Williamson Makes Her Endorsement

'It's time for us to take a stand with Bernie'

(Newser) - "Love will prevail," Marianne Williamson said when she dropped out of the Democratic race on Jan. 10. On Sunday, she said Bernie Sanders will also prevail. Williamson endorsed Sanders for president during a surprise appearance at his rally in Austin on Sunday, CNN reports. Williamson—who endorsed Sanders...

Goodbye to Another Dem Candidate
Goodbye to
Another Dem

Goodbye to Another Dem Candidate

Marianne Williamson drops out of 2020 race

(Newser) - If you've been waiting with bated breath to see if Marianne Williamson would qualify for Tuesday's Democratic debate in Iowa, you can exhale—she definitely won't be there, even though the qualification deadline isn't until later Friday. That's because the 67-year-old self-help author and spiritual...

Marianne Williamson Mistakenly Slams Trump

She falls for a satirical article about Charles Manson

(Newser) - Marianne Williamson is still a 2020 candidate for president, though she hasn't been generating much attention in the media. That changed Monday, but not in a good way. It seems that Williamson got snookered by a satirical article and condemned President Trump for doing something he hadn't done—...

Marianne Williamson's Words on Reparations Made Waves
Marianne Williamson's Words
on Reparations Made Waves
the rundown

Marianne Williamson's Words on Reparations Made Waves

Her argument was hailed as 'powerful'

(Newser) - In Tuesday night's Democratic debate, Marianne Williamson was asked about her stance on reparations—and some are hailing her answer as the best that's been given. In questioning her, Don Lemon stated that Williamson has been "calling for up to $500 billion in financial assistance. What makes...

Marianne Williamson Gets the Kate McKinnon Treatment

Impression of candidate is 'perfect'

(Newser) - "The window for Marianne Williamson impressions might be closing fast," Late Night host Seth Meyers quipped following part two of the first Democratic candidates debate Thursday. His guest, Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon, immediately rose to the occasion, offering an impression of the author and spiritual...

Best Lines From Night 2 of Democratic Debates
Best Lines From Night 2
of Democratic Debates

Best Lines From Night 2 of Democratic Debates

'I'm going to harness love for political purposes'

(Newser) - For the second night in a row, 10 Democratic presidential candidates took to the stage in Miami, debating issues including guns, abortion, and immigration. Many pundits said Sen. Kamala Harris, who clashed with Joe Biden on racial issues, had the best night on Thursday. Some of the best lines:
  • Kamala

Second Democratic Debate Kicks Off in Miami
Democrats Clash on Race,
Socialism in Fiery Debate

Democrats Clash on Race, Socialism in Fiery Debate

Harris challenged Biden on his record

(Newser) - Ten more Democrats vying to take on President Trump clashed in a debate in Miami Thursday night that featured more fiery moments than Wednesday's 10-candidate debate. The second night of Democratic debates included frontrunner Joe Biden and fellow high-polling candidates Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg. Andrew Yang,...

Here's Who Is Currently in the Democratic Debates

13 Democrats have qualified, but the last 7 spots are up in the air

(Newser) - The first Democratic debates for the 2020 election take place June 26 and June 27 in Miami, with each night featuring 10 different candidates on stage, reports ABC News . The field is currently larger than 20, and the party will decide next week who makes the cut, based on polling...

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